case in syntax SQL then else end usage-resolves a field to take a different value based on the condition

Tags: copy replacement labor and so on unique female not mode economicsCase has two formats. Simple case function and case search function.--Simple case function when ' 1 ' then ' Male ' when ' 2 ' then ' women ' else ' other '

Design method and principle of database table structure

Tags: isolation ioi stored procedure Continuous primary key index detailed count storage media signHttp:// three paradigms of database design: In order to build a database with small redundancy and

[Web Security] Create a hash salt password which can stored in DB

Tags: this and base SHA256 CTI Anti har for COMWe cannot directly store user password in the database.What need to does is creating a hashed & salted string which reperstanting the user password.This password was not reverable. And very hard for

Sqlite3 command reads the file contents of the Sqlite3 format case

Tags: inux. com uniq using primary entry bin SSE generic/********************************************************************* * Author:samson * date:07/09/2014 * Test PL Atform: * #19-ubuntu * GNU bash, version 4.2.45 * ***********

Introduction to Real-time databases

Tags: History component his UNIX tool content bytes Enterprise bias PrefaceWhen it comes to databases, you will definitely think of SQL Server, Oracle and other relational databases. In fact,

Experience an access violation if you access the STL object through a pointer or reference in a different DLL or Exe

Label:pac   cer   led   set   produce    either   class   name   warning    Symptomswhen accessing an STL object

Ubuntu 16.04 installs Intel graphics driver (resolves Intel HD graphics 630 Graphics driver issues)

Tags: update tmp rpm lin Kubuntu href amd PPA NSAThe general Ubuntu default contains the driver of the Intel graphics card, if not, then determine whether the graphics card is too high, such as the I7 7th generation CPU is not in Ubuntu 16.04,

Vue interface Data (array) statement

Tags: image route lob export const INSERT data type ORG nbspWhen the interface data already has an array, it is actually simpler to directly bring up the array in the data, using the name in the data.1 <Divv-for= "Item in Listarr" 2 : Class=

Bash real-world application of arrays in work (test environment release script)

Tags: array script shellArrays have been used before, and the following describes a practical function of their workbackground of the work that appears :The company test environment of Tomcat WebApps has 3 projects, if you press the usual release

How spring loads an XSD file (org.xml.sax.SAXParseException:Failed to read schema document error resolution)

Tags: local 2.0 file read spatial path summary file in Lex PatThere was an error in configuring Spring XML todaymultiple annotations found at the: -schema_reference.4:failed to read schema document ' HTTP://WWW.SPRINGFR

R language-Find the number that satisfies the condition and get the index

Tags: tracking index back use vector false conditional language content1. In the R language, how to find the number that satisfies the condition?For example, given a vector c2. Required to find numbers greater than 0:> C2[1] 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.

(POJ 3067) Japan (slowly familiar tree-like array)

Tags: cout OID ext Compute Const DASH and final fineJapan Time Limit: 1000MS Memory Limit: 65536K Total Submissions: 29295 Accepted: 7902 DescriptionJapan plans to welcome the ACM ICPC

Spring Boot Date Conversion

Tags: for Java CEP Date Exce Resolution requires schema HTTPSpring boot serves as a simple service architecture for microservices. has its own characteristics. Quick and easy to build architecture. Here I'm simply introducing two of the issues I've

VBA Learning notes Worksheet

Tags: Art defaults default ext result pre BSP made sheetThe Sub traverses all objects under Sheets () for every SHS in Sheets 1 1) = SHS. Namenextend SubSub Traversal of the worksheets under the Can object () for each SHS in worksheets 1

JUnit Annotations and Hamcrest

Tags: JavaBlack box testing: black-box testing is also known as functional testing, and it is tested to see if each feature is working properly. In the test, the program as a black box can not be opened, regardless of the internal structure of the

The process of installing zlib (Compression requires the (missing) zlib module) (Python2.6 upgrade to 2.7 issues)

Tags: this pre art error article modification link Personal technology sharingFeel the need to write down the problem solving process1, because to install flask, so install PIP, so install setuptools, so install zlib. (The specific process

Python3 Regular Expressions

Tags: parse value bin BSP version word cal pattern match returnA regular expression is a special sequence of characters that can help you easily check whether a string matches a pattern.Python has added the RE module since version 1.5, which

Initialization of arrays and two-dimensional arrays, pointers and arrays

Tags: c1, the initialization of the array, relatively simple, the instance is as follows:#include <stdio.h># define M 12int main (void) {int Days[m]={31,28,31,30,31,30,31,30,30,31,30,31};int i;for (i=0;i <m;i++) printf ("Months%d has%2d

Dates and APIs

Tags: calculate last save pattern RAC version between ane simpleJava1.0 support for dates and times can only depend on the Java.util.Date class, the start of the year is 1900 you, the beginning of the month is calculated from 0. Its return value

Win7 System Protection configuration now error "file name, directory name, or volume label method is incorrect. (0x8007007B)

Tags: Configure system settings directory logs. com strong share Windows7 systemWindows7 System Protection function is very chicken, something will appear two problems:1. Error "The file name, directory name, or volume label method is incorrect. (0x8

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