CHM file can not open how to do?

Believe that many people have encountered CHM file can not open the situation, then the following to see the CHM file can not open how to solve it! If you double-click the. chm file, an error prompts

CentOS7 set date and time methods and introduction to basic concepts

In the CentOS 6 version, the time setting has the date, Hwclock command, starting with CentOS 7, using a new command timedatectl. I. Basic CONCEPTS 1.1 GMT, UTC, CST, DST time (1) UTC The whole ea

Mac dual system time inconsistency how to do

  Reason:   Windows and MacOSX default view of the PC's CMOS record clock is different.   Windows treats this clock as a local time, i.e. CMOS time is Beijing time.   MacOSX this clock as the Coord

How to use the computer K song

One, cool K song Cool k song is a computer online K-song software, with cool music box, with a huge library of songs, through these libraries can completely meet the needs of the wheat Pa. Two, the

What if the Word document inside the U disk can't be opened?

U disk installation system is used to store things, and for many people who work, often need to use a U disk to transfer files, but if unfortunately, let you encounter a U disk in the Word file can no

Lost Kernel32.dll How to fix?

 How to fix kernel32.dll? If you are prompted to "not find Kernel32.dll" or "missing kernel32.dll" When you run a software or program, you can copy the kernel32.dll to a specified directory (typicall

Win7 system protects private files with coup, double encryption


In the computer Information age, presumably a lot of friends will put their own important documents, video or something on the Win7 system computer, that in order to not be others pee

To initiate a workaround for operating system not found

"Operating System not Found" a friend of the machine on the boot appeared such a hint, meaning that the operating system is not found. Operating System not found information appears, we generally susp

cmd command prompt Daquan: Want to become a computer Master cmd command Daquan

What's in the cmd command prompt? The cmd command prompt is essential for friends who want to learn DOD system operations. Want to become a computer Master DOS system is also necessary to learn, the f

Comparison between i3-4160 and amd860k

about Intel Core i3 4160 processors i3-4160 default Frequency 3.6Ghz, based on dual-core four thread, with 3M three cache, single core optimization, is a middle-end desktop CPU, performance on the ma

What file is Zip?


Zip is a fairly simple archive format that compresses each file separately. Zip common name, one refers to a floppy drive, a ZIP disk capacity of about 100MB, another refers to the computer file compr

What about the new 27-inch Retina 5K imac?

The company's website officially opened the new IMac with the Retina 5K screen. It all came so suddenly, we know that the 27-inch Retina 5K imac is a new product that Apple has been launching shortly

Computer can not copy paste how to Solve

The most used when manipulating files, I'm afraid to copy and paste the two menu tools, if the two menu damage, the estimated file can not operate, causing this phenomenon, most of the registry config

How can I view my computer's automatic update record?

Computer technology experience is my life from the experience, share out the hope for everyone to help, today small series for you to explain, how to view the computer Automatic Update record hope to

Turn off the Caps LOCK key function to prevent misoperation

When we are typing, we often encounter caps lock keys, resulting in input errors. We can set the system to make a noise when we press the CAPS Lock button, but this does not allow the CAPS LOCK key to turn off, what if we want to shut down the CAPS L

Apple Mac system Novice must know 10 things

  1, OS X is like OS X The days of laborious decorating the operating system are over. The moment you start your Mac, you may go straight to the system preset to see how you can manipulate it. Maybe you will try to adjust the interface style. But no

10 tips for enhancing system security

1. View local shared resources Run cmd input net share, if you see an unusual share, it should be closed. But sometimes when you turn off the shares and then appear again the next time you boot up, you should consider whether your machine has been c

Win rar How to crack PowerPoint document protection?

1, first of all, you want to crack the PPT file renamed first, the extension later to ". zip" form; (Note: If you do not show the extension, please Baidu how to change the file name extension) 2, then, the file renamed the extension (compressed pa

The difference and explanation of the cipher and password

We often use the password in life, especially in this era of information explosion, such as the password of the bank card consists of six digits, Alipay's password is composed of several characters, but these so-called passwords is "real" password? o

12-inch new MacBook's force Touch usage tips Daquan

If you have more force Touch skills, you are welcome to share the comments with everyone, so that we can better and more fully play the Force Touch on the Macbook convenience and efficiency. Users who have Apple Watch on their hands have more k

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