DEEPIN 2014 full Trial experience

Label:July 6 in depth officially released Deepin 2014 operating system, the system is based on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Linux distribution, and equipped with a variety of deep development software, more in line with the habits of Chinese people. Because

Generator Function Learning Notes

Label:First, the basic conceptThe generator function is a function that can pause execution, return a iterator object, yield is a paused identityfunction* gen () { 1; 2; }The generator function has a *, with a yield statement inside

Talk about division of labor

Label:Yesterday, I saw a news-Yahoo canceled the QA team, the engineer must be responsible for the code quality, and use continuous integration instead of QA. At the same time, also heard netizens said, "Listen to Microsoft to do Database Operations

SAP number Range Maintenance Configuration Object FBN1 Deletion only possible if status is initial

Label:Background:Error log: SAP FBN1 deletion only possible if status is initialScene:If the target machine already has a number RANGE of 0, you need to remove the scenario with the configuration year 9999:I Created wrong No range in business Entity.

Keyword highlighting for search in Angular

Label:In Angular, we should not try to modify the contents of the DOM directly, when we need to update the DOM content, we should modify the data model, that is, the data in the $scope, Angular will help us to display the modified data in the

Tableau's Filters

Label:The tableau filter is set to be understood as private and global, and can be set to be valid only for the current worksheet, that is, a private filter that allows you to filter the data for a user-specific requirement, to set several

14th Week Study Notes

Label:Virtual memory Virtual memory is the perfect interaction between hardware exceptions, hardware address translation, main memory, disk files, and kernel software. Features of virtual memory: Center of Powerful,

N00bs CTF writeup

Label:This CTF challenge is a bit of a point, let's take a lookThe homepage looks pretty good.Level1The flag can be seen directly F12.Flag:infosec_flagis_welcomeLevel2"This picture looks broken, can you check it?"If I had played Linux, it would have

< turn > Mainstream Bluetooth ble control chip detailed (5): Dialog DA14580

Label:[Guide] Dialog launched the world's lowest, smallest smartbond DA14580 Bluetooth intelligent system-level chip (SoC), compared to the competitive solution, the product can be equipped with the application of intelligent mobile phone

WCF Getting Started Tutorial series six

Label:First, prefaceThe previous chapters cover a number of theoretical foundations, such as: What is WCF, A, B, and C in WCF. Transport mode for WCF. This article starts with the zero and everyone writes a small WCF application demo.Most of the

Nginx Add Sticky module-cookie hold session

Label:The cookie differs from the session, one on the client and one on the server.Environment Nginx 1.8.0Centos6. Xsticky:1.2.5 wget load balancing is more obvious

Access Control List (i)

Tags: communication User IP Protocol full duplexAccess Control List (i)? TCP and UDP protocolThere are two main transport layer protocols for TCP/IP protocol family: TCP (transmission, Transmission Control Protocol) and UDP (user Datagram Protocol,

• Password recovery for the switch

Tags: switch password power specific step switch• password recovery for the switchSpecific steps:1. Unplug the switchBecause the switch does not have a power switch, the switch can only be restarted by disconnecting the power supply.2. Once the

Use BOOST.SPIRIT.X3 's rule and action for complex grammar-guided processes

Label:PrefaceThe basic use method of boost.spirit.x3 is briefly described in the previous article. In four simple examples, we showed how to use the X3 organization to construct a grammar-generating formula that matches the source string and

New changes to Neutron in the OpenStack Kilo release

Label:The OpenStack Kilo version, the 11th version of OpenStack, an open source project, was officially released in April 2015. Now is the time to look at what has changed in this version of neutron and what new key features have been introduced.1.

Automated Deployment Essentials-building a yum Warehouse

Tags: Automated deployment Essentials-building a yum WarehouseIntroduction:Yum is primarily used to automatically install and upgrade RPM packages, which automatically find and resolve dependencies between RPM packets. To successfully install the

KeepAlive configuration file Detailed

Label:Global_defs {notification_email {#指定keepalived在发生切换时需要发送email到的对象, one line [email protected]} Notification_em Ail_from [email protected] #指定发件人 smtp_server localhost #指定smtp服务器地址 smtp_connect_timeout -#指定smtp连接超时时间 router_id lvs_devel

Use of 5.1.8 strftime () and Strptime ()

Label:The strftime () function is a function used to format a date, DateTime, and time, and supports date, date, time class, these date, DateTime, or time is represented by a string representation of the format character requirement. the strptime ()

The XOR operation of the set (symmetric difference)

Label:1, the set of the XOR operation (AΔB) definitionThe set of elements belonging to a or belonging to B, but not both A and B, is called the symmetry difference of A and B, which is the xor of A and B.Note: The Green grass part is aδb2. The law

The cause analysis and countermeasure of the bug can't reproduce

Label:Summary: This article briefly analyzes the possible causes of a Bug that cannot be reproduced, including inconsistent environments, lack of the most accurate descriptions, and inappropriate browser settings. In view of these reasons, this

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