Introduction to XML normalization form (from

XML carefully places the file or other data source and the abstract model of the XML document away. If you want to determine whether an XML document has been modified to compare two XML documents for equality, it can be inconvenient to compare a digi

One of the device IO (mmap, direct IO, and asynchronous IO)

Now, in Linux often can be seen in the user space to write the driver, such as x server, some vendors private drive, etc., which means that user space has access to the hardware, this is usually through the MMAP device memory map to the user process

Problems with Flex security sandbox encountered in development

There are several solutions to the problem of security sandbox encountered in development:1.The player can use wildcard characters above 8.0 “*” To allow all ("*");If you want to allow multiple

A different object with the same identifier value is already associated with the session a classic hibernate error

a different object with the same identifier value is already associated with the session2009-03-04 09:24:00 Tags: object session [push to technical circle] This problem, I assign the object to null, it is also very useful. In my syste

INotify file system event monitoring rsync in conjunction with

Each run rsync command will traverse the target directory, when the file is not long, this is no problem, once the file number to a certain scale, then each traversal will consume a lot of resources, if only to the frequent changes in the directory t

Google spelling checker--api use method

Today want to use Google's spelling-suggestion function, that is, "you are not looking for: *" or "Did you mean *" this function. The result is a search on the internet, most of them have stopped the service method. That is, the "/tbproxy/spell?lang=

Three States of entity objects in hibernate (three states in the lifecycle)

(1) Transient: The free presence in memory is independent of the records in the database.         Java code public void MethodA {TUser user = new TUser ();          

SMTP protocol Specification (Chinese version)

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) 1. introduce The goal of Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is to deliver mail reliably and efficiently, independent of the transport subsystem and requiring only one channel that guarantees the order in which

How do I debug a Web project with VS2005 in Vista IIS 7?

Debugging the WEB project core with vs2005 in Vista IIS 7 addresses the following issues: Vista itself has the necessary IIS7 components for Security user Account Control (UAC) installation. Vista's IIS7 and IIS 6 have changed at the bottom, how we l

Common resource record types and application examples

The following is from the author of the "network administrator must read-Net Formation" (2nd edition) of the book.   7.6.2 main resource record types and application examplesAfter you create a zone, you need to add additional resource record

How to handle the 403 Forbidden error of SVN checkout report

When using SVN checkout, quote the following error: In the MyEclipse: RA Layer Request failedSvn:server sent unexpected return value (403 Forbidden) in response to OPTIONS request for ' /telant/branches/branch_telant_l

HTML page Disable the ENTER key to automatically submit a form __html

In HTML pages because of the use of the form, you often need to disable enter to submit the form. Because the content page or the master page itself has type= "submit" button, when the TextBox is focused, pressing ENTER will touch the default submiss

Ssh:could not resolve hostname devsrv:name or service not known

Ubuntu down SCP Error: ssh:could not resolve hostname devsrv:name or service not known Workaround: You need to add the Devsrv IP to the filename/etc/hosts. Additional /etc/hosts file function: 1. About/etc/hosts, host name and IP configuration fileH

High-end tip: How to use #define to define variables

Introduction To define a variable in the source file that is related to the line number, it is too slow to manually enter each time. This article describes how to use macro definitions to define variables related to line numbers. For example, we wa

Ha deployment of NetScaler and more

1, the HA mode deployment of the NetScaler ha model NetScaler is a bit like FWSM deployment, and there is a significant difference between the deployment of F5. You can first deploy a netscaler on a single node basis, and do all of the related config

Modulo operations (MoD) and remainder (REM) operations cannot be confused

Typically, modulo operations (MoD) and remainder (REM) operations are confused, because in most programming languages, the '% ' notation is used to represent modulo or remainder operations. Here we want to remind you to pay attention to the specific

Information extraction based on Web development mode

information extraction based on Web development mode Information extraction is one of the most important aspects of Internet natural language processing, and the accuracy of information extraction will directly affect the subsequent processing. The

Socket implementation Remote Wake (Wake-on-lan) Step by step

Step 1: Understanding Remote wake-up Computer Digest 2003.9-Application and Tips- remote wake-up a little pass "Computer Application Digest" in 2003, the 7th issue of "strategist, winning thousands-remote control" aThis paper introduces how to realiz

Core Dump Process Analysis

Gossip Recent analysis of the problem, found in my environment, often have user-state process abnormal exit, but there is no core file generation, a simple look at the relevant kernel process, mark. Core Dump Fundamentals When the application in the

DOS batch operation telnet to implement automatic Telnet operation

Just took part in the work soon, the project manager released the task to me, the beginning of a few days still a little new sense, but play for a long time, on those few orders, really don't mean, but still have to do, all bored dead. I am lazy, tri

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