Free (learning) use of the database

Tags: large database free computerLarge databases, such as Oracle and SQL Server , also have some free versions, which are already available to meet the needs of many small and medium-sized projects. For college students, from the goal of learning,

SQL optimization----million data query optimization

Label:Transfer from Fair use IndexAn index is an important data structure in a database, and its fundamental purpose is to improve query efficiency. Most database products now use the ISAM index

Configuration work after Sybase is installed

Label:1. Configuring Database Parameters Configure Sybase maximum memory used by the database Log in to the Sybase database server with the isql command-line utility, where servername is the Sybase server configured in the

LDAP installation configuration under ubuntu14.04 Install and configure

Label: error occurs in reinstall, try this:"1) sudo apt-get purge slapd2) sudo apt-get install SLAPD ldap-utils" You can configure LDAP after install:When the installation are

Solving multiple elements least common multiple problem in array by divide-and-conquer method

Label:public class Main {Test function public static void main (string[] args) {final int length=50;int[] a=new int[length];a[0]=1;for (int i=1;i<length ; i++) A[i]=a[i-1]+1;long Time_start=system.currenttimemillis (); for (int i=0;i<length;i++

Netty Version Upgrade thread chapter of the History of Tears

Label:1. Background 1.1. Netty 3.X Series version StatusBased on a survey of some users of the Netty community, combined with the use of Netty in other open source projects, we can see that the current mainstream version of Netty commercial is

The foreach traversal array instance of Smarty template technology is fully explained

Label:first, the Item property usage<?Php$arr= Array ( -,851,7412); $smarty->assign ('Testarrg', $arr);?>use the Foreach method in Smarty to traverse and output this array<dl><dt>foreach the Item property usage

About the advantages and disadvantages of Poe Power

Label:Security engineers must know the truth about Poe powering 1Does Poe Supply stable?With the rapid development of network monitoring in recent years, the technical threshold is also more and more high, the technical support provided by


Label:The #define (macro definition) is simply a string substitution (in-place extension), which itself is not performed during compilation, but before (the pre-processing process) is completed.A typedef is a new name that is added to the identifier

STL II: A detailed description of vector container usage

Label:Reproduced in: vector class, known as the vectors class, implements a dynamic array, an array of objects used to change the number of elements. Like arrays, the vector class also

Shader three types of variables (Uniform,attribute and varying)

Tags: The uniform variable is declared in exactly the same way as the vertex and fragment, and it can be shared with vertex and fragment. (equivalent to a global variable shared by vertex and fragment shader)   Uniform variables are generally

Must-have plugins for extending Twitter Bootstrap

Label:Transferred from: plugins for extending Twitter BootstrapMartin Angelov July 10th, 2013Certainly know about Twitter Bootstrap–the Popular Front end

Encryption and Decryption Basics

Tags: privacy Internet Data Encryption Password middlemanCryptographic decryption related conceptsThree ways in which man-in-the-middle attacks are commonly used on the Internet: 1) eavesdropping 2) data tampering 3) session hijackingClassification

Cocos Console Command

Label:Create a new project Create a COCOS2D-JS project:cocos new projectName -l js Create a project that supports only Web platforms:cocos new projectName -l js --no-native To create a project to the specified directory:cocos new

quartz2d image Processing

Label:First of all, thank a maple Leaf summed up such a good article, article source: article will show you common iOS image processing operations include the following four

BIEE Demo (RPD creation + analysis + instrument panel)

Label:Description: This demo step is brief, detailed demo can refer to the following Good Day Video: BIEE 11G RPD Model design Good Day Video: BIEE 11G report Development Oracle BIEE (Business Intelligence) 11g Learning (2) RPD archive

The basic concept of object-oriented

Label:OOP Technology manages complex things according to the characteristics of the real world, abstracts them into objects, has its own state and behavior, and accomplishes certain tasks by reacting to the message. This programming method provides

23rd book: "Chess and Life"

Label:23rd book: "Chess and Life"Personally like to play chess, bridge, as a programmer, has always wanted to write a Chinese chess engine, so very early attention to this book. Life, such as chess, need to make a lot of decisions and choices in

Reading notes: "How to read a book"

Label:Reading notes: "How to read a book"The 2012 annual goal is to read 12 books, after reading 11 books more and more feel the book is the best way to improve the mind, but also regrets that they have read it technology books more, and other

DNS-related concepts

Tags: how DNA worksDNS: Domain name resolution common BIND domain name server (domain Service)Host Name: www.magedu.comDomain Name: (magedu This field is saved under. com)FQDN: Fully Qualified domain nameDNS: Name resolution (behind the

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