ORA-08004: Sequence Nextval exceeds MAXVALUE cannot be instantiated

sequence If the loop cycle is not set, a ORA-08004 error occurs after the maximum value of sequence is exceeded. sql> Create sequence Test_seq_no_cycle2 MinValue 13 MaxValue 2004 Start with 1005 Increment by 506 NoCache; Sequence created Sql>

Horizontal loop sliding effect in mobile browser

Browsing the web with a smartphone often reveals a number of stunning sliding effects. The vertical slide is the intrinsic property of the smartphone, which is not sliding, it is scrolling. But some horizontal sliding effect, such as open NetEase mob

Using Snakeyaml to read YAML configuration files

Many applications are beginning to use YAML as a program configuration file, about Yaml detailed introduction can refer to Yaml 1.2 (3rd Edition), this article uses Snakeyaml to parse Yaml. maven Dependencies <dependency> <groupId>org

Humanity to explore large data technology __c language

Click to view full text The first two-stage small gang introduced the large data definition and large data of the humane help to the application of the humanity help backstage. Today also not with everybody suspense, next, the small help for every

Write your own printf function __ function

We will encounter some functions with variable number of parameters in C language programming, such as printf ()This function, which is defined as this:int printf (const char* format, ...);In addition to having a parameter format fixed, the number an

Master-Slave copy report 1173 error handling

During the business stress testing of a project, the following problems were encountered:The Zabbix monitor message displays the following error:2016.09.28 19:16:11Trigger:mysql error log desc in lines_2Values:mysql error_log:2016-09-28 19:16:10 4723

With the image of the binary database storage and display

1. Store pictures in binary database2. Read the binary picture on the page display3. Set the image control to display a binary picture read from the database4.GridView imagefield display picture in URL mode5.GridView display of Read binary pictures==

UVA 1660 Cable TV Network [min Cut] [connectivity of graph] [Split Point]

Cable TV NetworkTime limit:3000ms 64bit IO Format:%lld &%llu The point connectivity of undirected graphs is obtained, that is to say, to find the minimum cut of any two points.But considering s set and T set, the middle is connected by several ed

Reference as function argument does not need to initialize __ function

#include <iostream> using namespace std; void swap (int a, int b) { int c=0; c = A; A = b; b = C; } void Swap1 (Int*a, int*b) { int c=0; c = *a; *a = *b; *b = C; } Reference as a function parameter does not require initialization of vo

Create an HTML 5 Web application on the Ubuntu touch __html

We know that we can create qt/qml apps on the Ubuntu touch, and we can also use the Ubuntu SDK to create some cross-platform HTML 5 apps. These should be created on the Ubuntu Touch SDK, but can also be modified to run on other platforms. Here's a qu

Larbin Search Engine Source Code Appreciation--(ii) search engine's global variable class

 larbin// sebastien ailleret// 29-11-99 -> 08-03-00 #include  < unistd.h> #include  <sys/socket.h> #include  <netinet/in.h> #include  <errno.h> # include <fcntl.h>

I/O multiplexing and select function Analysis and example __ function

Overview Before you explain, there are a few concepts that you should first describe:-User space and kernel space-Process Switching-Blocking of the process-File descriptor-Cache I/O user space and kernel space Now that the operating system uses virt

Testing Web Services with Httpie

Flask Web Development P168 1. The question (venv) C:\Users\Geek lee\flasky>http--json--auth 123456789@qq.com:password get \ http:error:ConnectionError: Httpconnectionpool (host= '%5c ', port=80): Max retries exceeded with URL:/(Caused by <clas

Use. NET Memory Profiler to diagnose. NET application memory leaks (methods and practices) __.net

Diagnosing. NET application memory leaks using. NET Memory Profiler (methods and practices) Blog Categories:Troubleshooting & tuning. NET asp.net loadrunner ASP algorithm The application diagnosis and optimization of friends know the memory leak

mysql5.7 installation practice process and troubleshooting reference

Tags: ever wro lag client har connect view OBA syslearn about lamp and install MySQL servicesLamp=linux+apache+mysql+php a system of four componentsApache and PHP must be available on a single server, and MySQL can be used on a network basis to

Multicast MAC Address _ turn

Tags: CISC IEEE 2.3 Address STP Protocol pause nbsp STP network deviceTurn from: Multicast MAC addressThe MAC address is a 48bit (6-byte hexadecimal number) address used by the Ethernet two layer to identify the device location. The MAC address is

"Sping Secret" 24, spring Framework for JMS Integration (no environment version, later when learning MQ again) & Task scheduling and thread pool

Tags: factory tor pre Schedule message send template mode final POI detailI don't know that well, so this needs to be studied.JMS has 2 types of message domainsPoint-to-point mode 1.2. Publish subscription mode Publish/subscribe pub/sub

binary, hexadecimal, and decimal conversion algorithms

Tags: return count system Tran Div inverse Operation Col positive OIDOne or two binary and decimal conversions/** * Conversion between decimal and binary */public class Inttobinary {public static void main (string[] args) {int a =-23422;

(Take Doctrine-9) Spring Boot builds RESTful APIs and unit tests (iv)

Tags: JSON format style expect ATT module stat strong div Frame @Controller: Modifier class, used to create an object that handles HTTP requests @RestController: Spring4 added after the annotation, the original in the @Controller return

High efficiency of program execution in compiled languages

Tags: made pen stat gets public ring return math codeCompiled language written by the program before the execution, need a special compilation process, the program compiled into machine language files, such as EXE files, later to run without

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