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The author is now graduating six months, began to do projects in the company when the bottom code a series of additions and deletions to check, let me very headache. At first it was a little bit, then I felt really trouble to find code generators on


As a TCP service program, and there may be a large number of clients connected, I hope to remember each socket separately Who has the data come in, read it out, put it in a request queue--these things are done with one thread. Another result queue, i

Unmanaged Resources

The IDisposable interface is used to manually release unmanaged resources, in other words, freeing non-memory (unmanaged) resources. Memory resources because garbage collection guarantees recycling, but not memory resources (such as sockets, file han

Soap Introduction (Webservice Common protocol)

Introduction to Soap The exchange of information between systems within the enterprise system has always been a difficult problem, in the past, DCOM, CORBA and other solutions, but are not perfect, not too complex or flawed. Now, it's more popular s

Bootstrap Validator form submission initial experience based on html__html

Bootstrap Validator is the front-end framework for Twitter's form verification. various addresses Download Address official API Import SSS <link rel= "stylesheet" href

Use zxing to encode and decode barcodes, two-dimensional codes and __

First, add the jar pack <dependency> <groupId></groupId> <artifactid>core</ artifactid> <version>3.0.0</version> </dependency> <dependency> <gro

Greendao examples and some problems

Recently in the use of Greendao, did a small demo, which encountered a number of most people will encounter problems, there are some pits. Recorded, and spread to GitHub, convenient for everyone to learn and jump pits. Now the current version of the

Errors cannot be fixed because you require that some packages remain the same as they destroy dependencies between packages. Ubu

There are some software packages that cannot be installed. If you are using a unstable release, this may be Because the system is not up to the state you requested. There may be some of the software you need in this release Packages have not been cre

. of managed and unmanaged resources in net

A managed resource refers to a. NET a resource that can be reclaimed automatically, mainly refers to the memory resources allocated on the managed heap. The collection of managed resources does not require human intervention, and the. NET runtime mak

#QNAN, 1 #IND和1. #INF等 "Invalid" floating-point number description and its judgment

In the GIS view found that some of the community can not be normal, through the tracking of abnormal cells to find its base station latitude and longitude of the coordinates are -1. #QNAN00000000000无效值, resulting in plot failure, these communities ar

. htaccess file. htaccess file

Original address: . htaccess file related Modules related Directives Core Mod_authn_file mod_authz_groupfile mod_cgi mod_include mod_mime A

Time format in the United States--complex format date conversion uses the Date.parse ("complex format") method.

Use this method Long time = Date.parse ("Sun Feb 10:31:58 +0800)"; SimpleDateFormat sdf=new SimpleDateFormat ("Yyyy-mm-dd"); Date d = new date (time); System.out.println (Sdf.format (d)); Time format in the United States G Era

Node.js and network: Node.js to TCP, UDP, Socket, HTTP and other protocols to achieve and support __JS

The OSI seven-layer model is a standard system and framework for interconnection between different computers or communication systems, including a range of standards and protocols in OSI, such as TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP, and so on, which provide implementa

JDBC Association model Query-Multiple table query returns result set

JDBC Multiple Table association query, multiple table query returns the result set processing method.This feature is commonly used in two or more table associated queries, and the returned query results are field information from multiple (or two) ta

Potentially dangerous request.querystring values were detected from the client (textarea= "<p>wewqe</p>").

People who have used rich text editors should have encountered this kind of problem, that is, when I save the text on the rich text, there are 2 ways, a Kind of is plain text information, such as: "I wrote a blog today," and the other is pure HTML fo

SSH Agent and Agent forwarding

Take out the ssh-agent, because as the company's springboard program is implemented, Ssh-agent will be used on a large scale or covertly. Understanding how it works helps me understand the deployment and operations involved, and how to safely drop ap

SSH Jump no password login or execute command

We are using Linux development process, often need to jump between different servers, through SSH, each need to enter the password, more cumbersome, today from the Internet to find the relevant methods, but the experimental process found that there a

AUTOFAC Official document (18) "Json/xml Configuration"

Most IOC containers provide programming interfaces and configuration support based on Json/xml files, AUTOFAC is no exception. AUTOFAC encourages programmatic configuration through the Containerbuilder class. The use of programming interfaces is the

yaffs,linux3.11, kernel compile times wrong, error:unknown field ' Readdir ' specified in Initializer__linux

To compile the linux3.11 kernel, but download the latest YAFFS2, and then compile the error: Error:unknown field ' Readdir ' specified in initializer Read the source found, in the linux3.11 source of the file_operations structure inside no readdir, r

function of the default parameter of the large pit, the parameter of the variable parameter __ function

Transferred from Liaoche's official website: The default parameters are useful, but improper use can also fall into the pit. The default parameter has a maximum pit: The value of the default parameter may change unconsciously in the process of callin

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