redhat6.2 related configuration (Yum,,r,rstudio,ipythonnotebook) __python

Some actions: Install Yum: Configure Epel install R install rstudio Configure Ipython notebook install yum Configure Ipythonnotebook remote access Welcome to visit my blog Rookie after many failures, many attempts, Baidu N times,

Shift operator Detailed

The bitwise shift operator is an operation that moves the data as a binary number, moving it to the left or right several bits. The bit shift operators are divided into left and right shifts, both of which are binocular operators. The first operation

JQuery UI leverages the DatePicker plug-in to implement the start date (mindate) and end Date (maxdate) (Level 10 participants Lin Chang summary)

the JQuery UI implements the start date (mindate) and end Date (maxdate) using the DatePicker plug-in Using the jquery UI you first need to introduce the JQuery class library, the jquery UI JS script, and the jquery UI CSS style sheet. The code exa


#Pragma是预处理指令, its role is to set the state of the compiler or instruct the compiler to perform certain actions. #Pragma指令对每个编译器给出了一个方法, to give the host or operating system proprietary features, while maintaining complete compatibility with the C a

hdu1058 Humble NUMBERS--DP

Original title Link: One: The original question content Problem Description A number whose only prime factors are 2,3,5/7 is called a humble number. The sequence is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and, A,,,

Syslog-ng Detailed installation configuration

A recent Sendcloud project requires the use of the Syslog-ng collection log. The principle is multiple production machine deployment of different modules, including Nodejs, Java and so on, each production machine according to a certain rules to gener

The simplest MyBatis tutorial in history (Iv.)

1 Preface In the simplest MyBatis tutorial in history (one or two, iii), we have initially experienced the features of the MyBatis framework, especially its support for ordinary SQL statements, but if you read the first three examples of the blog, y

Springboot database Connection pool Common configuration __ Database

The configuration file is added as follows (I am using a multiple data source): spring.datasource.primary.url=jdbc\:mysql\://localhost\:3306/test?useunicode\=true&characterencoding\= Utf-8Spring.datasource.primary.username=testspring.datasource.p

Detailing the difference between cookies and session

Bloggers said : In this article, the main introduction of the cookie mechanism and session mechanism, and focus on the difference between the two, hoping to help you have a more in-depth cookie and session of a better understanding. Body Cookie mecha

Users and permissions under Ubuntu (i)

First, the basis Use the command "Ls-l" under a directory to get detailed information about the files in the directory, such as: -RW-------1 m 30509 July 8 00:26 xsession-errors.oldDrwxr-xr-x 2 m 4096 April 15 19:59 public/Drwxr-xr-x 2 m 4096 April 1

Ganymed SSH-2 for Java__java

Ganymed SSH-2 for Java is a pure Java implementation of the SHH2 Library, the official website for, the latest update time for October 2006, before using, please take a closer look at the FAQ, Can really avoid a lot o

Tomcat source Resolution-the overall process introduction

First, the framework Let's talk about my understanding of Tomcat architecture. Overall architecture: 1. Component-Oriented Architecture 2, based on JMX 3. Event Listening 1) component-oriented architecture The tomcat code looks large, but structurall

Configuration and management of file and print systems

configuration and management of file and print systems The main contents of this chapter:1. Distributed File System2. Printing system3. Indexing Service  8.1 File SystemThe basic concept of 8.1.1 Distributed File systemSystem administrato

Kernel symbol table

"Kernel symbol table, kernel symbol table" Linux's kernel is a single kernel monolithic, and any function can access public data structures and function calls. In the design of the program, you need to name some function names, variable names, and s Symbol Table parsing

Http:// is a kernel symbol table file, produced by the "nm vmlinux" command, located in the source root directory.The so-called "symbol" is the function name, global variable name, and so on, th

Delete duplicate data records in a database, find duplicate records, find non-duplicate records __ Database

 Delete duplicate records (keep last duplicate data): Delete table where primary key ID not in (select MAX ([primary key ID]) from table group by (duplicate field one + duplicate field two)) Delete duplicate records (keep first duplicate data): De

The difference between drop, truncate, and delete

the difference between drop, truncate, and deleteOriginal November 22, 2015 19:30:21 the difference between drop, truncate, and delete (1) The DELETE statement performs a deletion by deleting a row from the table and saving the row's delete operatio

Crontab Task Scheduling

Cron is a regular execution tool under Linux that can run jobs without human intervention. Because Cron is a built-in service for Linux, it does not automatically get up and you can start and close this service in the following ways: /sbin/service

HTTP Timeout setting

In the HTTP protocol, you can set a time-out (connection timeout, response timeout), and set the scenario as follows: 1, the Java API way: Prior to JDK 1.5, the network timeout can be controlled only by setting two system properties: String szurl =

Understanding of primary key and foreign key in database __ database

Understanding of primary key and foreign key in database In relational database, the data structure has logical structure and physical structure. Physical structure refers to the structure of data files stored on physical media. The logical structure

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