Modify the contents of the database error: Propertyaccessexception:null value is assinged to a property of primitive type setter of

Tags: data alt share assignment SRC color error set cannotError reason: The type of totaltime is int, the Null,int type in the database cannot be assigned a value of NULL, only 0, so this exception is reported.Solution: Change the type of TotalTime

memcached Command-store command-find command-cleanup command

Tags: Other add service space end server store not spanMemcached Set store commandThe Memcached set command is used to store value (data value) in the specified key (key) .If the set key already exists, the command can update the original data

CISCO PT Simulation Experiment (9) Inter-VLAN routing for layer three switches

Tags: CCNA Cisco Exchange experimentCISCO PT Simulation Experiment (9) Inter-VLAN routing for layer three switchesExperimental Purpose : Mastering the configuration of the switch Tag VLANMastering the configuration method of three-layer switch VLAN

SCCM Client Ccmcache folder cleanup and modification and Installer folder size issues

Tags: ccmcache installerAbout Ccmcache Folder size issues:Early in the morning to receive e-mail alerts, the OA system C disk space is insufficient, the use rate of more than 85%650) this.width=650; "src=" Https://

Process Mutex and synchronization

Tags: A simple operation cannot be a producer first entity lock recoveryOne, process mutual exclusionFirst of all, we need to know that in order to ensure the correctness of the final results of the program execution, the concurrent execution of the

Javase (vi) The difference between a wrapper class, a conversion between a base type and a string, = = and equals

Tags: object-oriented basic type cannot be jdk1.5 32-bit targe equal JDKfirst, Packaging classThe Java language is an object-oriented language, but the basic data types in Java are not object-oriented, which in practical use there are a lot of

Extended Euclidean algorithm, bezout theorem and multiplicative inverse element

Tags: extended Euclidean algorithm mode greatest common divisor extended negative numbers need to take the maximum situationExtended Euclidean algorithmThe extended Euclidean algorithm (GCD) can find the solution of AX+BY=GCD (A, b) at the same time

Maven command and Pom file constants

Label:End Bowl blowing waterMaven command: Maven can be used not only on eclipse, but also in CMD, although it is cumbersome and generally not used, but it is necessary to understand some of the possible ways to do it. 1.MVN compile command: This

The Spring Series AOP

Tags: JDK dynamic agent Other thought business note processor when Deb loggingFirst, what is AOPAOP (aspect-orientedprogramming, aspect-oriented programming) can be said to complement and improve OOP (object-oriented programing, object-oriented

Spring Proxy mode

Tags: proxy mode back dynamic Agent final int mode his glib call1. Static ProxySubject object: Student Public Interface Student { public String Add ();}Target object: realstudent Public class Realstudent implements Student { public String

Spring Proxy mode

Tags: dynamic instance call interface logs open edit int frame1. Static ProxyAbstract topic: Subject Public Interface Subject { public String Add ();}Target object: Resubject Public class Resubject implements Subject { public String Add () {

Spring Agent

Tags: handler dynamic bar CEP Class Cal oid eth toolbar1. Static ProxyAbstract topic: SubjectPublic interface Subject {public String Add ();}Target object: Resubjectpublic class Resubject implements Subject {public String Add () {

Multi-threaded Combat (a): Traffic light Management system

Tags: indicates exe als demand analysis thread track ack place voidI. Project requirements:Simulation realizes traffic light management system logic at intersection. Detailed requirements such as the following:1. Asynchronously randomly generates a

Javase file Recursion Delete & get the absolute path of all the files in the folder folder in. jpg

Tags: imp dig error rect get folder get folders Family MoD1. Recursively delete filesSuppose a folder below also have subfolders, delete the words will be error, this time to use a recursive way to delete all files in this file folder and

Django Template Summary [Template language, template inheritance, csrf attack, reverse parsing]

Tags: LTE settings direct extend case style library string contains dateTemplateOverviewAs a web framework, Django provides templates for writing HTML code, as well as embedding template code to complete page development faster and more easily, and

WEBAPI Security using token+ signature Verification

Tags: erer oid success Legitimacy bytes Web datetime cno creatFirst of all, ask you a question, how do you keep your data secure when you write an open API interface? Let's take a look at the security issues in the Open API interface, we are faced

"Sliding window" monotone queue

Tags: pair TPCC blog margin conf pos str PSK dataTitle DescriptionGive you an array of length N, a sliding form of k that moves from the leftmost to the far right, and you can see only the K-integers of the window, each time the form moves one bit

The application of deep learning in the ranking of recommended platform for American group Review--study notes

Tags: tag Hex extract change roughly proc launch analysis large numberWritten in Front: it is said that next week will be xxxxxxxx, frighten the baby hurriedly find some advertising things to seeGbdt+lr's model was known before, and Dnn+lr's model

What I used when I was writing multi-lingual Support.

Tags: Editor System language public find Lin spinner change structure alsWhat I used when I was writing multi-lingual Support.絮叨絮叨:好久不来写了,居然支持markdown 了。 我也是在项目里的wiki 里干刚接触了一些, 来这里也试试。然后悲催的发现,mac 电脑在markdown下直接上传图片有bug @2015-08-19

Maven aggregation modules and the life cycle of inheritance and maven

Tags: JavaEnd Bowl blowing waterMaven aggregation module: because MAVEN advocates modular programming, it divides multiple projects into Modules. If all the functions and modules are written in a project, it is not easy to expand, upgrade, modify,

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