OpenSSL generates an SSL certificate (HTTPS enabled)

Tags: https opensslOne: Environment and installation instructionsWin7_64,nginx Server,OpenSSL_Win64. I use the Phpstudy integrated development environment, using nginx+php to support browser HTTPS requests.

CSS Float (float)

Tags: hex will not SM fan targe tom width contains textThe float (float) of the CSS moves the element left or right, and the elements around it are rearranged.Float (float) is often used for images, but it is as useful in layout.Include Block:Before

The function and difference of the new operator and Object.create () in JS

Tags: details label Fix statistic Speak End Analysis Fun EditThe function and difference of the new operator and Object.create () in JS76785231August 06, 2017 19:19:26Hits: 1058First, the new operatorThe mechanism of new in JavaScript is actually

JSON serialization is customized to support datetime types, and to Chinese to keep him in Chinese form

Tags: str time converter strftime default JSON PRE Lex LSEWhat types of data can be processed when JSON is serialized? How to customize support for datetime typesCustom Time-serialized convertersImportJSON fromJsonImportJsonencoder

NPM Scripts 2--Rimraf CopyFiles imagemin usemin htmlmin uglifyjs

Tags: LAN red ISS data-the ext sem another sedNPM Scripts part 2Objectives and OutcomesIn this exercise you'll learn to build a distribution folder containing the files that can is deployed on a Web server H Osting your project. This distribution

Apache optimization

Tags: apache1. Turn on the gzip featureLn-s/usr/local/zlib/lib/ Deflate_module modules/mod_deflate.soLoadModule Headers_module modules/<ifmodule

Requests in the Web: Get vs. post

Tags: form submission get a POS page request way HTTP split throughThe difference between get and post requests in the Web:1, get is to add the parameter data queue to the submission form the Action property refers to the URL, the value and the form

PHP Novice installs MONGO for the first time

Tags: can API compilation service share his creat ext extensionHere are the steps for me to walk a novice PHP for the first time to install the MONGO module:1. First select the appropriate version of the MongoDB expansion pack download from the

(go) Review the differences between TCP/IP protocol and HTTP protocol

Tags: storage iOS sea RIP gateway MES IP protocol different CTITPC/IP Protocol is a Transport layer protocol, which mainly solves how data is transmitted in the network, and HTTP is the application layer protocol, which mainly solves how to wrap the

Front-end engineering environment built with Webpack

Tags: folder display cal ECS one EFI dynamic through. libWith the release of webpack3.x, its functions are becoming more and more powerful, and many of the project's compiling and packaging tools are gradually transferred from gulp to Webpack.


Tags: tle margin htm one Otto document title width GRERound Corners<! DOCTYPE html><html lang= "en" ><head><meta charset= "UTF-8" ><title>Document</title></head><body><h1> rounded

WAMP Local Environment Upgrade PHP version-second attempt

Tags: 5.6 automatically generate download links org Blog x86 Debug class refphp7.1.17 practice of php5.6.25 Upgrade in WAMP environmentThis article refers to: to operate.1. Download a php7.1.17

HTTP protocol

Tags: indicates three-time object ASCII operation will understand the third partI. INTRODUCTION of HTTP 1, what is the Internet  Internet = Physical connection Media + Internet Protocol 2, the purpose of the Internet establishment?

JS date comparison size, JS judge whether the date in the interval, JS determine whether the time period in another time period

Tags: span ret col time period EDA Div end tween Start /** Date Parsing, string to date * @param datestring can return the corresponding Date object for 2017-02-16,2017/02/16,2017.02.16 * @returns {date} */ functionDateparse (datestring)

Several points of attention in JS operation

Tags: return div result define span col bool Pre ABC1. In addition to the addition of string participation, when a value of a non-number type is evaluated, the values are converted to number and then evaluatedvar res = true + +;Console.log (RES); =10

Ubuntu build FTP server, can be accessed through the browser, FileZilla upload files and other functions

Tags: sftp exce ISA message Zone layout Oev Res customerSetting up an FTP server1: first, Update the software source, to ensure that the source is up-to-date, so that the following online through apt-the get install command installs FTP. 2: use sudo

JS to implement the page jump (return to the previous page, the next page)

Tags: get false head Copy class time res SSI ENCOne: JS reload page, local refresh, return to previous pageCopy the code code as follows:<a href= "Javascript:history.go ( -1)" > Back </a><a href= "Javascript:location.reload ()" >

20155331 "Cyber Confrontation" EXP8 Web Foundation Practice

Tags: direct init art Conditional technology MySQL basic Script mysq HCE20155331 "Cyber confrontation" Exp8 the basics of Web-based practice answer what is a formForms are primarily responsible for data collection functions in Web pages. A form has

EXP8 Web Foundation 20155113 Xu Buchao

Tags: processing. So data table database collection MIT byte Apache ServiceEXP8 Web Foundation 1. Experimental requirements Web front-end HTML Can install normally, start and stop Apache. Understand the HTML, understand the form,

20155333 "Cyber Confrontation" EXP8 Web Foundation

Tags: you html base SQ errno combining knowledge parsing put CGI20155333 "Cyber Confrontation" Exp8 the foundation of Web Foundation(1) What is a form? Forms are primarily responsible for data collection functions in Web pages.There are

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