"Notes" NetEase micro-professional-web security Engineer -04.web Security -1.DVWA Deployment

Tags: Utility repair method store pass feature file CTE uploadCourse Overview:The paper came to the end of the light, I know this matter to preach. Through the course of learning and practical exercises, let the students understand and grasp the

"Notes" NetEase micro-professional-web security Engineer -04.web Security Combat-2. Brute force

Tags: ips inf protected input Add not exhaustive method count () exeKP June before bought a trolley box, in the initial setup password is not familiar with the steps, a moment hand shake, password has been set, but do not know what password set,

Webgoat 7.1 Combat Guide-Next

Tagged with: Boa extra TAC reverses personal head actor effective implementationWebgoat 7.1 Combat Guide-NextInjection Flawscommand Injection (command injection)For any one parameter-driven website, command injection attacks represent a serious

JS Template engine Handlebars Learning (i)

Tags: document sub Learn smart OBB XXXX operations each basic1. Handlebars is a front-end JS template engine that has its own syntax like other template engines such as PHP templates{$foo} <--Display simple variable (non-array/ object) PHP

What are the common security vulnerabilities in the Web site and how to modify them?

Tags: website security website Vulnerability website attackWith the development of the Internet, network security issues more and more attention, a company's website if there is a security problem, the brand image of the enterprise and User Trust

Rabbitmq.net Applications (1)

Tags: release href const directory AMP application layer. NET Admin toolOverviewMQ is all called the message queue, and Message Queuing (MQ) is an application-to-application communication method. RABBITMQ is a complete, reusable enterprise messaging

CentOS7 under PHP5.5.38 upgrade PHP7.2.2

Tags: php7 php upgrade Redis LNMPOne, back up the original PHP fileTo view an existing PHP version:Backup, because it is not an overlay installation, here can also not backup, but, as a daily operating habits, backup is very

Custom tag Learning for Servlets and JSPs

Tags: and 1.0 copy Type JSP page definition exp MVC instanceThis article describes the simple label processor, which is not described here because the classic custom label processor is not easy to use with a simple label processor.Refer to: "JSP

26.jquery Select All and select All

Tag:set   highlight   lang   his    judgment     post   blog   value    Select all     <%@ page language= "java"

Try to clarify the GC of. NET (1)

Tags: mode compact set reference Lis Traverse REAC instead of winWhat is a GC?GC (garbage Collection) is a mechanism for recovering unused memory in memory management, and our well-known Java and. NET have their own GC mechanism, which is part of

Installing the phpMyAdmin tool

Tags: AST fast account get syntax and images Mys stringObjective phpMyAdmin is a web-based management tool for managing MySQL. One. Download and configure the phpMyAdmin1. Download phpMyAdmin Package~]# wget

HTTP protocol---Common request fields in HTTP requests and HTTP response status codes and response headers

Tags: app access utf-8 content window contents more than style related Basic HTTP protocol Open the browser, enter the server IP, such as, if the port number is not A few, such as 8000, Then enter . the

JS Picture pre-load

Tags: element cell variable of file ENC user Source address key Open<div class= "Preloaderhidden" ><script type= "Text/javascript" ><!--//--><! [cdata[//><!--var images = new Array ()function preload () {for (i = 0; i <


Tags: oca linu org Enable account HTML GES Reserve HTTP protocolHTTP-2.2httpd configuration file Composition: grep "section"/etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf # # # # 1:global Environment # # # # 2: ' Main ' Server Configuration # # # # section 3:virtual

HTTP message and protocol header

Tags: expires unable to describe list store user encoded ANE requestHTTP message and protocol header HTTP message 3 "message format Request message <method> <request-URL> <version> <headers> <entity-body>

Related knowledge of JS scope

Tags: log name relative initialization recommended OUTPUT variable = = ReferenceAs we all know, before ES6, JavaScript is not block-scoped , as shown in:Students who have studied other languages must be a little surprised. Because JS is still

Gradients in the CSS3

Tags: src description base allow basic syntax img Log blog ExtentAlthough CSS3 have been used for many years, there are few gradients for CSS3. Today I met and learned a bit.First we open PS, create a new canvas, select the Gradient tool, this time

PHP Object-oriented Essentials (1)

Tags: static member Wan ElseIf end post color polymorphism instead of variable1. Static Properties and methodsEach instance of a class has its own properties and methods, each class can also contain static properties, static properties are not part

Web File Upload size limit

Tags: select Apache Server GPO conversion Server increase how ASC large memory 最近在项目中遇到上传文件,对上传文件的大小需要进行限制,这里学习和整理了一下一些常规的文件大小限制的方法。 Generally divided into two ways, one is the server-side to determine the size of the file

Jquery–ajax get () and post () methods

Tags: Strong post tags ajax instance int TPS Data runThe JQuery get () and post () methods are used to request data from the server over an HTTP get or POST request.HTTP Request: GET vs. POSTTwo common methods of requesting-responding on the client

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