CentOS platform with httpd 2.2 and HTTPD 2.4 deployment Web server

Tags: Web server virtual machine configuration file1. View current systemUname-rCat/etc/redhat-release2. Install httpd via rpmYum Install httpdA, after the installation is complete, see the corresponding configuration file./etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf

The difference between IPS (intrusion prevention system) and WAF (Web Application Protection System)

Label:IPS (Intrusion prevention system) and WAF (Web Application Protection system) Two products have different usage scenarios, with the complexity of web application development, security requirements are increasing, the emergence of WAF is in

HTML5 video Accumulation

Label:It's been a few months without writing, or too lazy ~ must educate themselves Luo ~This time to do a video of the mobile H5, not carefully played before, good record of the basic knowledge, there are some pits encountered, convenient after

Introduction to jquery (2) using jquery to manipulate the attributes and styles of elements

Label:Introduction to jquery (1) Universal selector in jqueryIntroduction to jquery (2) using jquery to manipulate the attributes and styles of elementsIntroduction to jquery (3) Event and event objectIntroduction to jquery (4) Ajax () application

The difference between getenv () and $_server in PHP

Label:The usage differences between getenv () and $_server in PHP:GETENV obtains the environment variable of the system, the format of the environment variable is name=value.Syntax: string getenv (string varname);Return value: String function type:

httpd Configuration of CentOS 6.7

Tags: httpd configuration settings Linux documentroot virtualhost directoryObjective:Location of HTTP in the OSI:In the OSI seven-tier model, HTTP (Hyper Text Tranfer protocol) is located on the seventh tier of the application layer, a protocol that

HTTPD configuration

Tags: httpdHTTPD Important

Go to PHP in the exec, system and other functions call the Linux command problem

Label:Linux command issues called by Exec, system, and other functions in PHPFirst novel two sentences: Today, the next PHP call the function of the Linux command, the beginning of how to do the call is unsuccessful, tried for a long time to finally

Use @font-face in front-end pages to display Web custom fonts "Go"

Label:This article is transferred from W3cplus CSS @font-face@font-face is a module in CSS3, he is mainly to embed their own definition of Web fonts in your Web page, with the advent of @font-face module, we use fonts in the development of the web

The concept of range in HTML5

Label:recently I'm going to write some HTML5 introductory tutorials for you, and today we'll talk about what the Range object is in HTML5. The Range object represents a contiguous area of the page, and the Range object allows you to get or modify

NetCDF Getting Started

Label:I. OverviewNETCDF is all called the network Common data format, the Chinese translation method is "The net Common Information Form",For programmers, it is similar to a zip, JPEG, BMP file format and is a standard for file formats. netCDFThe

HTTP/HTTPS Automatic Encryption Internet solution

Label:Program Introductionthe software involved BIND: A popular domain name resolution server, we can set which domain names need to take the encrypted line. Stunnel: The TCP protocol is encrypted with TLS, that is, an encrypted line is

16/7/11_PHP-GD Library Introduction

Label:About GD LibraryGD refers to the graphic device,php of the GD library is used to process graphics extension library, through the GD Library provides a series of APIs, you can process the image or directly generate new images.In addition to the

JS small exercise to remove the specified character form a word output

Label:Today in Codewar doing exercises, asked to write a function to remove a string wub these extra characters and then the rest of the composition of a sentence output, such as the "Wubawubbwubcwub" after the return "a B C" My source code is as

Hibernate (Open source Object Relational mapping framework)

Label:Hibernate is an open source object-relational mapping framework that provides JDBC with a very lightweight object encapsulation that maps Pojo to database tables, is a fully automated ORM framework, and Hibernate automatically generates SQL

"Recommended" to talk about CSS Hack and backwards compatibility

Label:Once a person gets used to something it's hard to change, and all sorts of reasons, the new browser more and more, and the old always can not be eliminated. Growth is always faster than the demise of the browser-compatible is becoming a topic

PHP OB series functions in a detailed

Label:Introduction of related functions:1, Flush: Flush the contents of the buffer, output.function format: Flush ()Description: This function is often used and is highly efficient.2. Ob_start: Open Output bufferfunction format: void Ob_start

HTML Learning

Label:HTML mainly learn four aspects of the content:First: The basic concept of HTML, what it can doSecond: the basic HTML tagThird: Form labels in htmlIV: Frame tags and other tags in htmlI. Basic concept of HTML what 1.HTML isA.html is a Hypertext

JS timestamp turns into date format

<span id="Label3"><p><p>Label:</p></p><pre class="best-text mb-10">Convert a timestamp to a date format:<br>A simple line of code<br>var date = new Date (timestamp); Get a Time

Assembly conflict resolution for ASP. NET MVC native assembly and GAC

<span id="Label3"><p><p>Label:</p></p><p><p>A project that was upgraded from asp. NET MVC 3 to ASP 4 has the following error:</p></p>A

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