Const,var,let Differences in JS

Tags: def share info code var must tidy ONSToday, for the first time, a const-defined variable was encountered, and the article was collated with relevant data. The main content is: JS in three ways to define the variable const, VAR, let the

HTTP protocol Status Code in detail (HTTP status code)

Tags: out of effect exce writing www This not code features server sideUsing or JavaScript will use different states of HTTP, some common status codes are:200– Server successfully returned page 404– requested page does not exist 503–

Hibernate's Gettransaction () and BeginTransaction ()

Tags: date delete app. config using the throw user Dem updateSession.gettransaction () only gets a transaction instance based on the session, but does not start itSession.begintransaction () calls its begin () method after acquiring a

Variable name promotion and function name promotion in JS

Tags: anonymous variable change fun start fine approximate log descriptionFirst, there is no block-level scope for variables in JS, but there is a function scope, that is, only the function can be the scope of the approximate variable.And, the

JS Get date Month Day

Tags: eth time () full get new gets min mil Current hourvar date = new Date ();Date.getyear (); Get Current year (2-bit)Date.getfullyear (); Get the full year (4-bit, 1970-????)Date.getmonth (); Get the current month (0-11, 0 for

JS converts the string class to a date class and calculates

Tags: Date class nbsp ETH compute Default String class Inter 0.00 STR//Calculate Date AdditionfunctionDateAdd (interval, number, date) {Switch(interval) { Case"Y": {date.setfullyear (Date.getfullyear ()+Number ); returndate; Break; } Case"Q":

Website attack

Tags: www parsing using ble add carriage return burpsuite es2017 Enter1. After creating the experiment, open the experiment URL:, the interface is as follows:2. Try to get into the background by adding common background commands after

Webstorm/phpstorm set up the connection FTP, and quickly file comparison, upload download, synchronization and other operations

Tags: rem. com app ima speed ignores CTI BST CalPhpstorm In addition to directly open the localhost file, you can also connect FTP, in addition to complete the normal data transfer tasks, but also to the local file and server-side file comparison,

PHP Text Center (PNG picture compositing)

Tags: locate color rom char str header time material keyHeader(' Content-type:text/html;charset=utf-8 ');/** * png text composition by Wangzhaobo * @param string $pic _path Picture directory * @param array $text text * @param array $font _file Path *

. NET Environment Call Protobuf

Tags:. dll employees call global data store Efault field typeFirst, what is ProtobufProtocolbuffer (PB) is a format for Google's data interchange, which is independent of the language and is platform independent. It is a kind of interactive format

Front-end effects: Flash camera effects generated using CSS

Tags: get translate ati Transform effect IPs abs ack desUsing a purely CSS-generated camera effect, the relevant CSS code is as follows:. container {Position:absolute; top:50%; left:50%; -webkit-transform:translate (-50%,-50%); Transform:

JS-EL Regular expression

Tags: match around focus height search exe digital CTI obj<script>Check whether the total number consists of 20 digitsvar patrn=/^[0-9]{1,20}$/;Alert (Patrn.test ("-30000000000"));Check login name: Only 5-20 entries begin with a letter, can be

HTML Base 1 (Environment preparation, labeling)

Tags: unit picture k sum his author image position title PychaPurpose of study1, can change the front-end template2, decorate your own page3, the front-end interaction of multiple technologies4. Ability to manipulate webpage elements5, can

Apache+tomcat cluster configuration under Linux environment

Tags: forward related shift part Rdd www. RIP code HTMLWrite in frontApache configures multiple Tomcat to enable request triage, multiple Tomcat services to equalize load, and increased service reliability. Recently studied, encountered a lot of

PHP installation, configuration and extension summary

Tags: prevent encountering dev 5.6 Profiler common buffer Open appCopyright NOTICE: This article for Bo Master original article, without Bo Master permission not reproduced.PHP installation, configuration and extension summary:This article mainly

Perl reads JSON-formatted files

Tags: function Module object read in open Perl logs json fileUse the Decode_json function in the JSON module to decode the data in the JSON file into an object in Perl and then processThe code is as follows:#!/usr/bin/env perluse json;use encode;my (

How to use sftp to upload or download files and folders in Linux

Tags: int dir root Print service HTML command download fileHow to use sftp to upload or download files and folders in LinuxSFTP (Secure file transfer program) is a secure, interactive file transfer program that works in a similar way to FTP (File

PHP Cryptographic decryption Processing class

Tags: self GNU txt const DISCUZ name func decode copyright[PHP] Code<?php/*============================================================ Copyright agreement: = GPL (The GNU general public LICENSE Version 2, June 1991) =--------------------------

Composer Bag Php-amqplib

Tags: func with PST close tin nap connect bind whilePhp-amqplib Official DocumentsUrl:测试demo: url:http://**.**.com/openapi/1.0/function/log/*A basic example is attached:taskwithex.phppublic

Getting started with XML operations in KBMMW (cross-platform, and can be directly converted to Json,yaml,bson)

Tags: author why white tle mem convert ODI pre AMLDelphi has been working with XML since long ago, the latest version contains three kinds of XML interpreter, one is MSXML, look at the name to knowThis is Microsoft's own, according to Delphi

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