AngularJS $on $broadcast $emit

Label:How do I communicate between scopes?1. Create a singleton service, and then use this service to handle all child-scoped traffic.2. Handle communication through events in the scope. But there are some limitations to this approach; For example,

How to develop and deploy Web front-end code in Bat big Company

Label: How to develop and deploy Web front-end code in Bat big Company This is a very interesting 非主流前端领域 area to explore is how to use engineering solutions to the front-end development and deployment optimization of the comprehensive

Php+extjs File Upload Example

Label:Xtjs 4 has a very handy file upload component that can be used to upload files to the server. This article PHP tutorial Uncletoo will introduce the use of PHP and ExtJS to implement the file upload function.First, create the file Upload

The difference and selection of image format embedded in HTML page

Label:Picture format is the format of the computer to store pictures, the common storage format has Bmp,jpg,tiff,gif,pcx,tga,exif,fpx,svg,psd,cdr,pcd,dxf,ufo,eps,ai,raw and so on.  Commonly used in HTML pages are: Bmp,bmp,jpg,gif.BMP is a hardware

AngularJS Notes--the use and distinction of $on, $emit and $broadcast

Label:The scope in Angularjs has a very hierarchical and well-nested structure. Each of them has a major $rootScope (also say the corresponding angular application or ng-app ), and then all the other scope parts are inherited from this $rootScope ,

Web-side Instant Messaging technology inventory: Short Polling, Comet, Websocket, SSE

Label:1. PrefaceWeb-side IM technology is not easy to implement due to limitations in browser design, and there are roughly 4 main web-end instant Messaging solutions: Traditional Ajax short polling, Comet technology, WebSocket Technology, SSE

. NET programmer to high-end must read a single summary

Label: . NET programmer to high-end must read a single summary First, the Knowledge tree 1. Basic Competencies 1.1 Mathematics 1.2 English 1.3 Language expression

The first to pass my front-end basic notes

Label:Part I.: JQnode. On event = function () {}JQ object. Event (function (e) {});Get ("#id");Get ("tag");createelement ("div", {...});Set a style for a Div, add a click event to itvar div = ...DIV.STYLE.PPPP = PPPP;Div.onclick = function () {}Jq$ (

Apache does not allow access to file or directory execution permissions, disable script PHP file setup methods

Label:" to remove the directory path for PHP execution permissions, for example: D:/ ">404/404/404403/404/403. html"\. (? I:PHP|PHP3|PHP4) $""\. ( PHP|PHP3) $"> from all </FilesMatch></Directory>Let's take a look

Five common PHP Design patterns

Label:design mode A book introduces design patterns to the software community, which is written by Erich Gamma, Richard Helm, Ralph Johnson, and John vlissides design (commonly known as "Gang of Four"). The core concepts behind the design patterns

php function preg_replace () regular replace all strings that match the criteria

Label:PHP preg_replace () Regular substitution, unlike JavaScript regular substitution, PHP preg_replace () defaults to the element that replaces all symbol matching Criteria .Preg_replace (regular expression, replace with, string, maximum number

Day Study: HTML tag Grooming

Label:Keywords: HTML tag grooming morning run plan:Study Plan: Comb the label of the previous study in the Notebook Learning Record: HTML tag grooming (arranged by functional category) label

HTML Basics Summary < head >

Label:Key excerpt: HTML head element label Description <head> Defines the information for a document <title> Defines the title of the document <base>

Why do I need to encode the URL

Label:It is found that almost all Web sites now have UrlEncode operations on Chinese characters and special characters in URLs, namely: way, in the middle of the form, it is definitely my

HTML <input> <button> <submit>

Label:Definition and usageThe Value property specifies the initial value associated with the button. Always specify the Type property for the button, or "Submit" if the default value is not filled in. The submit is actually a special

Laravel PHP Web Development Framework

<span id="Label3"><p><p>Label:</p></p><p><p>Laravel is a simple, elegant PHP Web development Framework (php Web framework). It frees you from the messy code of noodles, and it helps you build a

HTTPD Service Building of Web Foundation (i.)

<span id="Label3"><p><p>Tags: Virtual Host HTTPS http</p></p><p><p><span style="font-family:‘黑体‘, SimHei;">Experimental

Interact with PHP as a server and Web front-end interface (easy to Understand)

<span id="Label3"><p><p>Label:</p></p><p><p>The scholar who wants to see this article begins by looking at the basics of php, because today it's a thing to learn and sell NOW. the basics of

JQuery Validation Engine Form Validation

<span id="Label3"><p><p>Label:</p></p><p><p>A powerful jQuery form validation plugin for everyday e-mail, phone numbers, urls, and other validation and Ajax validation, in addition to its own rich

The first time I wrote an article a little excited about it. js for in ForEach

<span id="Label3"><p><p>Label:</p></p><p><p><strong><span style="font-size: 18px; font-family: ‘Microsoft YaHei‘;">For

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