Building an aircraft observer based on Raspberry Pi

Tags: kernel reason help org conf mic PC hardware errorThis project uses Raspberry Pi with ultra-low-cost software radio (SDR) hardware to receive tracking information sent from an airborne S-mode transponder outside millions of miles. The Raspberry

Compiling and installing PHP

Tags: compiling and installing PHPYou need to install the software when compiling and installing PHPYum install-y zlib libxml libjpeg freetype libpng gd Curl libiconv zlib-devel libxml2-devel libjpeg-devel freetype-devel Libpng-devel Gd-devel

CI Framework Source code read Note 6 extension hook hook.php

Tags: bar file Transfer control params rendering enable div legitimacyThe CI framework allows you to add or change the core functions of the system (such as rewriting the cache, output, etc.) without altering the core code of the system.For example,

Use the TEXTAREA tag to press ENTER to wrap a line in the Web page

Tags: style position index form method span time methods FeedbackFor textarea label line-wrapping problem, is actually to replace the textarea in the ENTER key to the Web page "<br/>".Here are some of my methods.First I was writing a method

URL of Nodejs

Tags: orm src details call tool search basic hostname funcPrevious wordsIn the HTTP section, the knowledge of the URL is described in detail. The URL module in Nodejs provides some useful functions for URL processing and parsing. This article

Getting Started with PHP Basics (ii)---prerequisites!

Tag:tor    anti-    mask     flexible     arithmetic operators      Anchor points    bmc   splay    advantages    

ThinkPHP5.0 change the validation method for the Framework: object->validate (true)->save ();

Tags: maker [] Blog key notation return requires a check CTEwe would prefer to see://new object to data table $result=$Teacher->validate (true),Save (); Not://new object to data table $result=$Teacher->validate (true)->save

CentOS Series compile and install php7+nginx1.12 and build your WordPress blog

Tags: configuration file password wordpress database installation generatedScript-style installation, quick and easy. Copy to write software enlarged font, here the font is too small.Installs the nginx+php to see individual needs the database to

Multi-point deployment architecture for highly available sites practical experience Summary

Tags: normal alt implementing sharing Scheme speed URI additional informationThis article is a technical summary of learning the architecture of large distributed websites. A high-performance, highly available, scalable, extensible distributed Web

PHP alphanumeric verification Code and Chinese Verification Code

Tags: this find func tag nts + + font Shuf color1: Alpha-numeric combination of verification codesHTML code:1 captcha:<type= "text" name= "code"> 2 < onclick= "this.src="./gd.php?aa= ' +math.random () " src="./gd.php " />PHP Code:1 //

HTML Learning Summary

Tags: resource for user input file POS PAC scroll inf destination address throughHTML Learning SummaryHTML:hypertext Marked LanguageHypertext Markup Language , which is a simple markup language used to make hypertext documents. The Hypertext

Dom Basics and DOM manipulation html

Tags: html res aik str Family Text Advanced Server ASC??file Object Model ( Document Object Model . Referred to as DOM). is a Standard programming interface recommended by the Organization for the processing of extensible flag languages. dom

HTML Basics of Reactnative Learning

Tags: example personal hyper open prefix benefit suffix development srcObjective:React native development as a new way of mobile development, the individual feel that part of the application needs will be gradually replaced by this way, but also the

Nodejs compressing files with archiver module

Tags: function dir create asynchronous node result tput picture finalRouter.get ('/download/qiantu ', function (req,res) {var dirname = (new Date ()). GetTime () var zippath = './down/' +dirname+ ' . zip ' var output = Fs.createwritestream (Zippath)

Mind Mapping Analysis HTTP version of HTTP protocol

Tags: http HTTP protocol versionHTTP protocol version of the HTTPD protocol1. Structure overview650) this.width=650; "src=" Https:// "title=" Image 6-http protocol analysis. PNG "width="

ThinkPHP5 Study Notes (6) Request and response

Tags: thinkphpOnline video Lesson: Request object and Response Response object $_get, $_post, $_request, $_cookie Call Request Object $request=request::instance () $this->request

Nginx Call Remote PHP-FPM

Tags: Event back code IMG Request Fast Create log howIn the case of Nginx server, when we enter http://localhost:8080/index.php carriage returnThe browser will send the request to Nginx,nginx based on the PHP files we have configured to end in. php

XAMPP Tutorial (i): xampp download, install, configure, run PHP Web project

Tags: password causes your own modify port to run SSL learning priority execution OpenOriginally did not want to make PHP, but a classmate asked me to help start a PHP write the background. Really need to learn a bit.Want to install XAMPP software,

JS prototype

Tags: EFI var const object info = = function Ima control0 Each function has a prototype property, and the property stores the prototype object1) prototype Properties--Above we tested the Foo () function's1) Length Property (the length property can

Generate an HTTPS certificate and configure it for free

Tags: download note Self-signed Certificate Server sign listen AMP location selectionHTTP upgrade to HTTPS need to add the certificate information in Nginx configuration, query the data to determine the generation of certificates two

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