HTTP 400 ERROR-Invalid request

Label:IntroducedYour Web server believes that the data stream sent by the client (for example, your browser or our CheckUpDown robot) is ' malformed ' and that it does not fully comply with the HTTP protocol. Therefore, your WEB server is unable to

jQuery-1.9.1 Source Analysis Series (ii) jquery Selector

Label:1. Selector structure jquery selector can be divided into several blocks according to the source code.Init:function (selector, context, rootjquery) {...HANDLE: $ (""), $ (null), $ (undefined), $ (false)...Handle HTML Stringsif (typeof

PHP Error level

Label:E_ALL - 所有的错误和警告(不包括 E_STRICT)E_ERROR - 致命性的运行时错误E_WARNING - 运行时警告(非致命性错误)E_PARSE - 编译时解析错误E_NOTICE - 运行时提醒(这些经常是你代码中的bug引起的,也可能是有意的行为造成的。)E_STRICT - 编码标准化警告,允许PHP建议如何修改代码以确保最佳的互操作性向前兼容性。E_CORE_ERROR - PHP启动时初始化过程中的致命错误E_CORE_WARNING -

Ajax status of 201 still triggers jquery Error event issue

Label:When debugging an Ajax yesterday, it was found that even if the status was 201, jquery's Error event would still be triggered. StatusText is "ParseError".By querying on the StackOverflow, poke here.Plus parametersDataType: "Text"can be

HTML5 analysis of the real-combat Web Storage mechanism (web Storage)

Label:Web Storage It is the form of key-value in persistent data storage. Web storage to overcome some of the limitations caused by cookie. When data requires strict control of the client on time, there is no need to continually send back to the

Various open source protocols introduce BSD, Apache Licence, GPL V2, GPL V3, LGPL, MIT

Label:Original link:Various open source protocols introduce BSD, Apache Licence, GPL V2, GPL V3, LGPL, MITThere are many open source agreements that exist today, and there are currently 58 ( Open

PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser

Label:Parsing HTML document trees using PHP has always been a challenge. Simple HTML DOM parser helps us to solve the problem of parsing with PHP html nicely. The PHP class can be used to parse the HTML document and manipulate the HTML elements (php5

Running the Linux container ASP. NET 5 cross-platform application in Azure

Tags: linux docker ASP. Azure CloudIn a previous blog, it was not difficult to understand how to publish an ASP. NET application directly to Windows Server TP3 in Azure public cloud via the virtual Studio 2015 Docker Extension tool. , after all, the

. NET delegate parsing

Label:We are familiar with the concept of delegation, but in the use of a lot of people are still unable to control it, we can imagine, in peacetime coding, you are directly according to business logic directly create classes, New an object to

It's a very teachable way to improve the quality of your PHP code.

Label:1. Do not use relative pathsOften you will see:Require_once ('.. /.. /lib/some_class.php ');There are many drawbacks to this approach:It first looks for the specified PHP include path and then finds the current directory.Therefore, too many

If the HTTPS certificate is not authorized by the authoritative authority, two methods of accessing the HTTPS site

Label:Note that the article mentioned in the Jsse after jdk1.4 has been integrated, do not have to tangle. Summary Jsse is a pure Java implementation of SSL and TLS, and can be easily programmed for access to HTTPS sites through Jsse. However, if

How to compile Apache Hadoop2.6.0 source code

Label:how to compile Apache Hadoop2.6.0 source code1. Installing CentOSI am using CentOS6.5, is, choose Centos-6.5-x86_64-bin-dvd1.iso Download, note is 64 bit, The size is 4GB and needs to be

Note "2015/08/14" the hottest. NET open source projects

Label:General Class Microsoft Enterprise Library Microsoft is officially produced to assist developers in solving a wide range of common issues in the enterprise application development process, such as security, logging (Logging), data access,

Internet Explorer has restricted this page from running scripts or ActiveX controls that can access your computer

Label:In the production of Web pages, it is unavoidable to use script, that is, scripts, mainly VBScript and JavaScript. So often this is the case:When the local double-click Open HTML file, if it is IE, you will see a prompt box (such as):The cause

JS conversion timestamp is "just", "1 minutes Ago", "2 hours Ago" "1 days Ago" and other formats

Label:varminute = 1000 * 60;varhour = Minute *60;varDay = Hour *24;varWeek = Day * 7;varMonth = Day * 30;functionGettimer (stringtime) {varTime1 =NewDate (). GetTime ();//the current timestampConsole.log (time1); varTime2 = Date.parse (NewDate

Compatibility issues with ASP.NET5,MVC 6,beta 7 vs. RTM

Label:Warm hint: This article miscellaneous and disorderly, finally unintelligible.Visual Studio RTM was officially released on July 20, 2015, and I downloaded the first time to install it.Although the RC version was started in May, it is expected

[PHP Plugin tutorial]001.pear Package Manager

Label: PEAR is an abbreviation for the PHP extension and application Library (the PHP Extension and application Repository) . It is a code repository for PHP extensions and Applications . To put it simply,PEAR to PHP is like CPAN

ASP 5 will be released in the first quarter of 2016

Tags: asp-net-5 Microsoft asp-netSummary : The Microsoft ASP. NET 5 release schedule and roadmap are announced on GitHub. The team announced that in 2015 there will also be three beta releases, an early-release version of ASP. 5 (RC 1), and that ASP.

JS Wed Jul 00:00:00 gmt+0800 converted to 2015-07-15

Label:functionstrlen (str) {varLen = 0; for(vari = 0; i < str.length; i++) { varc =str.charcodeat (i); //single byte plus 1 if((c >= 0x0001 && C <= 0x007e) | | (0xff60 <= c && C <= 0xff9f)

Ubuntu Server Start/stop/restart apache2 Web server

Label:How does I start, restart, or stop Apache 2.x Web server on Ubuntu Linux operating systems using the command line options?You can use any one of the following method to Restart/start/stop your Apache (httpd) sever on Ubuntu:Tutorial Details

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