. NET platform open source document and report processing components include execel PDF word, etc.

Label:In the first 2 articles these. NET open source project you know what? Let. NET open source come out a little more violently and that. NET open source project you know what? make. NET open source more violent! In the (second series), the crowd

WEBP picture Optimization

Label:According to the current domestic browser ratio and WebP compatibility analysis, about 50% of the domestic users can directly experience the WebP, if your site to picture-based, or your product base on the Chromium core, suggest experience

The evolution of large Web site image server architecture

Label:In the mainstream web site, pictures are often an indispensable element of the page, especially in large sites, almost all will face "massive picture resources" storage, access and other related technical issues. In the image server for the

About JS using the Close method cannot close the Firefox browser

Label:Today, a problem is that using the Window.close () method in JS cannot close Firefox:Browser version:FirefoxIeA simple code that enables the browser to close 1 <p onclick= "Javascript:window.close ()" > Close </p>But the test found:

HTTP protocol Detailed

Label: Related articles: Compression of HTTP protocolToday's Web program development technology is really a contention, ASP, PHP, Jsp,perl, AJAX and so on. Regardless of how web technologies evolve in the future, it is important to understand the

PHP string processing and regular expressions

Label:String1. The string in PHP is a basic data type and PHP does not have local support for Unicode.2. Strings can be accessed by curly braces to each character, and each curly brace can hold only one character:? ? $str = ' ABCD ';? ? $str {1} = '

PHP errors and exceptions notes and summaries (16) custom Exception handlers

Label:You can use the custom exception handler to handle all uncaught exceptions (exceptions that are not caught with Try/catch).Set_exception_handler (): Sets a user-defined exception handler that, when an uncaught exception occurs, the name of the

Some knowledge points of the PHP class

Label:1. Definition of class<?phpclass Cart{ var $items; function add_item($artnr,$num){ $this->items[$artnr += $num; }}A class cannot be defined in more than one file, nor can a class definition be divided into multiple PHP blocks (

Simple description of ASP, ASP,. aspx,. ascx,. ashx

Tags: asp ASP. aspx. ascx. ashxASP is the abbreviation for Dynamic Server Pages (Active server Page). [1] is a Microsoft company developed to replace the CGI script application, it can interact with the database and other programs, is a simple,

A summary of date and time functions in PHP usage dates ()

Label:Formatted dateThe first parameter of the date () function specifies how the date/time is formatted. It uses letters to represent the format of dates and times. Here is a list of some availableThe letters:D-Day of the month (01-31)• M-Current

PHP Decimal Rounding of floating-point numbers, PHP division takes integers

Label:If we use the "/" operator for division, we get a decimal value if we encounter a situation that cannot be done. What if I only want to get the integer part?1.round-rounding of floating-point numbersFloat round (float $val [, int $precision])

Syntax for HTML introduction, document basic structure, HTML markup

Label:first, the introduction of HTMLHyper text mark-up Language Hypertext Markup Language, is a descriptive markup language (not a programming language), mainly used to describe Web pages (can have images, text, sounds, etc...) ) but no

Several common Web servers

Label:The difference between Apache and Tomcat, several common web/application serversApache is a Web server environment program enabled he can use as a Web server but only support static web pages such as (asp,php,cgi,jsp) Dynamic Web page is notIf

In-depth understanding of AngularJS's Scope (RPM)

Label:First, the problems encounteredThe problem occurs when you use AngularJS to nest controllers. Because each controller has its corresponding scope (equivalent scope, control scope), so the controller nesting, also means the scope of nesting.

JQuery iterates through the child elements + each function jumps out + extracts the numbers in the string

Label:Recently the head confused like a group of paste, has been wrong.The HTML code, for example, now wants to implement a feature that is based on an AJAX request and gets a specific button to update its style. Because the button is more, each

Web page coding that's the thing.

Label:Source: Stalker M. 's BlogCoding has always been a headache for the novice, especially GBK, GB2312, UTF-8 the three more common differences in the page encoding, but also let many novice disoriented, how to explain the explanation is not clear.

What is the difference between a URI and a URL

Label:What's the difference between a URI and a URL?Uri-uniform Resource Identifier Uniform Resource IdentifierEvery resource available on the Web, such as HTML documents, images, video clips, programs, etc., is a URI to locate.URIs are generally

10 Free PHP Editors

Label:If you have a good editor or development tool, it can greatly improve our development efficiency. Here are 10 free, powerful PHP editors/development tools. These editors have debuggers, incrementally execute PHP scripts, and see all the

Testing with PHPUnit and Selenium

Label:The NetBeans IDE for PHP supports PHPUnit automated testing. The Phpunit,netbeans IDE provides code coverage for PHP, similar to the code coverage provided by the IDE for Python. The test output is displayed in the feature-rich Output window,

PHP Player Code

Label:The player can support 10 kinds of video formats ~ If you have a master or art can be self-beautification and modification to enhance the use.Save the following PHP code into player.phpThen upload it to FTP and use it on the web.Http://www.abc.

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