Install PHP's LUA extension library under Linux

Tags: Compile figure php7 Install copy distrib pre phpize outFirst, install LUA 5.3.4Download 4 . Tar.gztar xvf Lua-5.3. 4 . TAR.GZCD Lua-5.3. 4Important: Enter the unzipped path CD .../lua-5.3.4/src open the makefile

"PHP" Process Control

Tags: performing die structure for bidirectional action while loop switch nestingFirst, sequential structureA) php script from top to bottom, from left to right execution order is the order structure!Two, branch structureA) Single branch structureIF

JS Object-oriented, create, inherit

Tags: request browser cookie1 Creating an object-oriented650) this.width=650; "src="/img/fz.gif "alt=" Copy Code "style=" Margin:0px;padding:0px;border:none; "/>var obj = new Object (); Create an empty object = ' haha '; obj.showname =

(dump author unknown) deep understanding of HTML protocol

Tags: common    file    work     delivery    index    hive    types     Annotations     request     Deep

PHP-CGI process exits after 500 visits

Tags: Requests cause request search BSP UI set database stackBefore encountered the php-cgi process unexpectedly quit the problem, thought is the load is too high, these days in writing a data to the database program, testing stability encountered

Preliminary realization of Libcurl TFP upload and download function

Tags: upload init download ima from cat int and authorThe goal of this learning note is to use Libcurl to implement FTP file upload and download functions.A brief introduction of LibcurldeLibcurl is a free and easy-to-use library that uses URLs for

JS debugging techniques in front-end development

Tags: image Chrome browser location val basic attribute rules att dailyThe technique of debugging is an essential skill in any technology development. Master a variety of debugging skills, must be able to work in a multiplier effect. For example,

Thinkphp Framework Foundation

Tags: Comm extends username tab GES Runtime cache meaning infEnvironmental Requirements PHP5.3 above version ( Note: Php5.3dev version and PHP6 are not supported ) Directory structure  After downloading the 3.2 framework, unzip to the

Useful PHP Dependency management Tools composer Novice Tutorials

Tags: end URL Research on the principle of magic thread implementation Specify login PHP Dependency management Tools composer Novice Tutorials Composer is a dependency management tool for PHP. It agrees with the code base that you

Exception handler and HTTP exception handling in Laravel 5.1 abort ()

Tags: different index debug 404 error str switch authorization next vagrantOriginalHttp:// and exceptions are an unavoidable issue in the development of handlers, and in local development we often want to

Detailed operations for the production Environment website Forum Migration

Tags: configuration file server Listen server databaseFirst, look for the previously installed Discuz installation directory on the serverCopy to the Web installation directory, renamecd/usr/local/src/Cp-r upload/home/webser/MV Upload bbs.lh2.comSet

To learn jquery!.

Tags: replace CTI round processing copy Stop document add slide animationjquery Learning Journey! (to be continued)------------(i) jquery writing steps------------(ii) jquery events and functions------------(c) jquery Modify CSS Properties-----------

PHP uses the GD library to draw and generate CAPTCHA images

Tags: header com ubi ImageJ code lin type info withFirst make sure that the php.ini setting has not opened GD extension function, test for examplePrint_r (Gd_info ());Assuming there is a printout of the content, such as the following, the GD feature

Website needs to be filed? For this process is said Oh da--fast to avoid filing method

Tags: way style fresh access load res hid search engine OverflowFor the filing process, disgusting to me?? Soon to be completed, found that the real trouble!!!!! Rookie still not work not willing to buy the server, or wait for stability after the

node. JS Object Data type

Tags: exp scripting technology attr Blog number mat definition typeHere to review the front-end JS data type:Data type in front-end JS:1. Basic/native/value typeString, number, Boolean, null, undefined2. Reference/Object TypeEs object type: String,

Learn HTML from scratch (iv) Recognize tags (Part III)

Tags: LAN java visitors javascrip relationship tips to learn about tarOne, use <a> tag, link to another page1 <!DOCTYPE HTML>2 <HTML>3 <Head>4 <Metahttp-equiv= "Content-type"content= "text/html; charset=utf-8">5

PHP dynamic extension Bcmath and sockets library module

Tags: php zabbix bcmath sockets dynamic Loading modulewhen learning to install Zabbix, the premise needs to be set up to use the LNMP framework, and when compiling PHP forgot to add bcmath and socketsExpansion package, found that initially installed

Install memcached and memcache extensions to PHP under Linux

Tags: add modules manual SQL require program TCP manual directorHttp:// (Additional method)Linux installation memcached and memcache extensionsFirst, install the Libevent function library: http://libevent.orgDefault is installed

Install PHP php-fpm under Linux (reprint)

Tags: bin lib svm cannot enable--Isa dirCentOS Installation PHP PHP-FPM1. Download PHP Source Package Install PHPTAR-XVF php-5.5.13.tar.bz2CD php-5.5.13./configure--prefix=/usr/local/php--with-config-file-path=/etc--

A little problem with installing Apache

Tags: windows Apache font Body Task management Service Dos LAN CHM The Apache (2.2) was installed a long time ago, and now it's suddenly a problem: accessing the file in a way is normal, but entering the

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