JS Function Bullet Box Package

function hint box function messageBox (option) {var html = '; HTML + = ' ' + option.title;html + = ' "if (option.type = = ' using ') {html + = ' "html + = ' ' + option.content + ' '; html + = ' ';} else if (Option.type = = ' disable ') {html +

distinguishes/case-insensitive comparisons, finds the position of a string in another string, and whether the beginning of the string includes another string Hasprefix

NSString *str;//using stringWithFormat to generate a formatted stringstr = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"This is %@","John"]; NSLog (@"STR--->%@", str);//string lengths length;NSLog (@"The length of this string is%@", [str length]);//string

PHP Reference Pass Value

There are several concepts that need to be clarified first:The values of variable names and variables are two concepts,Variable name refers to a memory space,The value of the variable is stored in the space.The difference between the value of a pass

HTML5 Offline Caching issues

HTML5 Offline Caching issues1. Application CachingWhat is the application cache ( Application Cache )? HTML5 introduces application caching, which means that Web applications can be cached and accessed without an Internet connection. Application

Set up connection ftp in Webstorm/phpstorm, and quickly file comparison, upload, download, synchronization and other operations

Phpstorm In addition to directly open the localhost file, you can also connect FTP, in addition to complete the normal data transfer tasks, but also to the local file and server-side file comparison, the same file automatically match the directory

HTTP Error Code table

All HTTP status codes and their definitions. Code indication2XX success200 normal; The request is complete.201 Normal; Immediately after the POST command.202 normal; Accepted for processing, but processing is not yet complete.203 normal; Part of the

The DOM operation of jquery

How much do we know about Dom's cognition?The DOM is the abbreviation of Document Object model, which means that the documentation objects are the standard of a set of documents for accessing and manipulating XML (extensible Markup Language), the

Modify the upload attachment 2M size limit method in wordpress/php+iis upload attachment Default Size modification method

After the installation of WordPress on the server, the use of the process found that the upload attachment size has a limit of 2MThe server is native, you can drag files directly to the Attachment storage folder, and then refer to the link where the

HTML related issues

What is the difference between 1.XHTML and HTML?HTML is a basic Web page design language, XHTML is an XML-based labeling languageThe most important differences are:XHTML elements must be nested correctly.XHTML elements must be closed.The label name

Small white diary 35:kali Penetration Testing Web Penetration-Manual vulnerability Mining (i)-vulnerability caused by default installation

Manual vulnerability MiningThat is, after the scan, how to verify the vulnerability alarm found. #默认安装 The notion that the Linux operating system is more secure than the Windows system is due to the fact that the Windows system, when

VUE-CLI + Webpack

Vue-cli + webpack about Vue.jsVue.js is a lightweight, progressive front-end framework that builds a user interface. Its goal is to implement responsive data binding and combined view components through the simplest possible API. Using Vue will give

Openssl+http Implementing HTTPS

OpenSSL detailed and implementation Httpsopenssl detailed and implementation of HTTPS OpenSSL is a Secure Sockets Layer cipher library that includes key cryptographic algorithms, common key and certificate encapsulation management functions,

5 minutes for you to learn to parse all JSON with the most efficient tools

If you are an Android developer, learning to parse JSON strings is a required course for you, this article will teach you how to do this in an instance, and spend five minutes reading this article so you can learn to parse all the JSON strings.Get

Yahoo 14: web site front page optimization of the 14 principles

Web application Performance optimization Golden rule: Optimize the performance of the Front End program (front-end) first, as this is the cost of 80% or more of the end-user response time. Rule 1. Reduce the number of HTTP requests80% of End-user

Learn jquery from scratch (iv) attributes and styles for manipulating elements using jquery

This series of articles navigationLearn jquery from scratch (iv) attributes and styles for manipulating elements using jqueryI. SummaryThis article explains how to use jquery to get and manipulate the attributes and CSS styles of elements. The

Install, configure, start, deploy Web detailed processes on a Mac on a tomcat server

The first step is to install the JDK environment for your Mac.Direct Baidu "JDK for Mac", find one version to install on it, after installation, open the terminal, enter "Java" or "Javac", if the use of Java command instructions, then your MAC's JDK

PHP Basic Tutorial PHP Session processing related functions introduction

PHP Basic Tutorial PHP Session processing related functions introductionIn PHP development, compared to cookie,session is stored on the server side of the session, relatively safe, and not like a Cookie has a storage length limit, here Brother even

Learn jquery from scratch (iii) managing the jquery package set

This series of articles navigationLearn jquery from scratch (iii) managing the jquery package setI. SummaryAfter we get to the jquery wrapper set using the jquery selector, we need to manipulate it. This chapter first explains how to create elements

PHP.9-HTML+CSS (iii)-css Style

CSS StylesCSS is a shorthand for cascading Style sheets, which allows you to easily set the display location and format of page elements, and even produce filters, image fades, and fade-out gradients. CSS is to display the effect of the Web page

Install xampp PHP extension memcache on ubuntu16.04

I. Objective situation:The 1.ubuntu comes with a PHP7 environment and the project is running in a problematic condition.2. Online Search method for php5, no memcache extension, I do not pretend3. There are many other extensions that are not

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