Thinkphp Integration Series of the Tcpdf class to generate PDF files

The need for PHP to generate PDF files is not very common;Since it has been integrated, then write a blog to explain it;Example Project: Http:// Introduction of Tcpdf/thinkphp/library/vendor/tcpdfCopy

HTML "Computer Output" tab <code><kbd><samp><tt><var><pre>

We are not against using them, but if you are using them just to achieve a certain visual effect, we recommend that you use style sheets, which can be more productive. Tags-Define computer code text. Definition and Usage: tags are used to indicate

Loading HTML code with WebView

When using EditText to display HTML strings, EditText does not parse any HTML tags, but instead displays all the HTML tags directly-----as if they were displayed in a regular Notepad, or if the application wants to re-parse the HTML string, As an

HTTP request messages and HTTP response messages

1.7 steps for a complete HTTP requestThe HTTP communication mechanism is that during a complete HTTP communication, the following 7 steps will be completed between the Web browser and the Web server:1. Establishing a TCP connectionBefore HTTP work

ICMP Internet Control Message Protocol

ICMP is (Internet Control message Protocol) Internet controlled message protocol. It is a sub-protocol of the TCP/IP protocol family that is used to pass control messages between IP hosts and routers. The control message refers to the message that

Why add a property to the form where the file is uploaded enctype

Why add a property to the form where the file is uploaded enctypeUpload a file in the form to add attributes Enctype= "Multipart/form-data", many people just rote know upload form to write so, know it but do not know why. So why do you add this

PHP configuration file Detailed php.ini

[PHP]; PHP is also a constantly evolving tool, and its functionality is constantly being truncated.; And PHP.ini's settings change can reflect a considerable change,; It's good to study php.ini before using the new PHP version.;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

. NET face question series [0]-write in front

After four years of work, I have changed my job 6 times. All these four years I have used C # for development, in addition to the offer, but also failed to interview or rejected a lot of offer, add up the number of interviews at least 30 times.

PHP reading notes (5)-Structure statements

PHP Structure Statement order structure The sequential structure is like a straight line, which is carried down in order. The code we write is executed by default in the order structure.The if...else of the conditional structure ...  The conditional

HTTP connection Management

1.TCP ConnectionAlmost all of the HTTP traffic is hosted by TCP/IP, which is a commonly used packet-switched network layered protocol set for global computers and network devices. Once the connection is established, the messages exchanged between

WebForm turn MVC to fly general feeling

Objective:Talking about WebForm and MVC, let the development become more simple, here mainly through the comparison of WebForm and MVC Development Way, the following all belong to personal opinion, imperfect place can add message.Body:Don't say much,

"Interface Development" on the difference between SOAP Webserver and Restful Webserver

Interface, powerful, simple, interactive, cross platform The following is a brief description of the two major interface ideas a REST:Rest is an architectural style whose core is resource-oriented, and rest is designed and developed for

HTML character entity

1. Preface:There are usually two situations in which you need to use character entities: Reserved characters in HTML must be replaced with character entities. Some characters that are not found on the keyboard can also be replaced with

Summary of 9 large cache technologies in PHP

Summary of 9 large cache technologies in PHPPHP is our most commonly used in the program, recently read a "PHP" book in-depth introduction PHP Training Tutorials 9 Large Cache Technology Summary , here to share with you. 1. Full page static

The DOM operation of jquery

Dom (Document Object Model), DOM operations are divided into 3 categories: Dom-core (CORE) Html-dom Css-domDom-core, JS: document.getElementById () document.getElementsByTagName () Document.getelementsbyname (); GetAttribute () SetAttribute

Summary of 9 large cache technologies in PHP

Summary of 9 large cache technologies in PHPPHP is our most commonly used in the program, recently read a "detailed PHP" book in-depth introduction of PHP Training Tutorial 9 Large Cache Technology summary, here to share with you.1. Full page static

10 common reasons why CSS is not valid in a DIV+CSS page layout

learning div+css Web layout knowledge, but brother Lian validation is sometimes difficult to manipulate, but with it you can see errors caused by layout design , Validator throws a lot of errors and warnings stating that your XHTML is not well-

Integrate Phpmailer into thinkphp 3.2 for SMTP send mail

This content reproduced source:, and made a change.thinkphp no mail send function, so, I think about, will phpmailer integration into thinkphp it.Phpmailer is not in line with the thinkphp specification

Linux Service chapter (ix) Apache services

HTTP OverviewThe purpose of WWW is to make information easier to access, no matter where they are located. When hypertext was used as a standard format for WWW documents, the Protocol-http protocol, the Hypertext Transfer Protocol, was developed to

php-redis-based Redis Operations

1,connectDescription: The instance is connected to a Redis.Parameter: Host:string,port:intReturn value: BOOL Successful return: TRUE; failure return: FALSEExample:$redis = new Redis ();$result = $redis->connect (' ', 6379);Var_dump

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