HTML5 SVG Rectangle Simple Example sharing

Recently I beginner HTML5, just in step by step learning SVG, accumulated some personal experience and program code, hope to share with you, today share "SVG rectangle" part1. Simple RectangleAs follows:Key code:xmlns= "Http://"

The difference between the get and post methods of HTTP

The HTTP protocol defines a number of ways to interact with the server, the most basic of which are 4, get,post,put,delete, respectively. A URL address is used to describe a resource on a network, and the Get, POST, PUT, delete in HTTP corresponds

PHP CRC32 computes a 32-bit CRC of a string (cyclic redundancy check)

Note: This article reprinted PHP crc32 function is used to generate a string of 32-bit cyclic redundancy check code polynomial. This is typically used to check the integrity of the data being transmitted.

File download and Web file contenttype type Daquan

String filepath= "";File File=new file (FilePath);Solve garbled problemsString Filename=urlencoder.encode (File.getname (), "utf-8");Resetting the output streamResponse.reset ();Response.AddHeader ("Content-disposition", "attachment;filename="

The integration of the Tomcat Development technology with the HTTP server

Tomcat's main function is to provide a servlet/jsp container, although it can also be used as a standalone Java Web server, which is less capable of processing static resources (such as HTML files or image files) and providing Web server governance

The Border-radius of CSS3 property

First, the syntax:The code is as follows:Border-radius:none | {1,4} [/{1,4}]?Second, value:: The length value consisting of floating-point numbers and unit identifiers. cannot be negative.Third, the description:Border-radius is an abbreviated method.

HTML parody homepage (HTML homepage Development Combat)

Description: Originally is to imitate write website homepage, but because the homepage is more complex, wrote several genius wrote half. Think of oneself is self-study, beginner, and consider to build backstage when need of HTML

PHP self-increment and decrement operation

PHP variables can hold any type of value. When you perform an auto-decrement operation on a variable, its values are of a wide range, not limited to numeric types. This feature is found in languages such as Perl, which are weakly typed. While the

Deep understanding of CSS box models

Preface: In the front of a project, in the layout of the page encountered a small problem, so on the StackOverflow to help. Ifaou to help me solve my problem, also recommended me to read a CSS box model of the article "The CSS Box models", after

JS function-function, syntax, return value, anonymous function, self-invocation anonymous function, global variable and local variable, arguments use

"The best JavaScript design is the implementation of its functions." "--the essence of JavaScript languageThe function contains a set of statements, which are the basic module units of JS that specify the behavior of the object. In general, the

Understanding the power of HTTP

The HTTP protocol-based Web API is one of the most popular distributed service delivery methods nowadays. Whether it's in large-scale Internet applications or enterprise architectures, we've seen an increasing number of SOA or restful web APIs. Why

PHP Development Environment

PHP generally uses XAMPP (Apache+mysql+php+perl) deployment, This article does not need the integration package, constructs the PHP development environment:1. Prepare and install the following software:

A total of 21 jQuery tree control Open source software, 1th page

JQuery Tree Plugin Ztree Ztree is the use of JQuery's core code, to achieve a set of most common functions of the Tree plugin compatible with IE, FireFox, Chrome and other browsers in one page can generate multiple Tree

Object-Object structure in JS--basic analysis of prototype chain

For this article on how to customize objects, and object-related property operations do not understand, you can check my two blog. Understanding this article makes it easier to understand An object was created with a constructor functionThe Obj

The application of function-anonymous function of special situation in JS

anonymous function in JavaScript, what is an anonymous function?An anonymous function is no function name; Demo Code:1 Anonymous functions can be passed as arguments to other functions, and receiver functions can perform certain functions through

Self-learning Html-four (CSS initialization and HTML semantic tags, h tag p tag img tag ordered list unordered List table hyperlink)

First, CSS initializationNow let's do a simple test with the following steps:1. Write the following code:2. Change the program with a different browser open we will find that the same code in different browsers will show a slight difference:360

Anti-drag library ――web front-end slow encryption

0x00 PrefaceThe World martial arts, only fast not broken. But password encryption is different. The faster the algorithm, the more likely it is to break.0x01 Brute Force hackPassword cracking, is to restore the encrypted password into plaintext

"Go" MVC schema

Although the MVC architecture has been burning for years. But I have never had the chance to really feel the essence of it, take the opportunity now, to turn an MVC architecture of the Beginner chapterThe controller (books_controller.php) receives

node. JS Security Checklist

ObjectiveSecurity is always a problem that cannot be ignored. Many people admit it, but few people really take it seriously. So we've listed this list so that you can do a security check before deploying your app to a production environment for tens

Cross-domain request for jquery Ajax JSONP use

Transferred from: day before yesterday in the project to write an AJAX JSONP use, there is a problem: you can successfully obtain the results of the request, but did not execute the

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