Three.js Study Notes (1)--coordinate system and rotation

Tags: DAC 3d game ast color rotation matrix call over OCS technology sharePrefaceJavaScript 3D LibraryThe aim of the project is to create a easy-to-use, lightweight, 3D library. The library provides <canvas>, <svg>, Css3d and WebGL

PHP Object Tutorials

Tags: var access new base. com for author on () assignment"Getting Started with PHP object-oriented (OOP) programming" 6. How to use members in an object posted: 2012-05-19 15:02 Category: PHP basic browse (280)There are two types of

HTML5 Knowledge Points: Dom programming

Tags: DOM programmingDom is document The abbreviation for the object model, the Chinese name is the document object models. DOM is a standard programming interface for working with HTML pages, and the DOM can be used by JavaScript to read and

20 useful CSS libraries in WEB development

Tags: complex build over will simplify your insert file in base 20 useful CSS libraries in WEB developmentOver the past few years, CSS has become a favorite for a large number of developers and designers because it provides a range of

Timeago.js Plugin: jquery implements code instances where the time difference between minutes ago, hours ago, and days before the display effect

Tags: time format apply HTML5 new GIF with blog format debFront-end time personalization plugin Jquery.timeago.jsKeywords:time formatting just n minutes ago N hours ago N days ago N months ago N years agoMm-dd hh:mm or Yyyy-mm-ddFront End:

Simple use cases for PHP libevent extensions

Tags: signal space Lin while assignment NIS Libev EOL OOPThe PHP libevent extension has a very powerful feature. The following excerpt from Baidu Encyclopedia:Libevent is a C language, lightweight open-source high-performance network library, mainly

Do you know? 26 Basic concepts and technologies of the Web

Tags: string operation edit box base class simplified stacking Web application code management XMLHTTPWeb development is more of a bother, need to master a lot of things, especially in front-end development of friends, need to pass 10 lines. Today,


Tags: Web div. ajax get CTI return Lang exception state@WebServlet (Urlpatterns = {"/fristservlet"},name = "First") Public classFristservletextendsHttpServlet {protected voidDoPost (HttpServletRequest request, httpservletresponse

2017-6-8/Large Web site architecture summary

Tags: destruction speed GES IDE System database transaction return Munin LinuFirst, Wikipedia (Wikipedia)Wikipedia is a non-profit site, so use free software and inexpensive servers wherever possible. As of 2012, the only hundreds of servers and

Resolve parameters in URL

Tags: item arch ret turn log split + + Test classCompatible with no parameters and other conditionsfunctionGeturlparam () {varparams = {}; varSearch; Search=/\?/.test (search) && search.split ("?") [1]; varSearchs

PHP Technology stack back-end Ape's Knowledge reserve outline php (ing)

Tags: priority opera array for technology share net. NET Get Programming specificationObjectiveI personally feel that a phper foundation should have php,mysql,redis,memcached. My docker-images.PHP (ing)PSR-compliant PHP programming specification


Tags: technical destination address get for Hang information POST request update es2017The principle of Ajax is simply to send an asynchronous request to the server via the XMLHttpRequest object, get the data from the server, and then use JavaScript

Tab tab code (native JS)

Tags: flow function nload Auto Practice enter round win LAN<! DOCTYPE html><html lang= "en" ><head><meta charset= "UTF-8" ><title>tab tab an exercise </title><style>*{margin:0px;padding:0px;}#tab

PHP Save Base64 Picture Base64_decode problem

Tags: [1] Little picture div method Write file function problem PHPPHP support for Base64 is very good, there is a built-in Base64_encode and Base64_decode responsible for the image of the Base64 encoding and decoding.On the encoding, as long as the

Use Md5.js and base64.js in Vue projects

Tags: byte lease save base64 his buffer Div decode notI. Installing NPM install in the project root directory--save js-base64npm Install--save js-MD5. Import MD5 from in Project document' Js-md5 '; let Base64= Require (' js-base64 '). Base64; third,

PHP installation XDebug

Tags: img nload phpstorm ble dir log technology share config com Download Xdebug Extensions Download the corresponding PHP version of Xdebug Thread Safety (TS) and non-thread safe (NTS) Installing

Open Source Solution: Quickly build a stand-alone version of the LAMP website

Tags: script virt path HTM Unity Support Portal Bash ADELAMP usually means that the components of Linux + Apache + mysql/mariadb + Perl/php/python,lamp are not immutable and are not limited to the original selection. As a solution suite, LAMP is

"Third" security policy for the Quick start of ASP. NET MVC (MVC5+EF6)

Tags: val boot. config Web server way physical label Empty blogFirst ASP. NET MVC QuickStart Database Operations (MVC5+EF6)"Second" ASP-Quick Start Data annotations (MVC5+EF6)"Third" security policy for the Quick start of ASP. NET MVC

Microsoft releases TFS 2018!

Tags: manager new features www mode Rich Text chat text text editor cellsMaybe you haven't had time to use TFS 2017, today, Microsoft has released the first version of TFS 2018 (RC1).As with all previous candidate versions, this is a version of TFS

Built-in objects in JS

Tags: built-in object number max start this keyword basic concept ASCII code valueof proofThe array in JS1, The basic concept of the array? An array is a collection of ordered data that is stored continuously in memory space. The order of the

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