World Hello! Personal website Building Process

These days took a little time, in the Western Digital purchase of a server, the use of WordPress4.0 Chinese version of the blog, installation files you can download here. Build the process to share to everyone! To build

IBM Developer JSON Tutorial

When sending and receiving information in an asynchronous application, you can choose to use plain text and XML as the data format. Mastering the Ajax phase of this discussion is another useful data format for JavaScript Object Notation(JSON), And

ASP Programming Example: ASP Design FAQs and Answers essentials

As Microsoft launched the Web and database solutions, ASP because of Microsoft's unique operating system and other technical backing support, so has been rapid development, and is receiving more and more welcome, in the current construction of

HTML page Special symbol code

HTML Special character encoding Daquan: to enter special characters into the Web page, you need to include the & in the HTML code to start with a combination of letters or & #开头的数字. Here is a letter or a number of special symbols in the encyclopedia.

Reverse Ajax, part 2nd: WebSocket

Transferred from:, users are looking for fast, dynamic applications that can be accessed through the web. This article series shows how to use reverse Ajax (Reverse Ajax) technology to develop

Automated testing of complex WEB applications using a layered selenium framework

selenium Overview Selenium is an automatic Test the tool to accurately reproduce the test cases steps written by the software tester by simulating the various actions of the user on Development environment ConfigurationTake Java as a test

GeoIP PHP Extensions installation and configuration

1. Install dependent Geoip-devel,geoipYum Install geoip.x86_64 geoip-devel.x86_642. Configure IP Database Geoip.dat,geolitecity.dat-N Gunzip GeoIP.dat.gz/usr/local/share/

[Go] Understanding HTTP idempotent

The HTTP protocol-based Web API is one of the most popular distributed service delivery methods nowadays. Whether it's in large-scale Internet applications or enterprise architectures, we've seen an increasing number of SOA or restful web APIs. Why

jquery validate using and extending rules

index.html{required:true,minlength:5,equalto: ' #password '} must be metadata.js in class if you need to use {}-Custom extensions-FirstnameE-Maile-mail (custom rule isemail) Password Confirm password Jquery.validate.ext.jsRe-write hint Jquery.extend

WebLogic Production Certificate for HTTPS full version

Server Certificate Installation Configuration Guide (Weblogic)Before looking for a lot of information on the Internet, according to the implementation of the step, but at last, are missing a little, finally integrated, from their own production CA

The __autoload () method in PHP is detailed

(1) AutoLoad mechanism overviewWhen developing a system using the PHP OO model, it is often customary to store the implementation of each class in a separate file, which makes it easy to reuse the classes and facilitate future maintenance. This is

Reprint: Comet: "Server Push" technology based on HTTP long connections

Transferred from: applications such as monitoring, instant messaging, and instant quote systems need to deliver changes in the background in real time to the client without the client

JS Magic Hall: IMG Element loading behavior

First, prefaceIn the JS Magic Hall: jsdeferred Source Analysis, we understand that the IMG element load failure can be used as an optimization scheme for asynchronous execution of functions, this article intends to further explore the loading

PHP gets JSON file data and dynamically modifies website header file meta information--based on CI framework

Words don't say much. Just go ahead (if you have Chinese.) Please note that JSON only UTF-8 encoded)First you need to have a JSON file data{"Index": {"title": "Indexmytitle","keywords": "Chinese","Content": "Chinese","description": "Chinese"},      

New Form Properties for HTML5

This chapter explains the new attributes that involve and elements.The new form property: AutoComplete Novalidate The new input property: AutoComplete Autofocus Form Form overrides (FormAction, Formenctype,

Use OpenSSL to configure SSL for apache2 under Ubuntu

Installing Apache2sudo Install apache2Installing OpenSSLGeneral system comes with, can be viewed through OpenSSL version, if not,sudo Install OpenSSLCreate a DirectoryCreate a directory that is named SSLsudo mkdir /etc/apache2/sslCreate a

Nginx PHP Installation

. Select Source Directory Selected directory/data/klj/ cd/data/klj/ 2. Install pcre library cd/data/klj/ wget ftp:// TAR-ZXVF pcre-8.21.tar.gz CD pcre-8.21 ./configure Make

[LINQPad Magical]-reflection in net MVC calls the Dump function in LINQPad

The LINQPad has a very powerful dump function. This article explains how to apply the Dump function in. Net MVC Web Development. First look at the effect:   First, use the. Net Reflector decompile LinqPad.exe to find out the definition

Three.js Source Note (37) Texture/compressedtexture.js

Commercial Territory ( article follows "Attribution-non-commercial use-consistent" authoring public agreementReprint Please keep this sentence: Business Domain-this blog focuses on Agile development and mobile and

About PHP HTML <input type= "file" Name= "img"/> Upload image, image size, width height, suffix name.

In our system, it is unavoidable to upload pictures, videos and other documents, in the cross, need to do some judgments, file size and so on.Attention:In the php.ini in the post_max_size,upload_max_filesize default is 2M, when uploading the video,

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