Mitigate XSS pain with http-only cookies

In web security, one of the most common forms of attack in a cross-site scripting attack is a long-standing problem, and this article introduces readers to a technique to alleviate this stress, the http-only cookie.We first gave a simple explanation

RPM: PHP non-blocking mode

You can turn off PHP non-blocking mode at will, but please keep the source and copyright information for this article.Chenyuan, qq:130775, Source: PHP no longer block when PHP as a back-end processing needs to

Linux Permissions---"600,644,700,755,711,666,777"--Blog

Linux Permissions---"600,644,700,755,711,666,777"--Blog channel-csdn.netchmod Command Explanation usage rights: all Usersmode of Use:chmod [-CFVR] [--help] [--version] Mode file ...DescriptionLinux/unix's file access rights are divided into three

Capture packet parsing XML file as JSON

protected voidButton1_Click (Objectsender, EventArgs e) { stringPhone = This. Txt_con.text; stringURL =""+Phone; foreach(stringIteminchgethttpxml (URL)) {TextBox1.Text+ =

CakePHP lost session when switching browser mode

Use the e-commerce system set up by cakephp to pay for the UnionPay payment using the interface. Recently found a problem in the test, the user selects the product to pay, after the successful payment click the "Back to the Merchant" button, the

Let PHP run in Mac OS X

MacBook Start, configure the working environment, first let Mac OS support PHP. Whether you're using an integrated development environment, such as XAMPP for Mac OS X, or using Apache and PHP, which comes with Mac OS, or even recompiling your

7 little-known but super-useful PHP functions

PHP has many built-in functions, most of which are widely used by programmers. But there are some functions hidden in the corner, this article will introduce you to 7 little-known, but very useful functions. A programmer who doesn't use it may wish

PHP implementation of bulk Modification table Prefix method Introduction ~

To solve this problem, there are usually two methods on the net, with a third method at the bottom, as suggested by the official documentation.The first method is to batch generate ALTER TABLE's database modification statements, and then copy into

Dynamically create Flash animations with PHP

Macromedia Company's Flash (Flash training) animation software has become a very popular web page Performance tool, Web site developers use it to arouse the interest of the visitors. Unfortunately, however, there is a big limit to creating

Learn jquery from scratch (iv) attributes and styles for manipulating elements using jquery

This series of articles navigationLearn jquery from scratch (i) Getting started with the epochLearn jquery from scratch (ii) Universal SelectorLearn jquery from scratch (iii) managing the jquery package setLearn jquery from scratch (iv) attributes

Workarounds for Microsoft Visual Studio Web Authoring Component Installation failure

It's a question of Office2007 on the Internet. I unloaded the Office2007 or not.Then use the Windows Install Clean up tool to clear it or not.Depressed. Then locate \wcu\webdesignercore under the path under the installation package, locate the Setup

Combined with Angularjs,karma and Jasmine automated Unit Testing

ObjectiveIn the Java World, the open source libraries of Apache, Spring, and JBoss three communities are all-encompassing, but each library stands out in its field. and Nodejs in a variety of open source Library, but let a person dazzling, do not

Upper and lower structure div CSS Layout instance

Lower structure div CSS layout above instance layoutThe upper and lower structure for the common layout structure, general (corporate website) page We can be broadly divided into upper (head), Medium (content area), under (bottom copyright)

An analysis of anti-crawler tactics of internet website

Because of the popularity of search engines, web crawler has become a very popular network technology, in addition to the search Google,yahoo, Microsoft, Baidu, almost every large portal site has its own search engine, big and small called out the

jquery gets automatic truncation of long text content, displayed as ellipses

If the TD content is too large in table, it will be the TD support is very wide, it looks ugly.If you can make the TD both Beautiful. You can see the full effect.We then need to give the specified style before generating the TD:This is achieved

Mini MVVM Framework Avalonjs Learning Tutorial 22, Avalon Performance Disclosure

Avalon is able to process 1W bindings on the page (the angular corresponds to 2000), for two important designs-the event-driven two-way binding chain and the intelligent CG recovery mechanism.Avalon's two-way binding chain is the

Website Full Adoption UTF-8 method

First, the concept of understanding: Unicode/ucs compressed Form--utf8 appeared, applying the official website's first sentence "UTF-8 stands for Unicode transformation Format-8." It is an octet (8-bit) lossless encoding of Unicode characters.

UNIX NetWork Programming (UNIX Environment Programming)-Environment building (solving unp.h and other source code compilation problems)

This configuration instance pro-test success, mutual encouragement, there are questions to everyone message.Environment: VMware + unbuntu 14.04For UNIX network programming, programming the first UNIX program encountered problems, can not contain unp.

Given a, b two files, each store 5 billion URLs, each URL occupies 64 bytes, memory limit is 4G, how to find a, b file common URL?

Given a, b two files, each store 5 billion URLs, each URL occupies 64 bytes, memory limit is 4G, how to find a, b file common URL?You can estimate the size of each file as5g*64=300g, far greater than4G. So it is not possible to fully load it into

Nginx vs Apache

Original address: vs ApacheWhat's the Nginx Web and proxy server and how does it compare to Apache? Should you use one of these servers or both? Here we explore some answers to these questions.What is

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