JS in the definition of variable plus var and no var difference?

VAR is not necessarily the boundary between the global variables and local variables used to define local variables for JScript: All variables outside the procedure body (including method function, object o ={}) regardless of whether you have a var

MONGO practice-operation via JS Shell MONGO

MONGO practice-operation via JS Shell MONGOSave command:J={name: "Wangjingjing", age:15}Db.user.save (j);Query command:var cursor = Db.user.find ();while (Cursor.hasnext ()) Printjson (Cursor.next ());Printjson (Cursor[4]);var arr = Cursor.toarray ()

DNS settings error, the browser can access the site properly?

Everyone is seeing this problem, the first reaction is not all think: Can't?Hey, I knew everyone's normal thinking is also the case.At first I thought it was supposed to be like this, but one thing that happened to me a while ago was that I changed

IE cannot open the workaround for an Internet site that has terminated operations

With IE Kernel browser friends, may inadvertently encounter such a problem:When you open a webpage, the browser "bang" jumps out of a prompt box "Internet Explorer cannot open Internet sites ... The operation was terminated. In most cases, the page

Weave Dream Dedecms website homepage How to realize paging page

Weaving Dream dedecms Template homepage How to realize homepage pagination and page flippingThe method is as follows: (three methods, choose one to achieve paging bar) The first: calling Ajax and Parameters (not recommended) 1, must be

PHP Mail Send source code

Long time to write something ..... Recently, life is depressing .... For the life and tired, tidy up the example of e-mail sent, there are many online, I am also a good extract, test OK, home Mail class smtp_email_class.php as follows:Class

Go: Php Park, Unpark, Ord function using method (binary stream Interface application example)

At work, I also learned that Park,unpark,ord is powerful for binary byte processing.  Let me introduce them to you. Park,unpark,ord These 3 functions, in our work, they are estimated to be few. I am in a recent job, because the communication needs

SOLR and. NET Series courses (i) SOLR installation and configuration

Shortly before the development of a project, need to use the SOLR, because so in the beginning to find information on the Internet, but found that most of the information is very one-sided, or just to explain how SOLR installed, or only to explain a

PHP 5.4.0 of traits

"php Traits"As of PHP 5.4.0, PHP implements a method of code reuse called Traits.1, Traits Foundation  2, Priority: Methods in the current class override the Trait method, and the Trait method overrides the method in the base class.3, multiple

Using jquery to manipulate attributes and styles of elements

This article learns how to use jquery to get and manipulate the attributes and CSS styles of elements.Element properties and Dom propertiesFor a LABEL element such as the following: We often refer to Id,src,alt,class as attributes, or

Go Application of Css:inline-block and float block height collapse

Normal flow height collapse:When the block float floats, the block layout is not affected, and the blocks are still arranged in the left or right order. However, it affects the arrangement of documents, and when the height of the document exceeds

PHP paging function sample code, PHP page code implementation method

Code, PHP paging functions. $total Records"; if ($lastpg Home "; else $pagecon. = "First page"; if ($PREPG) $pagecon. = " Front "; else $pagecon. = "front page", if ($NEXTPG) $pagecon. = " Back "; else $pagecon. = "Back Page"; if ($page! = $LASTPG)

Meta tags in HTML are detailed

1. Definition languageFormat:〈meta http-equiv=〃content-type〃content=〃text/html; charset=gb2312〃〉This is the most common use of meta, in the production of Web pages, under the pure HTML code will see it, it is to define the language of your Web page,

Special characters in HTML and corresponding ASCII codes

The ASCII code is a brief description of the attributes and characters of each special character in the HTML. How to add an ASCII code to a Web page when using HTML. For example, the copyright symbol ' © ' can be used in HTML through "©" To

Mac OSX 10.9.4 Mavericks enable system Apache, PHP service

As we all know, Mac OSX has built-in Apache HTTP server and PHP, with a simple configuration to use the PHP environment, local testing is very good.1. Enable Apache Http Server ( sudo apachectl start)Remember the following command:Open Terminal

From the input URL to the display page of the entire process analysis "go"

As a software developer, you will certainly have a complete hierarchical understanding of how Web applications work, as well as the technologies used in these applications: browsers, http,html, Web servers, requirements processing, and so on.This

A summary of jquery techniques

First, Introduction1.1. OverviewWith the rapid development of WEB2.0 and Ajax ideas on the Internet, there have been some excellent JS frames, among them the famous prototype, YUI, JQuery, MooTools, Bindows and the domestic JSVM framework, etc. By

How to see if the. NET Framework, the. NET Framework version number, and the CLR version number are installed

See if the. NET Framework is installed→%systemroot%\system32→ If you have a Mscoree.dll file that indicates that the. NET Framework is installedSee which versions of. NET framwork are installed→ Start-run→ Input cmd→ Enter the following

The difference between include directives and include actions in JSP

The include directive is the compile -time directive, where the content of the file included in the include is inserted into the JSP file when it is compiled, and the JSP engine determines that the JSP page has not been modified, otherwise it is

Linux PHP compilation and installation parameters detailed

Linux PHP compilation and installation parameters detailed./configure--prefix=/usr/local/php--with-config-file-path=/usr/local/php/etc--with-mysql=/usr/local/mysql--

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