Four ways to convert JS time to milliseconds

There are four ways to convert time to milliseconds:Date.parse ()Date.utcValueOf ()GetTime ()1. Date.parse (): The method accepts a string argument that represents a date, and then tries to return the number of milliseconds for the date based on

PHP8 Kinds of variables

/*The data type of the variable 8 kindsScalar: boolean bool/INT/floating-point float/stringComposite types: Arrays/Objects ObjectSpecial Type: resource resource/NULL NULL*/Var_dump (TRUE);Var_dump (0);Var_dump (1.011111);Var_dump (' I love you

HTTPS and SSL/TLS protocols

To clarify the implementation principle of the HTTPS protocol, at least the following background knowledge is required.1. General understanding of the meaning of several basic terms (HTTPS, SSL, TLS)2. A general understanding of the relationship

Raspberry Pi Raspbian Install matchbox-keyboard virtual keyboard

Environment: Raspbian-stretch (2018-06-27)Raspberry Pi: 3 generation B TypeOfficial website Installation Address: found the keyboard some keys have failed, no way, and windows, directly

Apache2 log files

Apache error log location on Debian,ubuntu or Linux MintDefault error logOn Debian-based Linux, the system-wide Apache error log default location is /var/log/apache2/error.log. The default location can be modified by editing the Apache configuration

Use of the PHP SPL library

What is 1.SPL?Spl:standard PHP library PHP Standard Libraries, this starting from the php5.0 built-in components and interfaces, after 5.3 gradually mature. Because it is built into the PHP5 development environment, no configuration is

Review the HTTP protocol again

HTTP and HTTPSHTTP protocol (Hypertext Transfer Protocol, Hypertext Transfer Protocol): is a way to publish and receive HTML pages.HTTPS (hypertext Transfer Protocol over secure Socket layer) is simply the secure version of HTTP, which is added to

Apache Web Optimization and Security optimization (page compression; Web cache; Web page anti-theft chain; hide version information)

1, web compressionThe speed at which a website is accessed is determined by a number of factors, including:1) Response speed of the application2) network bandwidth3) Server Performance4) network transfer speed to and from the client, etc.The most

PHP configuration default SSL CA certificate

1, download the CA certificate from Curl official website (of course, you can also choose to create an SSL CA certificate, refer to 54898870 for details, or Baidu for yourself)CA Certificate: page to select

PHP version of the compiled extension module download address

PHP versions [, X86/64 V9/V11/V14 nts/ts] compiled extension

How do I set the encoding UTF-8 when I create a new jsp/xml file in eclipse?

eclipse new JSP file The default character encoding is iso-8859-1, which is annoying and needs to be changed every timelanguage= "java" contentType= "text/html; charset=iso-8859-1" pageencoding= "iso-8859-1"%>To change the setup steps:In

Use Selenium + Chrome to crawl a website cloud to expose vulnerability articles and save as PDF files

Purpose: Use Selenium + chrome to crawl a cloud of a specific type of Web site exposes the vulnerability article, that is, in the WIN10 Terminal Input Vulnerability type (if not authorized), crawl all the vulnerability articles of that type, and the

How to use the HTTP protocol to send a parameter to a server and how to get parameters in Django

Four ways to use the HTTP protocol to pass parameters to a server URL path carrying parameters, shaped like/weather/beijing/2018; Query string, shaped like key1=value1&key2=value2; The data sent in the request body (body), such as

Install PHP image

installation PHP Mirrormethod One, through Dockerfile BuildCreate DockerfileFirst, create the directory php-fpm, which is used to store the related things behind.[Email protected]:~$ mkdir-p ~/php-fpm/logs ~/php-fpm/confThe logs directory will be

Nginx as a common module of HTTP server

1, detailed description of common Nginx common modules and modules use examplesCommon modules:1.nginx Core function module (core functionality)Accept_mutex On|off; #Context: EventsThe meaning of this directive: when a new connection or user request

Basic structure of HTML document

What is an HTML file?The Q HTML represents the Hypertext Markup Language (Hyper Text Markup Language).The Q HTML file is a text file that contains markup.Q These flags how the speed-of-guarantee browser displays this page.The Q HTML file must have

Install HTTPD server and verify

# # # # #安装Apache需要软件包的支持 ######Apr-1.6.2.tar.gzApr-util-1.6.0.tar.gzHttpd-2.4.29.tar.gz·[Email protected] opt]# Tar XF apr-1.6.2.tar.gz[Email protected] opt]# Tar XF apr-util-1.6.0.tar.gz[Email protected] opt]# Tar XF httpd-2.4.34.tar.bz2·[Email

(11) Hibernate's retrieval strategy

First, IntroductionThe session's cache can hold objects that are related to each other. When hibernate loads an object from a database, all objects associated with it are automatically loaded, and the associated objects waste a lot of memory space.

BeautifulSoup remove tags from html to get text

In [1]: from BS4 import BeautifulSoupIn [2]: s = "' ...: beautifulsoup is a library of Python, the main function is from the Web page...: Crawl the data we need. BeautifulSoup parsing HTML into objects for processing, all page transitions...: For a

PHP Full Stack Development (eight): Cssⅲbackground

Set the background color:Div { background-color:#b0c4de;}You can set the background color for the body tag as well as the background color for the p,div,h tag.To set a background image:Body { background-image:url (' image/bg1.gif '); }The

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