HTML Learning Document-8, HTML image

8.1 Image Label () and source attribute (SRC)In HTML, the image is defined by the tag. is an empty label, meaning that it contains only attributes and does not have a closed label.To display an image on a page, you need to use the source attribute

PHP 502 Solution appears

Nginx+php appear 502 Bad gateway, generally this is not nginx problem, but because of fastcgi or PHP problems caused, common have the following several.1. PHP.ini Memory_limit is too small (this must be noted if there are individual PHP program

92.Nginx configuration: Anti-theft chain, access control, parsing PHP and Proxy

First, nginx anti-theft chainAnti-theft chain refers to a site's resources (pictures or attachments) without permission to browse and download other sites, especially the hotlinking of popular resources, the bandwidth consumption of the site is very

Curl GET request to add header header information

function Get ($url) { $ch = Curl_init (); curl_setopt ($ch, Curlopt_httpget, true); curl_setopt ($ch, Curlopt_returntransfer, 1); TRUE to return the information obtained by CURL_EXEC () as a string instead of a direct output. $header = ['

PHP (i)

PHP (Hypertext preprocessor Hypertext Preprocessor)1. Tools such as environmental tools XAMPP  2.apache ConfigurationThe default Apache path is the C:/xampp/apache folderYou can modify the root configuration to your project's folder for ease of

10 times Times Efficiency improvement--web basic research and development system establishment

1 GuideThe Web basic research and development system refers to the technology, tools, and the combined structure of the first-line engineers that are directly involved in web development. In the past discussion of improving the effectiveness of

Nginx anti-theft chain + access control + limit specified directory run php+ parsing support php+ now user_agent

Nginx Anti-theft chainRole: Prevent other websites to cite this web site pictures and video resources, resulting in excessive traffic, resulting in unnecessary economic expenditure;For example: This website has the picture file 1.gif, and B

Nginx anti-theft chain, access control, parsing PHP configuration, Agent


Configuring the anti-theft chainEditing a configuration fileValid_referers defines a whitelist if it doesn't match 403Return 403 can also define deny all denyNginx access ControlEdit configuration file No match will be continued as long as it

Baidu Search Results HTML analysis

Objective:In order to extract all the pages from the search results for future processing. Visit Baidu Link Analysis Name Value Description Wd Any text Key words Rn Can be

JS. Function of return in "Turn" JS event handler

Tagged with: GPO href = = Val tde blog meaning mit ack1. Function of return in JS event handler-answercard-Blog Park. HTML (, the content of the website to save:The return in this includes some

2018-3-19 13 weeks 1 lessons php-fpm pool, slow log, process, Open_basedir

12.21 PHP-FPM's PoolPHP-FPM supports the definition of multiple pool, each of which can listen to different sockets or different TCP/IP;If Nginx has a number of different sites, then each site can use a pool;If all the sites are using the same pool,

PHP--->php buffer principle

PHP buffer principle 1. Buffering process echo from PHP script (print, print_r ...) After the content, how to display to the user, see the process below echo、print => php output_buffering => webServer buffer => browser buff => browser

The entire process of the HTTP request

The steps required to first understand the complete HTTP request-to-response process1. 域名解析 2. 发起TCP的3次握手 3. 建立TCP连接后发起http请求 4. 服务器端响应http请求,浏览器得到html代码 5. 浏览器解析html代码,并请求html代码中的资源 6. 浏览器对页面进行渲染呈现给用户1. Domain Name

PHP uses zip extension to compress files

In the company encountered a problem, is the use of Zip packaging users upload files, to provide collective download.--The first idea is to use exec to package Linux. But ... exec method, you know, I'm not very willing to use this function.--So the

Review. NET Under-assembly loading process

Original: Relive. NET Under-assembly loading processRecently involved in the work. NET is an old problem: the loading process of assembly. Although there are many articles on the Internet to introduce this part of the content, many articles are also

MQ-2 Smoke alarm system based on Raspberry Pi (Raspberry) platform and implementation of combined Zabbix monitoring (I.)

First, pre-preparationReach the goal:Using Rapberry Pi to drive MQ-2 smoke Alarm module, the information is collected and extracted, and then Zabbix monitoring system to collect and process information collected.1. Prepare the Raspberry Pi

Apache's Learning Notes

Tagged with: Apache learningWeb Service:Transport Layer: Provides the process address.Port Number:TCP: Transmission Control Protocol, connection-oriented protocols, communication is the establishment of virtual links, after the end of the

css3-border (Border-radius, Box-shadow, Border-image)

Border properties in CSS3: Border-radius, Box-shadow, Border-imageRounded Corners: Border-radiusUsing the CSS3 Border-radius property, you can make a fillet for any element.If you specify only one value in the Border-radius property, 4 rounded

What is the process of a complete HTTP transaction?

When we enter in the address bar of the browser, and then go to enter, enter this moment to see what happened to the page?The following procedure is for personal understanding only:Domain name resolution--Initiates a TCP 3 handshake-

. NET Core Configuration

Objective. NET Core has made a lot of changes to the. NET Framework with respect to the operation of the configuration file, so let's talk today. The package for the configuration is the Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration beginning of a variety of

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