5.Apache user authentication, domain jump, access log

[TOC]Apache user authentication 11.18 Apache user authentication The user authentication function is when the user visits the website, needs to enter the user name password to be able to access. Some of the better total site and site

PHP Learning notes-Apache settings

Apache Configuration1, first create a new own amp directory (imitate wampserver installation directory), the future apache,mysql,php are placed in this directory.2, download Apache according to their own system download the corresponding compression


JavaScript introduces the history of JavaScript 1992 Nombas developed the embedded scripting language for C-minus-minus (c--), which was originally bound to Cenvi software, and renamed it Scriptease (the language that the client executes).

What is the cgi,fastcgi,fpm,cli,mod of PHP?

A few questions about PHPThis topic comes from my experience of using PHP for Web crawlers. For a web developer, the PHP interpreter itself is very little known, it is ashamed of it!First of all, this topic starts with a few questions.What is

Monitor Nginx and PHP-FPM performance with Zabbix

1.2 Software Installation PathZabbix is installed under the/usr/local/zabbix path, and its related configuration files and binaries are placed in it.Nginx installed under/usr/local/nginx, its related configuration files and binary execution program

The Str_shuffle () function of the PHP string is used

Str_shuffle (PHP 4 >= 4.3.0, PHP 5, PHP 7) Str_shuffle-randomly shuffles A string Str_shuffle-randomly disrupts a string Descriptionstr_shuffle($str)//str_shuffle() shuffles a string. One permutation of all

Lamp Environment-limited PHP parsing, useragent, PHP-related configuration, Apache-related configuration

11.28 limit a directory to prevent PHP parsingThis section should be used to optimize settings for static file directories or writable directories, and to prevent malicious attacks by restricting resolution/access to improve security.To edit a

2018-3-8 11 weeks 3 Lessons PHP expansion module installation


11.32 PHP expansion Module Anninstalled• View PHP Modules/usr/local/php7/bin/php-mForget installation or requirements change, need to add moduleInstall a Redis module below (typically used as a cache for the lamp architecture)[[email protected] php-7

PHP delimiter <<<eof Explanation

Heredoc technology. HTML and JavaScript scripts that can be used to output large segmentsThe function of the 1.PHP delimiter is to follow the original, including the newline format, and output something inside it;2. Any special characters in the PHP

PHP Related Configuration

Restrict a directory against parsing PHP1. Modify the virtual host configuration file: php_admin_flag engine off # # Order allow,deny # Deny from all # 2. Test:[[email protected] 111.com]# curl -x127.0.0.1:80

Go: Send requests using curl in PHP (GET requests and post requests)

Tag: Out no time des count DNS POST request standard output startOriginal address: http://www.jb51.net/article/104974.htmBasic process for sending requests using curlA PHP extension that uses curl to complete the sending of an HTTP request generally

Unable to connect to the configured Web server

Issue: Title, ASP. NET WebForm project, in VS, select the ASPX file in the browser to see when the error is returned.The biggest solution on the web is the firewall, which says to shut down the firewall. But the problem is that I have no problem

Webpack Packaging Tools Learn to use

Webpack is now the most popular modular management and packaging tool for front-end resources. It can package many loose modules according to dependencies and rules into front-end resources that meet the deployment of the production environment. You

LAMP+LNMP (iv) PHP installation practice (in edit)

I. Introduction of PHPPHP is a PHP (foreign name: Php:hypertext Preprocessor, Chinese name: "Hypertext Preprocessor") is a common open source scripting language. The grammar absorbs the C language, Java and Perl features, is conducive to learning,

HTML content of the Frontend knowledge

HTML introduces the nature of Web servicesImport Socketsk = Socket.socket () sk.bind (("", 8080)) Sk.listen (5) while True: conn, addr = sk.accept () data = Conn.recv (8096) conn.send (b "http/1.1 ok\r\n\r\n") Conn.secd (b

Apache (httpd) configuration-user authentication, domain jump and access log configuration

First, user authenticationThe user authentication function is when the user visits the website, needs to enter the user name password to be able to access. Some of the better total site and site backstage will be added user authentication, to ensure

The implode () function of the PHP string is used

Implode (PHP 4, PHP 5, PHP 7) Implode-join array elements with a string Implode-converts the value of a one-dimensional array to a string Descriptionimplode($glue,array$pieces)implode(array$pieces)//Join array

The explode () function of the PHP string is used

Explode (PHP 4, PHP 5, PHP 7) Explode-split a string by string explode-using one string to split another string Descriptionarrayexplode( $delimiter, $string[, $limitPHP_INT_MAX] )//Returns an array

Chapter One deep Web request process

Benefits of the B/s architecture: The client uses a unified browser (browser). Because of the unity of the browser, it does not require special configuration and network connection, effectively shielding the different service providers to

Apache user authentication, domain jump, access log format

11.18 Apache user authenticationNote: This chapter uses a browser to detect the virtual machine IP and virtual host domain names in the physical machine hosts file.Configure user authentication Edit the virtual host profile "Httpd-vhosts.conf".

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