The principle of the PHP cache Accelerator for lamp and LNMP environments

LAMP Environment PHP how the Cache accelerator works  lamp=linux+apache+mysql+php1. Apache receives the client's PHP program request and filters it according to the rules.2.Apache sends PHP program request to PHP processing module

"Ops small share" finishing Apache logs

The log files of the site accumulate with daily access records, and will become larger, especially for large websites.More and more logs not only affect storage capacity to affect website performance, but also make log analysis difficult for

An explanation of the differences between include and require in PHP

Browser compatibility: Goeasy push supports websocket and polling two connections to support all versions of IE6 and above, while also supporting other browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and more.Support for different development languages:

The internationalization of JSP

Import Create three language profiles with as a benchmark 12      Forcibly set the language encoding in the browser to Ja3basename="Guo">4messagekey="gretting">56"FormatNumberType= "Currency"Value=" ${price}

What is Ajax? An interactive model of Ajax? What is the difference between synchronous and asynchronous? How do I troubleshoot cross-domain issues? and the HTTP status code

One. What Ajax is: 1. With asynchronous mode, the user experience is improved by 2. Optimizes the transfer between browser and server, reduces unnecessary data round-trip, and reduces bandwidth consumption by 3. Ajax runs on the client side,

How do I create a multilevel directory using mkdir in PHP?

PHP mkdir function can create a directory, and in the PHP5 version and above can directly use the function to create a multilevel directory, but in php5 the following version cannot directly use mkdir to create a multilevel directory, you need to

CSS Common time axis practices (———————————————— timeline ——————————————————)

Baidu ( (Nasdaq:bidu) is the world's largest Chinese search engine, in January 2000 by Li, Xu two people founded in Beijing Zhongguancun, is committed to providing people with "simple, can rely on" information access. "Baidu"

[Interview not answered questions 1]http request, what information does the request header and the response header have?

Tag: Range tells response res data request Identity Order ICARecently in the search for a job, the interviewer asked some questions himself did not answer on, here to do a summary.  What information does the HTTP request, the request header and the

Jexus-5.6.3 using a detailed, Jexus WEB server configuration

One, Jexus Web server configurationIn Jexus's working folder (typically "/usr/jexus") there is a basic configuration file with the file name "jws.conf".There are at least two lines of information in jws.conf Siteconfigdir and

Hibernate Learning (6)--Loading strategy (optimization)

1. Search method1 Search Now: Queries immediately, querying all data immediately when executing a query statement.2 Deferred retrieval: Deferred query, after executing a query statement, when needed in the query. (Lazy Loading)2. Check the policy1

One of PHP object-oriented

1. Object-oriented versus process-oriented comparisonsProcess-oriented: event-centric, in several steps to complete. Not extensible, HTML does not separate from PHPObject oriented: act as a conductor, directing others to do it. Extensible, HTML and

CSS text, fonts, links

CSS Text properties Define the appearance of text.With text properties, you can change the color of the text, the spacing of characters, the alignment text, the decoration, the indentation of the text, and so on.Indent textIndents the first line of

Understanding jquery's $.extend (), $.fn, and $.fn.extend ()

Jquery.fnJquery.fn = Jquery.prototype = {Init:function (selector, context) {//....//...};The original Jquery.fn = Jquery.prototype. It's certainly not strange to prototype.Although JavaScript does not have a clear class concept, it is more

Mastering JS Template engine

To do a small project recently, whether it is the use of Angularjs or Reactjs, both feel overqualified. In fact, I may only need to introduce a jquery, but think of the operation of jquery on the DOM, for already accustomed to the two-way binding

Angularjs Learning notes 5--Custom Services

The previous ANGULARJS two-way data binding and custom directives, as you can see from the manual, the NG section also includes filters and functions, as well as services.  Filter : Filter, is to format the data, pay attention to the pipeline format,

Using Jsch for SFTP file transfer

1, Jsch development package download the latest version is: jsch-0.1.512, a simple example, listing the list of files in the specified directoryImport java.util.Properties;Import Java.util.Vector;Import com.jcraft.

PHP string left 0, the right side of the string 0

Overview: Items are often used to automatically populate the such as "0" on the left, right, or even middle of a string of encodings, and to develop a padded string length.function Str_pad: The function returns the input result of being filled from

ASP. NET page Event execution order

Using System;Using System.Data;Using System.Configuration;Using System.Web;Using System.Web.Security;Using System.Web.UI;Using System.Web.UI.WebControls;Using System.Web.UI.WebControls.WebParts;Using System.Web.UI.HtmlControls;public partial class

The conversion between jquery and Dom

When you start learning jquery, you may not be able to figure out which jquery objects are and which are DOM objects. As far as DOM objects are not explained, we have too much contact, and the following focuses on jquery and the conversion between

Hibernate (vi) Cascade (cascade) and inverse relationship

PrefaceBefore writing this article, I also checked a lot of information to find out the relationship between the two and their own things, but Baidu a search, most of the blog post feel said foggy, may Bo master himself clear is how one thing, but

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