Zepto.js Touch,tap Add Touch module in-depth analysis

1. What the Touch Library implements and introduces the backgroundThe click Event has a 300ms latency on the mobile side, and because of the need for 长按 双触击 rich interaction, we usually introduce libraries like zepto. The Zepto in touch Library

Margin of CSS

1. Suitable for normal block horizontal element without setting Width/height2. Only available in horizontal direction dimensionsExample: Adaptive layout with a fixed width on one sideHTML> Head> Metaname= "Generator"content= "HTML Tidy for HTML5

Post can take a GET request directly into the destination URL

Feigong-Non-offensive and non-offensiveTaken from "The moon in the Qin Dynasty"--non-offensive, free-changing weapons for different situationsFeigong, a free-to-change MySQL injection script for every situationFeigong,in view of the different things

Simple comprehension of JS's prototype property

Before entering the text, I have to first say that I know JS prototype this thing of the tortuous process.Baidu JS prototype article, first look, W3school about prototype introduction:  Do you think this concept is suitable for defining JS prototype

FastCgi and PHP-FPM

-If the request is now/index.php, according to the configuration file, Nginx know this does not. is a static file, need to find a PHP parser to deal with, then he will make this request simple processing and handed over to the PHP parser. What data

The method of conversion between jquery objects and Dom objects

When you start learning jquery, you may not be able to figure out which jquery objects are and which are DOM objects. As far as DOM objects are not explained, we have too much contact, and the following focuses on jquery and the conversion between

Initial knowledge of PHP

Initial knowledge of PHPAlthough is to do the front-end, but usually read, do projects will be related to the back-end PHP, but not very understanding, and often listen to the PHP big God said: PHP is the best language in the world! So, learn and

Several ways to convert foreground JSON objects into string conversions

In recent work, the use of JSON data transfer, especially from the front to the background, the foreground can directly use the AJAX data function, in JSON format, the background request can be, but sometimes, need to pass a number of parameters,

Why is the div tag not included in the P tag in HTML? What block elements cannot be placed in the block elements?

Take a look at the following example and you can see the difference between the two: test the difference between the block element and the inline element test the difference between block element and inline elements In the example above,, will

Ajax Cross-domain request

Before you know the cross-domain, make a simple understanding of the domain name and protocol name, such as the following URLHttp://mail.163.com/index.htmlHTTP//protocol name, which is the HTTPS Hypertext Transfer ProtocolMail server name163.com

Development of SNMP management terminal based on PHP

A System environment:Operating system: CentOS 5.4 Kernel: linux_2.6Compilation environment: GCC 4.1.2 Code version: php-5.2.8.tar.gztwo. Install PHP1. first of all, PHP support SNMP, as follows configuration method (red part is about SNMP , other

PHP Most full notes (four) (worth to collect, from time to glance)

Serialization (serialized)# data transfer is a string type# In addition to resource types, all serializable# serialization stores the data itself, as well as the data type when storing the data1. When transmitting data on the network; 2. In order to

Using Newtonsoft.Json.dll (json.net) to dynamically parse JSON,. NET JSON serialization and deserialization (i)

In development, I love the convenience of dynamic languages and anonymous objects, JSON. NET has the ability to serialize and deserialize arbitrary JSON content dynamically, without having to map it to specific strongly typed objects, which can

A super-simple way to convert CHM to HTML

A super-simple way to convert a CHM to HTML under Windows (the method of deserializing CHM files)Convert the CHM file to an HTML file by invoking the Windows command.Method:Command Line (CMD), enter Hh-decompile For example:Win+r key, pop-up Run

PHP Code Audit 5-Combat Vulnerability mining-CMS background login Bypass

CMS Background Login BypassPractice Source: "Source: Source code Download"(database configuration information is incorrect, interesting)Note: installation is required1. Create a database2, set the account password, connect the database3.1 Normal

HTTP 100-continue (RPM)

1, HTTP 100-continue for the client before sending the post data to the server, consult the server situation, see if the server is processing post data, if not processed, the client does not upload post data, if processed, then post upload data. In

Go: Encrypt applications with Vmprotect and Asprotect SDK

Recently want to use Vmprotect and Asprotect SDK encryption a program, the results of a half-day did not make, the internet did not see how to use the Vmprotect in the VC SDK encryption, and then pondering a bit, finally succeeded, a little bit of

Getting Started with HTML-4

Getting Started with HTML-4A. Text style:1.text-align: (Horizontal alignment)left ( center ) Centre ( right )2.text-indent: ( indent )Unit: EM ( character ) px ( pixels )3.line-height: ( row height )4.cursor: ( cursor )Pointer ( hand-type pointer )

Escape (), encodeURI (), encodeuricomponent () differences

There are three functions in JavaScript that can encode strings, namely: Escape,encodeuri,encodeuricomponent, corresponding 3 decoding functions: Unescape,decodeuri, decodeURIComponent.Here's a brief look at the difference between them1 Escape ()

HTTP Login Digest Authentication related knowledge

Digest access authenticationHttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digest_access_authentication Digest access authentication is one of the Agreed-upon methods a Web server can use to negotiate credentials, suc H as username or password, with a user '

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