Meta HTTP-EQUIV Properties

HTML browser Iecache search engine Http-equiv, as the name implies, is equivalent to the HTTP file header function, it can send back some useful information to the browser to help correct and accurate display of the content of the Web page,

Change the Nginx Web root directory and the resulting 403 forbidden problem resolution

Copyright NOTICE: This article for Bo Master original article, without Bo Master permission not reproduced.First, change the root directoryNginx Default Web site root directory is/usr/local/nginx/html, you want to change it to/home/fuxiao/www  How

The loop mechanism in JS

1)12"Http://" >3456new Web project7 + A atnew Web Project page - -Output:The loop mechanism in JS

"Tamping PHP Basics" php send mail (phpmailer)

Address of this articleReference addressShare an outline:1. Overview2. Write code to send mail3. Reference documentation1. Overview This article is about using the Mail class library Phpmailer to send mail methods.When we do project, we often

Getting Started with PHP

Recently, the company recruit a few fresh graduates, they know a lot about the front end, but the technology of the back end of ignorance, I think, as a front-end siege Lion, if you have lofty aspirations, you should rain equitably ...Today, I'll

Implementing WEB Automation Testing with Sahi

Sahi is a business-based open source WEB application Automation testing tool for Tyto software. Sahi runs as a proxy server and accesses elements in the Web page by injecting JavaScript. Sahi supports HTTPS and is independent of the Web site, simple

Setup a private http/nginx based GIT server

Original: Downgrade

Lucene Custom Filters

First introduce the query and filter the difference and contact, in fact, query (various queries) and filtering (various filter) very similar between, can say as long as the use of query can be done, with the filter can also be done, they can be

Zepto.js Touch,tap Add Touch module in-depth analysis

1. What the Touch Library implements and introduces the backgroundThe click Event has a 300ms latency on the mobile side, and because of the need for 长按 双触击 rich interaction, we usually introduce libraries like zepto. The Zepto in touch Library

Margin of CSS

1. Suitable for normal block horizontal element without setting Width/height2. Only available in horizontal direction dimensionsExample: Adaptive layout with a fixed width on one sideHTML> Head> Metaname= "Generator"content= "HTML Tidy for HTML5

Post can take a GET request directly into the destination URL

Feigong-Non-offensive and non-offensiveTaken from "The moon in the Qin Dynasty"--non-offensive, free-changing weapons for different situationsFeigong, a free-to-change MySQL injection script for every situationFeigong,in view of the different things

Simple comprehension of JS's prototype property

Before entering the text, I have to first say that I know JS prototype this thing of the tortuous process.Baidu JS prototype article, first look, W3school about prototype introduction:  Do you think this concept is suitable for defining JS prototype

PHP folder Operation "Copy, delete, view size" Iteration implementation

"Since recursion can be a good solution, why use iterations?" The main reason is also the efficiency problem ... The concept of recursion is the function call itself, a complex problem decomposed into its similar multiple sub-problems to solve,

FastCgi and PHP-FPM

-If the request is now/index.php, according to the configuration file, Nginx know this does not. is a static file, need to find a PHP parser to deal with, then he will make this request simple processing and handed over to the PHP parser. What data

The method of conversion between jquery objects and Dom objects

When you start learning jquery, you may not be able to figure out which jquery objects are and which are DOM objects. As far as DOM objects are not explained, we have too much contact, and the following focuses on jquery and the conversion between

Initial knowledge of PHP

Initial knowledge of PHPAlthough is to do the front-end, but usually read, do projects will be related to the back-end PHP, but not very understanding, and often listen to the PHP big God said: PHP is the best language in the world! So, learn and

Several ways to convert foreground JSON objects into string conversions

In recent work, the use of JSON data transfer, especially from the front to the background, the foreground can directly use the AJAX data function, in JSON format, the background request can be, but sometimes, need to pass a number of parameters,

Why is the div tag not included in the P tag in HTML? What block elements cannot be placed in the block elements?

Take a look at the following example and you can see the difference between the two: test the difference between the block element and the inline element test the difference between block element and inline elements In the example above,, will

PHP Code Audit 5-Combat Vulnerability mining-CMS background login Bypass

CMS Background Login BypassPractice Source: "Source: Source code Download"(database configuration information is incorrect, interesting)Note: installation is required1. Create a database2, set the account password, connect the database3.1 Normal

HTTP Login Digest Authentication related knowledge

Digest access authenticationHttps:// Digest access authentication is one of the Agreed-upon methods a Web server can use to negotiate credentials, suc H as username or password, with a user '

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