Tags: ldap+phpldap+svn1, First, need to install the configuration OpenLDAP:Yum install OpenLDAP openldap-servers openldap-clients openldap-devel compat-openldapCp/usr/share/openldap-servers/slapd.conf.obsolete/etc/openldap/slapd.confKeep only slapd.

PHP Programming notes Sharing

Label:Three ways to get post data from PHPPHP image plus watermark source codeOne of the simplest examples of Php+ajax+jsonPHP Chinese Pinyin Source codePHP iterates through directories, generates MD5 values for each file in the directory, and

php Send mail

Label:Background:Because the website login is to login with the mailbox number, plus let the site to force a bit taller and so on. The essential is the message verification link, thus, the title emerges. The following is a description of the ups and

Apache cannot start a workaround after installing XAMPP

Label:XAMPP access and installation are very simple, you just go to the following URL: http://www.apachefriends.org/zh_cn/xampp.html download xampp, I installed the Windows version of the installer installation package, As long as according to its

Summary of PHP resources on GitHub

Label:Ziadoz, a foreign programmer, collects various PHP resources on GitHub, including templates, frameworks, databases, security, and other libraries and tools. In this article, PHP100 summarizes these PHP resources for reference by PHP learners

HTML encoding

Label:String str = "%3d1%26"; String newstr = Server.urldecode (str); Response.Write (NEWSTR);The output is: =1&But you should be URL-encoded, if it is HTML-encoded should be used Server.HTMLEncode ();With Httputility.htmldecode () is also

JS Scope Understanding function () {} var

Label:The following conditions have been encountered during the coding process:1 var function () { 2 var c=4; 3 test2 (); 4 }; 5 6 var function () { 7 Console.log (c); 8 }; 9 ten test1 ();Think about what the 7 guild Conasole out. 4,

PHP Non-blocking mode (transfer from Chenyuan)

Label:Let PHP no longer block when PHP as a back-end processing needs to complete some long time processing, in order to quickly respond to page requests, without making a result return judgment, you can have the following measures:First, if you are

The fetch of Hibernate

Label:Fetch, you can set fetch = "SELECT" and fetch = "Join"Use a one-to-many example:Fetch = "Select" is the query at the time of the first one end of the entity, and then the query based on one end of the entity, will produce 1+n SQL

HTML URL Encoding

Label:The following is the ASCII character (in hexadecimal format), expressed in URL encoding.The hexadecimal format is used to display non-standard letters and characters in browsers and plugins.URL encoding-from%00 to%8f ASCII Value

[. NET object-oriented programming in depth] (4). NET mvc--talk about the version change of MVC and the new version 6.0 development direction

Label:[. NET object-oriented programming in depth] (4). NET mvc--talk about the version change of MVC and the new version 6.0 development direction1. About MVCIn this article no longer details the basic concepts of MVC, these things Baidu is more

identityserver3--Getting Started Tutorial:. NET open source OpenID Connect and OAuth Solutions identityserver v3 Terminology

Label:you should know. Use some specific terminology in the document and object model:OpenID Connect Provider (OP) Licensing serverThinktecture Identityserver v3 is an open source OpenID connect provider and OAUTH2 authentication Server on a. NET

The Meta-object System

Label:The Meta-object SystemThe QT meta-object system provides signal and slot mechanisms, runtime information, and dynamic property systems for interaction between objects.The meta-object system is based on three things:1. The Qobject class acts as

Twitter with Curl

Label:Here's the thing: I have a shell script on the Raspberry Pi that gets the public address through http://ip.3322.net and logs it on the local disk (just to see if the address the telecom gave me would be repeated). Then the last few days, see

Restart Apache error Apache2:could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName. .. Solutions for Waiting

Label:To launch the Apache tip:Apache2:could not reliably determine the server ' s fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName... waiting apache2:could not reliably determine the server ' s fully qualified domain name, using

Hand-built WAMP+PHP+SVN development environment

Label:One: WAMP This software in the process of installation has been Apache, MySQL, PHP inherited good, but also do the corresponding configuration, in addition to Sqlitemanager and phpMyAdmin, save a lot of complex configuration process, So that

[2016-01-14] [HTML] [img Tag]

Label:[2016-01-14] [HTML] [img Tag] 12345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031

HTML encoding

Label:Non-encoded characters in JS:encodeuri:-_. ! ~ * ' ();/?:@&=+$,#encodeURIComponent:-_. ! ~ * ' ()JavaScript encodeURI () functionJavaScript encodeURIComponent () functionCharacters that are not encoded in Java:Urlencoder:. - * _Blank

about installing the operating system using the PXE network (PXE+DHCPD+TFTP+HTTPD) under the Linux-centos 7 system

Label:PXE (Pre-Boot execution Environment) is an Intel-designed protocol that enables a computer to boot over a network rather than from a local hard disk, optical drive, and so on.Modern NICs, typically embedded with PXE-enabled ROM chips. When the

A useful CSS snippet for the

Label:It's almost impossible to collect all of the CSS snippets in an article, but we've listed some of the more useful pieces of code relative to the rest of the code, not to be intimidated by the length of these codes, because they are easy to

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