Qmetaobject feel with the class and so there is a spell, good learning

Label:Provides a bunch of features that the original C + + does not have, such as reflection or something ... However, there may be more powerful classes that do not have Delphi, because classes can "create classes". Unfortunately I learned not fine,

LA 3027 corporative Network (and check to find the distance from a node to the root node)

Label:A very BIG Corporation is developing its corporative network. In the beginning each of the N enterprisesof the corporation, numerated from 1 to N, organized its own computing and telecommunication center.Soon, for Amelioration of the services,

Solution to garbled problem of Utf-8 and Gb2312 encoding in ASP page code declaration

Label:1ASP program in the same site, if there is UTF-8 encoded program, and GB2312 encoded program, when browsing utf-8 encoded page, then browse the current site GB2312 page, GB2312 encoded page will appear garbled2The problem is that when you

Use the PHP console tool to share

Label:Use the PHP console tool to shareHttp://www.open-open.com/lib/view/open1416193590414.html Your rating :      Not bad Collect this experience Read Catalogue function

NHibernate3 anatomy: nhibernate.linq Custom extension of the query article

Label:Series IntroductionNHibernate3.0 Analysis Series from configuration, mapping, query, session strategy, Applications and other aspects of the comprehensive disclosure of NHibernate3.0 new features and applications and the integration of various

Self-study MVC look here--full net ASP.

Label:The MVC architecture has been popular, and Microsoft has launched the ASP. The small series deliberately organized the blog park and even the entire network of the most valuable MVC technology original articles, for those who want to learn ASP.

Accelerating PHP with Zend Opcache

Label:Optimizer+ is the first and fastest opcode caching tool for Zend developed closed-source, but free-to-use PHP optimization acceleration components. Now, Zend technology company will optimizer+ under PHP License open source becomes Zend Opcache.

HTTPD and HTTPS Learning notes

Tags: http HTTPSFirst, the basic concept introduction:1. Media Type:HTML text/html TypeTXT Text/plain typeJPEG image/jpeg TypeGIF image/gif type2, Method: The client wants the server side to perform the action of the resourceGet: Get a copy of a Web

HTML5 's Audio knowledge

Label:HTML Summary (ii) "HTML5 audio"HTML5 Key knowledge of audioAudio Label Compatibility:Internet Explorer + +, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and Safari support <audio> tags. Note: Internet Explorer 8 and earlier versions do not support

Comprehensive understanding. NET Framework (i)

Label:Re-learn. NET Framework, where the. NET Framework will be progressively learned. Deepen your understanding of. Net. If there is a mistake in that place, I hope you can point it out. Thank you.With limited knowledge, get to know what the. NET

<meta http-equiv= "x-ua-compatible" content= "ie=edge,chrome=1" >

Label:Reproduced, this basic knowledge http://www.cnblogs.com/yoosou/archive/2012/07/27/2612443.htmlx-ua-compatible used to specify the model for IE browser to parse the compiled page X-ua-compatible header label case insensitive, must be used

Custom search rules for Jquery.autocomplete.js plugins

Label:This two-day start with Jquery.autocomplete this AutoComplete plugin. Basic function is relatively strong, but in the actual needs of the discovery or there is a shortage!The problem is this: when I define a local data JS file, the format is a

PHP 404 page/How to set 404 page/url static/url pseudo-static

Label:How to set 404 pages and other error pages in PHPFirst create a new file under the project root, with the file name " . htaccess "Write the configuration entry in the file:ErrorDocument 404/404.html or an address with a file path:

Defending against web attacks with HTTP headers

Tags: browser app cookie article passwordBrief introductionCookies are a very important thing in a user session, and an authenticated cookie is the equivalent of a password. Protecting these authenticated cookies is a very important topic. In this

[Go] Create a self-signed HTTPS server with node. js

Label:Create a self-signed HTTPS server with node. js Create your own CA agency Create a server-side certificate Create a client certificate Package the Certificate Create your own CA agency Generate a private key

PHP empty function to determine 0 return TRUE or false?

Label:In recent projects, a field is encountered that is "enabled" if the value is 0,1 when the query is not writtenif isset ($args _array[' USEFLG ']) &&! Empty ($args _array[' USEFLG '])) {..... }So I did not find the time for 0, think

7 days to go to mvc-ASP. 1th Day

Label:0. PrefaceAs the title "7 days to play to the net mvc" said, this is a series of articles, so will be introduced to everyone 7. " Imagine that one day, you'll start reading from a happy Monday, and then become an ASP. NET MVC developer on the

PHP Self-Destruct program

Label:<?php// +----------------------------------------------------------------------// | kill!!//| The program will erase all files and directories in this directory//| If you set up database information, try to delete all database and

Use of Html--footer

Label:HTML sectionclass="container"class="body"class ="footer"></div></div>Footer always fixed at its bottom. container{position:relative;width:100%;min-height:100%;}. body{padding-bottom:50px;}. footer{height:50px; position:fixed ;

"ASP. NET" #001 get server IP

Label:Client IP: Request.ServerVariables.Get ("remote_addr"). ToString ();Client Host Name:Request.ServerVariables.Get ("remote_host"). ToString ();client browser ie:Request.Browser.Browser;client browser version

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