Web Server Setup –iis

Tags: ref Eve manual Error Virtual ini err physical constructionFunctional RoleIIS is a world Wide Web server. Gopher server and FTP server are all contained inside. IIS means that you can publish Web pages and have ASP (Active Server Pages), JAVA,

Bezier. CSS tool material

Tags: site red www void link animation effect line detail said1, Practical css-Bezier curve (cubic-bezier)-Pinterest. HTML (https://www.jianshu.com/p/d999f090d333)Several commonly used fixed values correspond to cubic-bezier values and velocity

Day 161th: CSS3 gradient background (gradient) effect for compatibility

Tags: GID Word End Demo Introduction area range optional parameter translucencyCSS for compatibility gradient background (gradient) effect one, a little 俗态 prologueWith the growing support for CSS3, the gradual background effect of compatibility has

PHP mb_substr Use

Tags: return substring safe first character world BST byte = EOLMb_substr (PHP 4 >= 4.0.6, PHP 5, PHP 7) Mb_substr-get part of String mb_substr-getting a partial string Descriptionmb_substr( $str, $start[,

Centos6.8 source code Compilation installation PHP7

Tags: error click on a FAS official website Pat ref Nginx service NATFirst, download the source packageOpen the PHP website http://php.net/Click on the navigation bar downloads into the download page: http://php.net/downloads.php Download the

Centos7 uninstall Nginx and PHP, php-fpm method

Tags: package sdn CTI Detail CentOS 4.4 dependent tail httpThis article environment: CENTOS7, yum-style installation Nginx and PHP, PHP-FPMBefore is through the Yum Way directly installs Nginx and PHP, PHP-FPM, this kind of advantage is convenient,

PHP pack () functions in a detailed and example

Tags: instead of BCD man TAC Declaration Art Sage Space GenerationPack and unpack are not really easy to see in normal programs, but if you use PHP from a long time ago to generate Excel you will know. The head of his Excel is the pack.Recently,

Basic principles of PHP framework and selection criteria

Tags: Ram language iter God POS str application Maintenance Difficulty Principles of the PHP frameworkSpeaking of PHP framework, many novice PHP may feel a bit timid. In fact, the PHP framework is not so unfathomable, the framework is that

HTTP keep-alive Mode

Tags: case comparison access to HTTP server erer file work results friendThe story took place in a October interview experience, I did not want to say embarrassing, but in order to alert themselves and warn posterity, I decided to write a blog post.


Tags: Apache amp pos HTML Blog org log nbsp imaSTRINGESCAPEUTILS.UNESCAPEHTML4 ("Org.apache.commons.lang.StringEscapeUtils.escapeHtml (str)" "Stringescapeutils" String str = "<a href= ' http://www.baidu.com ' >baidu</a><script>"; /

jquery operation Select (value, set selected)

Tags: containe index jquer Item Fill tool Highlight property appendtojquery operation Select (Add, delete, empty)http://huapengpeng1989412.blog.163.com/blog/static/58828754201342841940720/jQuery gets the Text and Value selected by select:

Continuous build jenkins+sonar5.6 automatically review PHP environment

Tags:/usr time Java Environment Configuration username file Plug-in mat GRE 4.41: Requirements File collationSystem: debian8.6Environment: LNMP (Reference: lhttps://blog.linuxeye.cn/31.html)Jenkins:jenkins

HTML5 Web Storage

Tags: simple code need to save data new Ima via VAR CTIIn HTML5, a new and very important feature is the ability to store data locally in the client's Web Storage function, which can be used to store simple user information such as user name in the

Apache enable gzip Compression Web page transfer method

Tags: China improvement JPEG client Mozilla Content OCA Introduction ExampleFirst let us know about the Apache gzip data.First, Gzip introductionGzip is a popular file compression algorithm and is now widely used, especially on Linux platforms. When

Enable TLS 1.3 Encryption protocol, ultra-fast HTTPS experience

Tags: CDN platform own Max Data-rom ref change imageWith the development of the Internet, the demand for the network speed is more and more high, especially in the case of vigorously developing HTTPS, the TLS encryption protocol becomes very

Correctly set the website title, keywords, description (reprint)

Tags: LAN body key recommended search engine importance Google Direct simpleThis article is reproduced from Ant HR (www.mayihr.com)Optimization skills are teachers in the classroom can not teach you, and you can not understand in the practice, the

WebSocket's Understanding & applications & Scenarios

Tags: example inf SMR different origin EBS Zone GPO service sideOvearLinks: https://www.zhihu.com/question/20215561/answer/40316953Source: KnowCopyright belongs to the author. Commercial reprint please contact the author for authorization,

Various decoding sites

Tags: JSF dem ber thread nic text print decomposition domainXssee:http://web2hack.org/xsseeXssee:http://evilcos.me/lab/xsseeCheng's Blog (des,3des,aes,rc,blowfish,twofish,serpent,gost,rijndael,cast,xtea,rsa): Http://tool.chacuo.net/cryptdesOn-line

[JS tool] format to display diff text on mailman

Tags: option indexof i++ conversion color properties HTML share picture modificationThe company uses mailman to show that the changes shown in Patch,mailman are only a bunch of black and white words that are illegible. Sometimes the patch as a file

Configure Tomcat on Linux installation and deploy Web Apps (environment build + Project Deployment) (reprint)

Tags: Direct ref access preparation role picture Catalina inputfirst, the preparation work 1, Java-version Check whether there is a Java environment, there is no need to install and configure to the environment Variable. 2, Download Tomcat package,:

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