Application of enterprise-class LNMP environment in PHP configuration installation

Tags: PHP configuration installation CENTOS6See if Nginx and MySQL have been started! -E Extended Regular expression[[email protected] ~]# netstat -tunlp | grep -E "nginx|mysql"tcp 0 0*


Tags: imp substr Lex declaration variable object electrician NAL Sequence NavJavaScript introduces the history of JavaScript 1992 Nombas developed the embedded scripting language for C-minus-minus (c--), which was originally bound to Cenvi

Ajax explanations

Tags: time-out request header function compatibility state change between different ICA forFirst, the AJAX definitionThe full name of Ajax is asynchronous JavaScript and XML, whereasynchronous is asynchronous and differs from the way in which

The Str_split () function of the PHP string is used

Tags: CEE lock serve convert man POS string desc ormStr_split (PHP 5, PHP 7) Str_split-convert a string to an array str_split-converting a string to an array

2018-3-8 11 weeks 3 Lessons PHP expansion module installation

Tags: PHP extension module11.32 PHP expansion Module Anninstalled• View PHP Modules/usr/local/php7/bin/php-mForget installation or requirements change, need to add moduleInstall a Redis module below (typically used as a cache for the lamp

Centos7.4-apache Optimization Application II (log management)

Tags: Apache optimization app (log management)Apache optimized Application II (log management)DirectoryThe first part of the preparatory workSecond part installs Apache servicePart Three log management one (configuration log split)Part IV Log

2018-3-7 11 weeks 2 Lessons limited to a directory prohibit parsing PHP, restricting user_agent, PHP-related configuration

Tags: user_agent prohibit parsing php PHP related configuration11.28 restricting a directory from parsing PHPProhibit PHP parsing: To prevent the upload of harmful php files, and be executed, PHP may have dangerous functions, if the open upload

PHP Related Configuration

Tags: phpRestrict a directory against parsing PHP1. Modify the virtual host configuration file: <Directory /data/wwwroot/> php_admin_flag engine off # <FilesMatch (.*)\.php(.*)> # Order allow,deny #

[Go] The Web front-end JS construct can not destroy the class UUID identification code, identify browser device uniqueness

Tags: js frame nav built-in browser anonymous next customer read off OttoUser behavior statistics are commonplace in today's front-end ecology, such as a variety of webmaster statistics tools. Identifying user access client uniqueness is a necessary

The Ord () function of the PHP string is used

Tags: utf-8 manual creat ref set ORM Err + functionOrd (PHP 4, PHP 5, PHP 7) Ord-return ASCII value of character Ord-the ASCII value of the returned character Descriptionord($string)//Returns the ASCII value of the

Apache and PHP combined with Apache default virtual host

Tags: Apache and PHP11.14-11.15 Apache and PHP combinedApache (httpd) configuration file:/usr/local/apache2.4/conf/httpd.conf.Configure ApacheSelect the PHP to invokeBecause this machine has two versions of PHP installed, this configuration is

Apache Timeout Configuration

Tags: instead of inux query upper undo MoD second host virtual hostApache Timeout configuration 1.KeepAliveTimeoutGrammar KeepAliveTimeout secondsdefault 5Context Server config, virtual hostDescription The amount of time the server waits for

The netfilter/ptables of the Linux firewall

Tags: iptablesDate: 2018.2.5Li QiangReference: man,info,magedu handouts, Universal InternetLab environment: VMware? Workstation Pro, Centos 6.9,centos 7.4,securecrt Version 8.1.4Statement: The following English is purely personal translation,

Java Development Enterprise Level Rights Management System course e-commerce Rights Management System video Tutorials Total 18 chapters

Label:1th. Overall overview of the course (2018 companion Tutorials: E-commerce front end + E-commerce backend + e-commerce Rights Management System course)This chapter first describes why large companies have a rights management system, and then


Tags: nec def Tin object method network type HREF machine Qwebsocketserver服务端 Public Types Public Function QWebSocketServer(const QString &serverName, SslMode secureMode, QObject *parent = Q_NULLPTR) virtual

JS Custom Format timestamp format

Tags: date string custom format gets external length greater than logs minutesThe topic is: Write a module, external call this module, request parameter is timestamp, module requirementsToday's time, unified with 24 hours writing 03:00,

HTML Programming Specification

Tags: important name appears WAV controls ATI Voice Col Auth2.1 Indent and line feed[Force] uses 4 spaces as an indent level, with no 2 spaces or tab characters allowed.Explanation: Indents between non-HTML tags, such as script or style tags, are

Web front-end Development Essentials Manual (Cheat sheet)

Tags: pos get body develop HTM mil Scott exp hrefTransferred from: sheet This phrase if literal translation into Chinese, meaning is probably "cheat small copy" such as words, but Cheat

Apache user authentication, domain jump, access log format

Tags: Apache user authentication, domain jump, access log11.18 Apache user authenticationNote: This chapter uses a browser to detect the virtual machine IP and virtual host domain names in the physical machine hosts file.Configure user

In-depth understanding of scope and variable promotion (hoisting) in JS

Tags: define question impact proc GPO Red UI summary static keywordScope (scoping)For JavaScript beginners, One of the most confusing places is the scope; in fact, not only Beginners. I've seen some experienced JavaScript programmers, but they don't

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