Vc++6 for Windows SEH Extension analysis article supplements

In the previous article vc++6 the analysis of Windows SEH extension has been omitted, this article to complement.In fact, this article refers to CSDN on a The author lists the vc++6.0 extended SEH nodes in the following structure:struct

Windows installation GTK + graphic description


First go to the official download:Official website link Win64.zip  Unzip to C

New features for Windows 10-Introduction to Bing Maps 3D map Development (i)

The main content of this article is about how to create a Windows 3D Map app based on Windows Universal app that covers new Windows 10 features including Bing Maps control, Compiled data bindings (x:bind), S Plitview and Hamburger.The sample source

Windows Powershell 3 QuickStart

Learn Windows PowerShell 3 in a Month of lunches (2rd)DON JONES.This book is based on PowerShell 3.0, which is good for beginners, and can be yimushihang if you have a Linux Shell foundation. The following is an excerpt note, which records only a

Windows 10 Client Hyper-V Update rollup

July 29, 2015, Windows 10 is released worldwide, the client version of Hyper-V is also available to global users, and the client version of Hyper-V is less powerful than Hyper-V server, But there are also more features that are worth the common user

Windows Server Note (v): DHCP (3)

To remotely administer a DHCP server by using DHCP Manager:This situation is not used much, only when multiple DHCP The server needs to be used, but as DHCP The use of failover is more and more, more and more convenient, the use will be more and

Windows Azure Platform Experience (1): Windows Azure

Create a Cloud service projectFirst understand the web hosting role feature, and with this feature, we create a new Web site and then host it in Windows Azure.Start Visual Studio 2010 as an administrator and create a new Azure cloud service project.

Detailed steps for compiling the FFmpeg project under Windows

This article from: detailed steps for compiling the FFmpeg project under Windows are described in the text:1. Build MinGW EnvironmentDownload yasm, Address:

Certificate Resolution (II): Windows R2 Certificate Services installation and Advanced Configuration

650) this.width=650; "height=" 276 "title=" clip_image001 "style=" border:0px; "alt=" clip_image001 "src=" http:/ "border=" 0 "/>Based on the principle of application isolation, it is

Window Windows class

the window Class WNDCLASS summary summarizes the following several questions:1. What is a window class2. Three types of window classes3. Window class The meaning of each field4Registration and logoff of window classes5How to use the window classes,

Troubleshoot problems with Ubuntu and windows that file garbled

1. convert File content encodingWindows in natural plain text files. When China is encoded as a GBK, garbled under Ubuntu, you can use the Iconv command to convert:Iconv-f gbk-t UTF8 source_file > Target_file2. Convert File name codeCompressed ZIP

Ubuntu font settings: Using Windows fonts

Basic knowledgesans-serif= non-liner BODY = Blackbody: Not a specific font, but a type of font, select it is actually equal to choose the type of font in the highest priority font.Serif= Liner BODY = White body: Ibid.Monospace=, meaning the same

"Windows Programming" series sixth: Creating Toolbar and StatusBar

In the previous article we learned how to use Windows GDI paint, the application is a static window of light, we use the Windows application, any slightly more complex program will have the toolbar and the status bar, the toolbar is mainly used for

Windows Working Set memory

Windows Task Manager By default, the memory (private working Set) column is selected.Memory-Working set: Is the sum of the amount of memory in a private working set and the amount of memory that the process is using and can be shared by other

Using varnish in a Windows environment

Varnish version of Windows: varnish:c:\varnish\bin>varnishd-a: 80 -t:3500-f c:/varnish/etc/default.vcl-s file,c:/varnish/var/cache,1000m-a:80 says, let varnish listen on port 8

Talking about Windows Azure storage Service

we are now in the midst of a data explosion, with big data and open data firing in full swing, suggesting that the data is invaluable to us. saving, managing, and maintaining data has become an important challenge for businesses. The growing volume

Install boost under Windows compilation


The compilation and use of boost, after collecting data and summarizing, is documented. Thank you to the author of the references listed below. 1 Downloads Address: You can choose boost_1_56_0

Installing the Helium (helium) version of Opendaylight under Windows

ObjectiveThe helium (helium) version of Opendaylight (hereinafter abbreviated as ODL) has become a relatively stable version (as opposed to the Li version). Helium (helium) version download link address is

Sub-class and superclass of Windows--subclasses are window instance level, superclass is at window class (WNDCLASS) level

1. Sub-classTheory: Sub-class is a technique that allows an application to intercept messages destined for another window. an application implements the default behavior of adding, monitoring, or modifying that window by intercepting messages

Download and install Windows 10 from Microsoft, and download and install Windows 10

Download and install Windows 10 from Microsoft, and download and install Windows 10If you need to install or reinstall Windows 10, you can use tools on this page to create your own installation media using a U disk or DVD. Before getting started

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