n ways to freely create. htaccess files under Windows

. htaccess is an Apache access control file, Apache httpd.conf options with this file, the perfect implementation of the directory, site access control, of course, the most or rewrite function, that is, url rewrite, PHP implementation of

python2.7 serial operation mode compile. py for Windows executable exe file

a Python operation serial portFirst download Install the serial port module pyserial.Code implementation:Import Serialser = serial. Serial ('/DEV/TTYUSB2 ', 115200) print ser.portstrwhile True: str = ser.read (TEN) print str strinput = raw_

Build and use of the Boost library under Windows


Because of the cross-platform, now to use the boost library, the boost library is very large, is now in the exploratory phase.First of all, the boost library is installed and used under window.First, downloadStart by downloading the latest boost

Fix "Could not Find this Item" when Deleting in Windows 7

If you've been using Windows for as long as I had, you had probably run into your share of weird error messages. One that I got recently when trying to delete a file is: Could not the Find this item. This was no longer located in X. Verify

Windows git Installation Guide

The steps are as follows:1. Download resources: Git-1.9.4-preview20140815.exehttp://code.google.com/p/tortoisegit/downloads/list2. After the installation package is downloaded, double-click to enter the installation interface, such as:3, two step

Windows Restore grub boot, install Ubuntu with grub


Study of MQTT (16) Mosquitto Windows installation deployment for MQTT

On the official website of MQTT, there are many mqtt, including: Mosquittoan Open Source mqtt server with C, C + +, Python and Javascript clients. A public, hosted test server was also available (more information)Moquettea Java MQTT broker based on

Installation of Latex tools on the Windows platform and common file type Rollup for latex

Latex is widely used in academic reports, paper, academic ppt writing and production, mastering latex is one of the essential skills to survive in academia. This article provides a brief overview of the basic methods and procedures for installing

Windows kernel Security and driver development

this is a computer. Windows Mobile/symbian class of high-quality pre-sale recommendation " Windows kernel Security and driver development ". Editor's recommendationThis book is suitable for computer security software practitioners, computer-related

Encrypting and decrypting on Windows systems using Gpg4win

GPG, also known as GnuPG, is the GNU Private Guard, the GNU privacy Defender. GPG is a powerful cryptographic software that is based on the PGP algorithm. But the GPG project is a set of command-line programs, and is designed for open-source

MDT Update 1 Preview deploys the Windows 10 batch deployment combat

One, Task sequence creation:1, add operating system WIM image, right-Operating systems Select "Import Operating system";650) this.width=650; "src=" http://s3.51cto.com/wyfs02/M02/6E/86/wKiom1V-sC-DxxB9AAGHl4gLfrc455.jpg "/>2. On the OS Type page,

Windows Dynamic Disk Volumes: simple volumes, spanned volumes, striped volumes, mirrored volumes, RAID5 volume-related configuration actions

Windows Server 2003 provides new ways to manage disk and improve disk performance and fault tolerance. Upgrading basic disks to dynamic disks gives you more flexibility in allocating and managing disk space and enabling you to configure various disk

Error message when you install the Windows SDK

Error when you install Microsoft Windows SDK 7.1 (workaround included)(2012-07-10 191344)Error Replay One:A problem occurred while installing selected the Windows SDK components.Installation of the "Microsoft Windows SDK for Windows 7 Compilers for

Write the Windows event log using the EventLog class

It is often necessary to write the specified information (including exception information and normal processing information) to the log in the program. In c#3.0, you can use the EventLog class to write various information directly to the Windows log.

Configuration of the Windows version of Tomcat 7.0

First,Installing JDK 1.7: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jdk7-downloads-1880260.html1. Add environment variables: in My Computer--Properties---Advanced environment variables2. New system variable, variable name: Java_home

Stack Overflow Defense--windows security mechanism GS compilation option

In the face of this stack overflow, Windows defaults to a secure compilation option--gs (the feature that overrides the function return address for buffer overflow) in VS 7.0 (Visual Studio 2003) and later versions of Visual Studio. To increase the

(ETW) Event tracing for Windows get started (with PDF download)

  Outline  etw Introduction ETW The idea of monitoring the remote machine using ETW monitoring native demo ETW   The underlying class library: EventSource introduction   Underlying class library: TraceEvent what is ETW? 1.Event Tracing for Windows

Hosting Web API in Windows service

Running your API as Windows services can has multiple advantages, especially when working on bigger projects. This allows for multiple (services to run in isolation and gives fine grained control over your system components.ASP. NET Web API ships

SOLR 5.1.0 Installation-windows

Before 4.10 wrote a installation tutorial, is installed in Tomcat, in order to install 5.1, looked at the following introduction, found from 5.x after SOLR integrated jetty, installation has become a lot easier.Now only three steps can be done,

Building openresty1.7.10.1 with Luajit on Windows

Building openresty1.7.10.1 with Luajit on Windows using Cygwin, using Cygwin under Windows to compile Luajit with Openresty2013-11-27 15:39 815 People read reviews (0) favorites report(Heeroz original) first install 32bit Cygwin.Install

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