Windows core programming uses thread APC callback to safely exit multiple waiting threads


PrefaceThese situations are often encountered in program development: The worker thread is waiting for the kernel object to fire, and the main thread needs to force the worker to terminate. What we often do is use: TerminateThread to force the

Windows TLS (thread local storage)

Windows TLS (thread local storage)I. TLS description and classificationWe know that in a process, all threads are sharing the same address space. So, if a variable is global or static, then all threads are accessing the same part, and if one thread

Windows core programming Note (5)----thread scheduling, priority

1. Operating system thread scheduling processEach thread has a contextual context structure that holds the thread's kernel object, which holds the CPU register at the time of the last executionThe state. At regular intervals, Windows looks at all

Windows Server-DFS Lab Manual

Windows Server-DFS Lab ManualBasic Configuration Information Checklist Computer name Role Network configuration Dns win-6e DC Win-c4 Node1 11.1.1

Memory Management for Windows

1. Basic concept: Physical memory, virtual memory; Physical address, virtual address, logical address; page directory, page table2.Windows Memory Management3.CPU-Segment Memory management4.CPU-page Memory managementFirst, the basic concept1. Two

Based on the Windows CE6.0 and AK4182 touch screen driver implementation

This drive realizes the ak4182a touch screen sampling function under the FreescaleImx515 platform. All of the data sampling capabilities of the full-bit precision are accomplished by following the Windows CE TOUCH DDSI interface standard on the

Creation of Windows core programming can wait for timers and their APC callbacks

OverviewCreating a waiting timer is one of the ways that Windows internal thread synchronization works, and this article simply describes how to use this kernel object for thread synchronization.How to useTo create an object:Create event kernel

Windows Azure Web site (7) Web site features, advantages and disadvantages

Windows Azure Platform Family of articles Catalog  After several previous pieces of content, we learned that Web site is characterized by the rapid and easy deployment of a highly scalable cloud environment. Use your chosen language and open source

Windows+nginx+iis doing picture distributed storage detailed steps

In recent days, has been learning Nginx in Windows platform use, in order to find a number of images distributed storage and there is a relatively simple storage scheme nginx is a kind of, also found a MongoDB gridfs these two options I still prefer,

Windows Azure Virtual network configuration (point to Site)

Description: This article takes Azure international as an example, there are some differences in the Chinese version of the network location.1. SceneVirtual networks provide us with the ability to build network definitions on the Windows Azure Cloud

Convert a multi-byte string to Unicode on Windows

We use the Windows function MultiByteToWideChar to convert multibyte strings to wide strings. As shown below:int MultiByteToWideChar ( UINT ucodepage, //identifies a code page value associated with a multibyte character DWORD

windows-Process-Exit process

To terminate the running of a process1. The entry point function of the main thread is returned (preferably using this method).2. A thread in the process calls the ExitProcess function (this method should be avoided).3. Threads in another process

Windows AD Certificate Services Family---Deployment CA (1)


When you decide to deploy a PKI in your enterprise, the first thing to be sure is how you plan to design your CA structure, which determines the core design of your internal PKI and the purpose of each CA in the structure. Each CA structure

Overview of window classes (Windows Class)

Windows Programming (Win32 in general) has several core concepts: entry function WinMain, window class, window procedure, message processing mechanism, general control. This article mainly introduces the related concepts of window class, including:

Remove Hidden physical network cards in Windows and virtual NIC after network virtualization fails

In the Windows environment, there may be problems with network card after replacing hardware such as hardware server board and network card, recovering operating system or network virtualization failure. For example, there are more network cards

Introduction to Windows RT Application Development Lecture notes on training

Http://, a lecture on the development of Metro Style applications under Windows 8 was made from an architectural perspective. Here are the speeches.If you have any questions, please

To modify the domain user account password in Windows Server R2 by using the Web method

In the Windows domain environment, adding domain client to modify the account password is a very easy thing; even if there are no clients in the domain. If you are using an Exchange messaging system in your organization, you can easily modify your

Installing GTK + under Windows

Step 1: Download the installation package on the GTK official website. There are 32-bit and 64-bit, 64-bit have this sentence:Note that these 64-bit packages is experimental. Binary compatibility between versions is not guaranteed.or choose to

VM load balancing for the Windows Azure experience

Microsoft Azure provides load balancing services for virtual machines (IaaS) and cloud Services (PaaS) hosted in it. Load balancing supports application scaling and provides application failure recovery and other benefits. Specify the input

Windows Server 2003 R2 the command-line mode of the IIS Service restart command

Iisreset/restart stop after starting Iisreset/start start IIS (if stopped) Iisreset/stop stop IIS (if started) iisreset/reboot Restart the computer IIS   Reset/rebootonerror If you stop IIS from failing to restart your computer iisreset/

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