Windows Thread Synchronization Summary

Windows thread SynchronizationThread synchronization for Windows can be implemented by using mutually exclusive objects, or by using event objects, key code snippets.1 Event objects Implement thread synchronizationevent Object creation functionThe

[Note on windows]_[Delete non-empty directory]

Scene:1. Sometimes the program needs to generate some temporary directory and temporary files, in the program exit need to delete, this time with the Win32 API can complete the requirements, traverse directory One by one removefile is not an

SOLR Installation and configuration (Windows)

About SOLR:SOLR is an open-source, Lucence Java-based search engine server. SOLR extends the lucence to provide a richer query language than Lucence, Sorl basically follows the lucence terminology. The search engine created by SOLR is fully

Openstack Deployment Summary: Create a Windows 2003 mirror with a unique SID through QEMU-KVM

when creating an instance using Windows 2003 mirroring in OpenStack , the same SID will occur, the same SID can cause network and security issues, in order to prevent this situation, the creation of the Mirror requires Windows 2003 encapsulation,

FFmpeg detailed instructions for compiling under windows

MinGW: A free-to-use and free-to-publish Windows-specific header file and a collection of import libraries using the GNC toolset, allowing you to generate local Windows programs without the need for a third-party C runtimeMinGW, minimalist GNU for

Quickly build Windows 8 style apps 25-data binding

Original: Quickly build Windows 8 style apps 25-data bindingThis post focuses on how to bind UI elements to data, the direction of data binding, data change notifications, data transformations, and binding scenarios supported by data binding. Data

Windows Message Queuing

Many friends do not use the MSDN Library (although MSDN is not the same thing as the MSDN Library, but this is abbreviated as MSDN), it is really important.In fact, all the instructions can be found on MSDN.Environment: VS2008 + SP1 patch MSDN

Windows Messaging Mechanism (MFC)

Windows Messaging Mechanism (MFC)message classification and Message QueuingIn Windows, messages use a uniform structure body (MSG) to hold information, where message indicates the specific type of messages,And Wparam,lparam is the most flexible of

Windows pipeline with stdin, stdout redirection

The stdin is the standard input, the STDOUT is the standard output, and the stderr is the standard error output. Most command-line programs import from stdin, output to stdout or stderr, and sometimes we need to redirect Stdout,stderr,stdin. For

Windows FFmpeg Quick Start

This series of articles navigationWindows FFmpeg Quick StartFFmpeg parameter explanationMEncoder and FFmpeg parameter details (Java processing video)Java Generate video thumbnails (ffmpeg)Convert video files to FLV using FFmpegJava Video processing

Installing Phpdocumentor (Phpdoc) notes under Windows

Phpdocumentor Introduction Phpdocumentor is a php-written tool for PHP programs with canonical annotations that can quickly generate API documentation with cross-referencing, indexing, and other functions. The old version is Phpdoc, starting from 1.

Windows Server 2012 installs the. NET Framework 3.5 Error

In the process of doing an SCVMM experiment today, there has been an error installing the. NET Framework 3.5.By the people around the reminder to find their own mistakes.Here's what I do (the process of error).1. Add roles and Features650)

Summarize a variety of programs that start with Windows and may be hiding somewhere

First, the classic startup--"Startup" folderClick "Start → program", you will find a "launch" menu, which is the most classic Windows startup location, right-click on the "Start" menu to select "Open" to open it, the program and shortcuts will be

Using filezilla[server+client] to build an FTP service under Windows

FTP server, client open source, commercial very much, tried a lot, really feel filezilla good, popular, open source, stable, safe, high performance.The following illustrated way to explain the quick start filezilla, here a few words, about the FTP

Use Ubuntu server to set up a standalone hard disk-based Windows file sharing and FTP server (i. Summary)

The headline wanted to use the keyword NAS, but given that it was not intended to create Web Administration pages, and some other complex features that did not avoid misleading, the scope was emphasized on "Windows file sharing" and "FTP Server".

Ping command tips detailed Windows ping command knowledge Daquan

Windows ping command for most computer enthusiasts are not unfamiliar, through the ping IP can know whether the network is unblocked or network transmission quality, is the network technician commonly used detection network command, most friends to

Getting Started with Windows FFmpeg High speed

This series of articles navigationGetting Started with Windows FFmpeg High speedExplanation of FFmpeg parametersMEncoder and FFmpeg specific explanations (Java processing Video)Java Generate video thumbnails (ffmpeg)Convert video files to FLV using

Windows platform quickly creates a file of the specified size

Sometimes, we need to quickly create a file of a specified size, for system testing, we specify that the following commands can be used in the Linux platform:Create a 100M empty fileDD If=/dev/zero of=hello.txt bs=100m count=1You can also quickly

Zabbix How to monitor Windows machines

Recently, I've been studying Zabbix monitoring Windows machines, involving how to quickly install agents, how to modify and refine Windows monitoring templates, and more. I would like to share my experience with you and hope to help you.1) Install

Using JMeter under Windows

Brief introductionApache JMeter is a 100% pure Java desktop application designed to test the C/s structure of software (such as Web applications). It can be used to test performance including static and dynamic resource programs, such as static

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