Virtualkd+windbg+vmware fast debug +windbg download symbol +windows 7 local kernel debug

================================windbg Download Symbol ===================================The patch often appears "Your debugger is not using the correct symbols",Use the windbg command to download the update symbol file, the following command can

Use Windows Forms to quickly/randomly insert large amounts of data into a database

     This article belongs to the class study note, the big God does not like to spray yo!!today, this fast/random insert of large amounts of data into the database The example of a blog post is to randomly insert tens of thousands of messages into

Apache Security Configuration under Windows Server 2003

Installing Apache Apache under Window server2003 has the system permission by default. So we have to lower the right to Apache first.Add Users. My Computer right-click Management--Local Users and groups2. Open the Local security policy,

Windows cmd command line displays UTF8 character settings (chcp command)

                                                                                                                                                                                                     This article is collected and collated by

Vmvare,citrix Virtualization Solution for COM port devices under Windows desktop systems

The company is using the VMware vSphere5.0 Bottom, the client is all Citrix Desktop +windows Server 2003/2008 desktop solution, all diskless, usb,com port, and all no, so that, to achieve usb,com port, The use of the same port interface device, only

Using Git and GitHub to build a remote repository under Windows

Since yesterday began to look at the use of git, because many command-line operations in Windows compared to the pit father, but today after a lot of detours and finally completed the GIT local warehouse and Remote Warehouse Association, recorded as

Getting Started with Windows FFmpeg High speed

This series of articles navigationGetting Started with Windows FFmpeg High speedExplanation of FFmpeg parametersMEncoder and FFmpeg specific explanations (Java processing Video)Java Generate video thumbnails (ffmpeg)Convert video files to FLV using

Notes on program execution under Windows

It is estimated that many people use the computer for the first time through Windows (Microsoft's operating system), and the design of Windows causes many people to think that all programs can be executed correctly by double-clicking them, so a lot

How to locate program crashes in release version---Use the map file to block Windows crash functions

1 Case Description As a Windows programmer, the most worrying thing to see is that the program crashes (abnormally), and Windows prompts the program to perform an illegal operation that is about to close. Please contact your vendor. Oh, this word of

001-cocos2dx-2.1.3 Environment Construction-windows

1. Installing vs20122. Download cocos2dx2.1.3, unzip, then install vs templateInstallation method to be in CMD dos, CD to this directory, and then install.The results are as follows:3. Start vs New Project:4. After the project is established:5.

MD and SHA values for computed files under Windows

You can use the FCIV command-line tool to calculate the MD5 and SHA values for a file under Windows, as follows:Fciv-md5-sha1path\filename.extFor example:FCIV-MD5-SHA1 C:\windows\system32\shdocvw.dllNote: When you apply a hashing algorithm to any

Windows Apache HTTP Server installation, configuration, and integration with Tomcat (drawings)

Reprint: you can open this article, stating that you are familiar with the Apache HTTP Server (hereinafter referred to as the Apache abbreviation) The importance of configuration is very clear,

Not the same command line – Windows PowerShell Introduction (reprint)

Reproduced from, thank Bo Master.IntroductionAlways admired the Linux command prompt (of course they are called shell). Regular expressions, pipelines, and a variety of magical commands

Where does Windows store MSI files for uninstallation?

Original Link:Where does Windows store MSI files for uninstallation?Following content is only used for knowledge sharing. Reprint from the original link. ^^Apparently it works like this (on Windows 7, I does not know about XP and other OSes):When a

Windows message Mechanism Essentials

1. Window procedureEach window will have a callback function called a window procedure (WndProc) with four parameters, namely: Window handle (Windows Handle), message ID, and two message parameters (WParam, LParam), This window procedure is called

Windows Message Queue

d-windows Message QueueTime limit:2000MS Memory Limit:65536KB 64bit IO Format:%lld &%llu Submit Status Practice ZOJ 2724DescriptionMessage queue is the basic fundamental of Windows system. For each process, the system maintains a message queue. If

Event numbers and descriptions in the Windows Security event log

Account Login Event (event number and description)672 Authentication Service (AS) tickets are successfully issued and validated.673 Ticket Authorization Service (TGS) tickets are authorized. The TGS is a ticket issued by the Kerberos version 5.0

Windows FFmpeg Quick Start

This series of articles navigationWindows FFmpeg Quick StartFFmpeg parameter explanationMEncoder and FFmpeg parameter details (Java processing video)Java Generate video thumbnails (ffmpeg)Convert video files to FLV using FFmpegJava Video processing

Delphi's ninth lesson Windows programming

Delphi uses the Object Pascal and Visual Control Library (VCL) to encapsulate the underlying Windows APIs perfectly, so there is little need to use the underlying Pascal language to build Windows applications or call Windows API functions directly.

Introduction to open Source and Windows NT-compatible operating systems ReactOS

*************************************************************************************************************** ************Easywave Time: 2014.10.06Category: Open source Windows NT system-reactos operating system Introduction statement: Reproduced,

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