Windows core programming (character encoding)

One, character encodingCharacter1) The character set is a numeric code set of characters. There are Ansi/ascii, MBCS (multibytes), Unicode and so on. For example, the "Han" character Unicode code is 0x6c49.Coding scheme2) The encoding scheme is how

Into the world of Windows programming-----Message processing functions (1)

WIN32 message mechanismprocess-driven: programs are executed in the order that we pre-defined them, and each step is executed in the order in which they are executed until the end of the program. Event-driven: The order in which programs are

Use of system functions under Windows

The system function can invoke some DOS commands, such asSystem ("CLS");//clear screen equals the use of CLS command on DOSWrite the path to the executable file, you can run itThe following list of commonly used DOS commands can be called with the

Windows modifies the CMD character set

In a Chinese Windows System, if a text file is UTF-8 encoded, the contents of the file are not displayed correctly in the CMD.exe command-line window (the so-called DOS window). By default, the code page used in the command-line window is Chinese or

Windows system call gets current memory information

1#include"iostream"2#include"windows.h"3#include"shlwapi.h"4#include"Iomanip"5 #pragmaComment (lib, "Shlwapi.lib")6 using namespacestd;7 8 voidMain () {9 system_info si;TenZeroMemory (&si,sizeof(SI)); OneGetSystemInfo (&si); A - TCHAR

Evolution of the Windows platform Web site Picture server architecture

SummaryIn the mainstream web site, pictures are often an indispensable element of the page, especially in large sites, almost all will face "massive picture resources" storage, access and other related technical issues. In the image server for the

Classic Books for Windows programming

I am just beginning to learn Windows programming, feel the Snow Institute of Daniel is very NB. I want to find some books to study and study, but I don't know which books to read well.Driver, for the rookie is really a very esoteric topic, so, I

The maximum path name (Directory name) length in Windows-windows is 248 bytes

You can verify this upper value with the following C # code.// ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------////Respect the work.////&L t;summary>//the program.////--------------

Windows 2008 Configuration Run php5.5.x

1. Install the web5.0 platform installation program. web5.0 Platform installation program: Http:// Open the Web Platform Installer, search for "fastcgi", install IIS 7.0 fastcgi update3. Download the PHP Zip package

Vernacular Windows kernel object share copy object handle

Introduction : The Old King's Orchard Big Harvest, Lao Wang elated, with the family to the United States Alaska holiday. Alaska have a lot of things, are not in China, Lao Wang and his family have been a shopping addiction. But one time, I met a

Windows Server 2008r2 uses Web to modify domain account passwords

Windows Server 2008r2 uses Web to modify domain account passwords1. PrefaceWindows2003iis the ASP Web file IISADMPWD module with the user password to modify the domain, you can enable the module to modify the password through the Web, but IIS7 is

Install pear, PHPUnit, phpDoc2 for PHP5.4 under Windows

1. Install Pear official website: Http:// 5.4 of Windows package does not come with pear, download Http:// to PHP directory, and run:PHP Go-pear.pharAfter the installation is complete, a batch file named Pear.

Issues with HP QC on Windows 7

C (Quantity Center) is a good test management tool, recently upgraded the company's operating system from Windows XP to Windows 7, found to log on to the QC Server AddIn page, many client components are not properly downloaded, This results in the

Myeclipse-10.7-offline-installer-windows installation diagram and precautions

MyEclipse Enterprise-class work platform (Myeclipseenterprise Workbench, abbreviated MYECLIPSE) is an extension of eclipseide, which we can use in database and Java EE development, and the integration of the application server greatly improves

Unity for Windows:ii–publishing Unity games to Windows Store

Original address: 8 is a new OS with a Windows Store where can distribute your apps to millions of the users world wide, for both PC , laptops and

Installation failure in Windows 8.1 installation VS2005: Failed to install the. NET Framework 3.5 Solution

When you install VS2005 or VS2008 under Windows 8.1, you are prompted to install the. NET Framework 3.5 Online, but everyone knows that the online installation of the pit Dad, no matter how good the network, all show that the Internet can not

Windows XP loop startup

At half past eleven in the evening, the dormitory was powered off, and the computer (desktop) was not shut down in advance. As a result, after the server was started up, it suffered a tragedy and started cyclically. The security mode was also

Install the mysqldb module in python for windows (32-bit 64-bit)

This article will show you how to install the mysqldb module using python in this windows system. For more information, see. 1. exe:Http:// It can be divided into 32-bit and 64-bit. Download the corresponding exe. 2.

Solution to 80 ports occupied by inetinfo.exe

Solution to quota occupation. If the ghost service is turned off, the PHP environment can be properly installed. Solution: in windows Service Management, stop IIS admin server or run it in cmd. The Code is as follows: Copy code

Use Kerberos 5 authentication on FreeBSD

Source: Perls Blog Part 1 Introduction to Kerberos protocol1. Kerberos protocol Introduction In Greek mythology, Kerberos is the three dogs that guard the gate of hell. In the computer world, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) named the

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