Windows operating system and kernel version number

Win10 How to query the build version (kernel version):1. Press Win+r to start the "Run" window, enter "msconfig" and determine2. Click the "Tools" tab in the "System Configuration" window, select "About Windows" and click "Start" button3. The "About

Quick Build Nodejs local server under Windows

Windows under the rapid construction NodeJS Local serverFirst we will download the corresponding version of the installation package to the node. JS website the installation, and the installation of common software

Windows Environment Installation Tutorial Composer Download Composer-setup.exe,: first2) in the PHP directory, open the php.ini file and turn on the OpenSSL extension. Remove the semicolon

MD5 Introduction and MD5 check the file under Windows.

MD5 introduction Baidu Encyclopedia;The summary is as follows:The MD5 checksum (checksum) checks the correctness of the data by performing a hash operation on the received transmitted data.A hash function, such as MD5, is a one-way operation that

Elasticsearch First article: Installing Elasticsearch under Windows

Https:// is the first article in the Elasticsearch 2.4 release series: Elasticsearch First article: Installing Elasticsearch under Windows Elasticsearch Introduction Second

Chapter seventh application of resources in Windows programming P157 7-8

Application experiment of resource in program design based on SDKFirst, Experimental Purpose1. Master the application of various resources and program design method of resource application.Ii. contents of the experiment and StepsExperimental tasks1.

Windows configuration local Hadoop runtime environment

Many people like to develop Hadoop programs locally with Windows, a tutorial that configures Hadoop under Windows.First go to the official website to download Hadoop, here need to download a tool winutils, this tool is compiled for Hadoop, after

Rookie essay (1)---line break for different operating systems for Windows, Unix, and Mac carriage return \ r and newline characters \ n

A rookie turned out, the yard of the world to break into a daily progress more than lost.                    Windows, Unix, Mac line breaks for different operating systems carriage return \ r and newline characters \ nFirst, the concept:Line feed ' \

Failed to write core dump. Minidumps is not enabled by default on client versions of Windows

Using Jprofiler to monitor Java program memory, JVM error:A fatal error have been detected by the Java Runtime environment:exception_access_violation (0xc0000005) at pc=0x0000000077 18B81A, pid=8540, Tid=0x0000000000000fa4jre Version:java (TM) SE

"Super-Detailed tutorial" uses Windows Live Writer 2012 and Office Word 2013 to publish articles to the blog Park Comprehensive Summary of the first: Start Test 002 () (Thanks to Xiao Ming students)Last year knew this function, but did not go into the summary, recently had the desire to write online blog, and then picked up this thing

Core summary of Windows core programming (chapter III kernel objects) (2018.6.2)

Learning GoalsThe third chapter of the concept of kernel objects is more abstract, it is difficult to understand, I constantly surf the internet to find information and see the video, just basic understanding of the concept and characteristics of

Windows Mobile, wince system, starting a CAB file installation with code

Sometimes you need to use code to start the installation cab, and here's the code. Silent installation is not possible.The user will be prompted to install and the user needs to click on the line.Using system;using system.collections.generic;using

Core summary of Windows core programming (chapter fourth process (i)) (2018.6.8)

Learning GoalsThe fourth chapter of the process of learning can be a heavy and far, although not difficult, but a lot of knowledge, but also more fragmented, need to summarize, mind the process of the framework. So, I'll divide this chapter into

. NET core 2.0 under WIndows IIS Publishing (WIN 10 environment)

Recently doing exercises, publishing. NET core webapi on native IIS, after publishing to IIS with a. NET core file system, error 500.19 occursThe following page was observed:Check the data only to know that is less installed a Dotnetcore

Install using Curl under Windows (64-bit)

The Curl command can execute an HTTP request by using the command line method. There are scenarios used in Elasticsearch, so here's a look at how to perform the Curl command under Windows. Tools downloadDownload the toolkit on the official site:

New features of Windows Server 2016 HCI (Hyper-converged infrastructure) by s2d

Hyper-converged infrastructure (hyper-converged Infrastructure, or "HCI"), also known as hyper-converged architecture, refers to not only resources and technologies such as compute, networking, storage, and server virtualization in the same set of

gnutls-3.5.18 Static Building for Windows

gnutls-3.5.18 Static Building for WindowsRequired Libraries:1. Libnettle2. GmplibOptional Libraries:1. libtasn1-4.132. libunistring-0.9.9./configure--prefix=/usr/local/\--disable-shared \--enable-staticConfig.h add#define LC_MIN 0#define LC_MAX

Windows compiler Nginx+nginx_rtmp_modue (vs2013)

Read the official method of compiling the version of Windows environment Windows 7 Ultimate 64,visual Studio 2013Nginx_rtmp_modue in Nginx 1.7 is unable to compile (Linux is not possible), so get 1

Windows Server dump File

1. Mini Dump:Need to include Dbghelp.dll libraryMini_dump.h file:reference: (v=vs.85). aspx#ifndef mini_dump_h__#define Mini_dump_h__Namespace MiniDump{void Minidumpbegin (const char*

Windows 10 installs the configuration Caffe and supports GPU acceleration (change)

Basic EnvironmentIt is recommended to strictly follow the version-Windows 10-Visual Studio 2013-Matlab r2016b-Anaconda-CUDA 8.0.44-CuDNN V4 1. Installing Cuda 8.0After installation, the program automatically adds a CUDA_PATH environment

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