PYTHON3.6.2+DJANGO-1.11.5+HTTPD-2.4.27-WIN64-VC14 Deployment Web site under Windows

The recent project team is on the Python+django. The deployment process is now summarized under the relevant files are also backed up, face every time to get a half day. Online a lot of bad practices, let me repeatedly trial and error, wasting a lot

Windows cannot create an object because the directory service cannot allocate a relative identifier

WINDOWSSERVER2012 create user on Active Directory domain controller The following error occurred:650) this.width=650; "Src=" Https:// -wmp_4-s_1065455346.jpg "title="

Run Azure Storage Emulator (one) in Windows Server Container: Can I listen to custom addresses?

What am I going to do? Change the listener address of the ASE. For me with obsessive-compulsive disorder, the ASE listens by default to, which makes me unacceptable, so I'm going to change it to a domain + 80 port;

If you want to ensure that Windows 10 does not install built-in applications when new users log on, you must remove all configured applications.

Original If you want to ensure that Windows 10 does not install the built-in application when a new user logs on, you must remove all configured applications. the contents of this article Applications that have been installed and configured

Windows DirectX9 screenshot Save BMP file

/* * Windows DirectX9 screenshot save BMP File */#include #include #pragma comment (lib, "D3D9.lib") # pragma comment (lib, "D3dx9.lib") #ifndef safe_release#define safe_release (P) if (p) {p->release ();p = NULL;} #endifint Main (int Argc,char

The fifth chapter implements data binding for Windows programs

The fifth chapter implements data binding for Windows programs1. Data is stored using a datasetData binding using a ComboBoxUsing DataGridView for data bindingImplementing Data Updates with datasets2.ADO. NET two parts ofConnection

Get Windows objects such as URLs, port numbers, etc., timed to show up

123 Frequency screen width is:{{widths}} frequency screen height is:{{heights}} Page title is:{{titles}}The url protocol is:{{urls}}url Host is:{{urlss}} Port number is:{{dkhs}}The hash part of url is:{{hashs}}. Access address is:{{dzs}}Get Windows

Compiled installation deployment for Swoole extensions under Windows

1. Download Cygwin to Cygwin website.Website address: Open the downloaded Cygwin installation package and start installing the Cygwin.Select the installation directory for Cygwin (this will also be the Swoole installation

Configuring virtual hosts under Windows Apache

Configure multiple virtual hosts because there are multiple laravel projects that need to be configured with the root directory under publicMethod One: Add a port number The first step: Enter the Apache directory apache24\conf find

Windows System image Microsoft official resources Easy Download Tutorial

Today and little brother learned a good way to download software, the province get a variety of websites download with virus, plug-in resources.This magical website is called MSDN, and I tell you that this is a privately maintained website with all

Gets the icon for the Windows taskbar that has the application window open (that is, the foreground process in Task Manager)

Gets the icon for the Windows taskbar that has the application window open (that is, the foreground process in Task Manager)1. Function descriptionGets the window icon for an application that has been opened to the window taskbar. as follows: (to

Handle, Windows data type

word:16 bit unsigned integer datadword:32 bit unsigned integer data (DWORD32)dword64:64 bit unsigned integer dataint:32-bit signed integer data typeINT_PTR: pointer type pointing to INT data typeint32:32 bit symbol integral typeint64:64 bit symbol

Windows platform VS2010 compiles 64-bit libiconv with LIBXML2

(i) Installation of LibiconvDownload Path that the libiconv-1.11.1 version is selected here because there is no makefile.msvc file for the later version. Puzzled...CD D:\Program Files (x86) \microsoft Visual

Hyper-V 2016 series tutorial 39 using Hyper-V and Windows PowerShell in Windows 10

Note: the following sections are taken from the Microsoft website:Now that you have a basic understanding of how to deploy Hyper-V, create virtual machines, and manage these virtual machines, let's look at how to use PowerShell to automate most of

Comprehensive interpretation and introduction of Windows network security and common attack methods

originally I was to visit the forum, but saw a bit in front of the same network security peers, left the traces, sent a relatively good article, I thought that since we come to this trip, can not seem worse than others. So I also wrote this piece is

Unzip tar.gz file under Windows

A recent project, using gadgets instead of manually submitting to the site and getting results.A problem was encountered during the development process.The format returned by the Web site is a tar.gz file. The first way to think about it is to use a

elasticsearch5.x in Windows 10 series articles (4)

Elasticsearch version: 5.5.1 (the latest stable version is 5.5.2), because of the use of the IK Chinese word breaker, the latest version does not have 5.5.2, so use 5.5.1Date: 2017-08-30Fourth chapter: Installing Search GuardSince the security

FFmpeg 3.2.4 + libx264 Windows compilation summary

___________________________ compilation Environment __________________________________NDK Environment: android-ndk-r13bMinGW Environment: Basic setup under Mark all projects, ffmpeg need to use Msys environment to compileffmpeg:3.2.4libx264: Latest

Windows XP system-driven installation issues

Download Ghost image using website www.panduoduo.net650) this.width=650; "src=" Https:// "title=" "alt=" Wkiom1myfcdz51rwaabvldrrvi4651.png "/> Here i download is the

ESP32 Building the Windows Development environment (official method)

First of all to ensure that the computer has downloaded the Git client, no self- Get the Build ToolchainWindows does not have a built-in "make" environment, so you will need a GNU-compatible environment to install

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