The default 5037port for Windows under ADB is occupied and resolved.

windows may cause system 5037port to be occupied by system processes because of the different system version number. Causes ADB to be unable to use 5037port, which causes ADB to not open. The ADB server donot ACK is displayed when running an Android

Install Nginx as a service under Windows

See Nginx Today this small server Software official version updated to 1.4.2, want to play it. This server software is small, but powerful, open source software, has a good performance, by many individuals, enterprises, even large enterprises

Zlib, Libzip, LIBZIPPP Library Compilation (Windows + CMake + vs2013)

"Libzipp" This library is based on "Libzip" is encapsulated, and "Libzip" is based on the "zlib" library encapsulation, so to compile "Libzipp" library will have to compile the other two libraries first.Download

Windows installation Pywin32 error: Close failed in file object Destructor:sys.excepthook is missing lost Sys.stderr

Tonight to write search engine work, scrapy environment, encountered the following problems:Windows installation Pywin32 error: Close failed in file object Destructor:sys.excepthook is missing lost Sys.stderrWorkaround:1. Right-click Administrator

Deep Learning Caffe Practical notes (+) Windows platform FASTER-RCNN make your own datasets

Long March the first step, is to make their own data sets, the process is more cumbersome, especially the process of labeling, this blog first introduced if the production of voc2007 own data set for FASTER-RCNN training, the next blog describes how

Enable windows Photo Viewer in Windows th1/th2/rs1/rs2 and Windows Server 2016

Windows Photo Viewer is a quick desktop application for image viewing. In the previous OS like Windows 8.1, the It can be set as default through PC Settings,But this won ' t work starting from Windows 10. The Windows Photo Viewer is not a available

Troubleshoot the Windows Server 2003 NTbackup error 8193 issue

Environment: Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition SP2has been using Ntbackup backup, the last two times error, the first reboot thought the problem was gone, and later found himself wrong.Fault:Event Type: errorEvent Source:VSSEvent Type:

Create the first Windows service

A Windows Service application is a program that runs in the background of the operating system for a long time, and it is particularly suitable for a server environment that does not have a user interface and produces no visual output, and any user

Windows Server Core command (specific operations commands for managing server cores)

To manage Server Core specific operations commands:1. Set the password of the local administrator userNet User Administrator *Note in the command to include (*) and then press ENTER, and then type the administrator password, so that the password

One up when network management (a) DHCP configuration on--windows server

School laboratory large and small equipment, network environment although not complex, but also more complex than the home. Just practice practiced hand, just write some articles, lest later the laboratory network no one tube. So let's start with

Windows 2012 new additional domain controlled workaround for no Netlogon and SYSVOL sharing

Company new domain control because the branch needs auxiliary domain control, a new additional domain control, but the domain control was built after the discovery of Group Policy does not take effect, check the Sysvol folder blank, it must not be

Getting started with GitHub and GitHub for Windows installation tutorials

Before looking at this tutorial I think everyone is also searching how to use GitHub to host their own projects, before using GitHub I also encountered a variety of problems, on the internet i also searched a lot, but always feel that the internet

Compiled code::blocks in "code::blocks" Windows environment (fixed)

Code::Blocks released the latest version of 12.11 in 2012-11-25, and Code::Blocks has made many improvements and updates (change log) compared to the previous version (10.05).Reference wikipedia:code::blocks: code::blocks is a free,

Latest Windows 0day Exploits

Using the video screen: Use the method environment to buildNote that the 32-bit python2.6-related version must be installed, and the other versions do not work. Download python2.

Troubleshoot blue screen failures in Windows use

the content in this article collect on the networkStop message: 0x0000000A failure (device already installed)Description text: irql_not_less_or_equalCommon Cause: The driver uses an unhealthy memory address.Workaround: If Windows 2000 can also start,

Troubleshooting WINDOWS10 or other versions of Windows Update error

Recently updated the system, found error 0x80248014, the system version is Redstone2 (creator update).Summary found that as long as the Windows version of the automatic Update error, such as the beginning of 0x80 a series of errors, can be resolved

Common Methods for Window objects/pop-up windows/Timers

All methods in the Window object can omit the previous window.  , such as close (); 1, prompt: Pop-up window to receive user input, 2, alert: Pop-up Window warning, 3, confirm: Prompt with confirmation/Cancel button, 4, close: Close the current

Windows platform installs the node. JS Green Version

1. Download the Windows binary version of the node. js file    2. Unzip the downloaded zip archive into a directory (for example: D:\nodejs)    3. Node. js at this point only works in the directory you just unzipped, and you need to configure

Windows GPT disk GUID structure detailed

Previous Article Windows disk MBR architecture detailed we introduce the master Boot record structure in basic disk. GPT disk as the partition structure introduced after Windows 2003. Using the GUID partition table structure, the benefit compared to

Play TensorFlow on Windows (a)--install Docker "turn"

"Google" + "deep learning", two tags let the December 2015 Google open-source deep learning tool TensorFlow after its release quickly became the world's hottest open source project, April 2016, open source TensorFlow support distributed features,

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