Windows 8 Partition size Security Quick adjustment

Microsoft operating system Windows 8 has a lot of advanced features, such as the touch-based interface of metro style, Windows Store, and so on. However, it does not have much of a breakthrough in Disk Management compared to Windows 7. The built-in

How to force the turn on Aero in Windows 7

The Aero diagnostics and Repair tool in Windows 7 can easily identify and resolve problems with transparency and other visual effects. But if this tool is not available in some cases, the tips to force the Aero effect in Vista are still valid under

Windows 7 Deployment Tools DISM Instance

As you know, Windows Vista uses a wrapper tool that is ImageX, and the associated. wim file is the new image standard. As it is, the same image format, Microsoft launched a new packaging tool--dism in Windows 7. This tool is unfamiliar to most users,

Hard disk installation methods for Windows 7

Body: Download the system on the Internet are ISO, conditional friends can be burned into a CD-ROM installation! No condition of the friend will carefully study the hard disk installation! So the second computer network summarizes several hard disk

How Windows computer creates Mac desktop effects

still envy Apple Mac computer personalized desktop? In fact, do not envy, because your Windows computer can also easily create a similar Mac desktop effect, as shown below. Today, the computer Pepsi network to teach you how to make your Windows

What to do about Windows Server 2008 IIS 7 503 Error

Windows 2008 R2 often get a 503-wrong solution when visiting Error Summary: HTTP Error 503.2-service Unavailable The Serverruntime@appconcurrentrequestlimit setting is being exceeded. Detailed Error Information: Module IIS Web Core

How the Windows me restore system functions

System Restore, is to restore the computer to a previous state, regain the performance at that time. The System Restore function can solve the system failure or unstable state caused by various reasons. Because the System Restore function is

Windows System Log Auditing

Experimental background For Windows Server attacks in the network often occur, the administrator needs to be in the server after the abnormal situation, rapid response, and the need to locate the intrusion of services, detection of the means of

How to install XP with a new hard drive under Windows 7

First, install Windows XP dual system under Windows 7 This dual system installation does not belong to the new installation and coverage of the WIN7 system, but it is not completely infeasible, in fact, XP in accordance with the method of this

Windows Communication Port initialization failed

Failure to initialize a Windows communication port generally can be judged by the following scenarios. The situation is as follows: 1, after the computer boot, time will take about six minutes to enter the system, or longer. 2, after we turn on

The little secret of the Windows operating system landing

In general, Windows provides the following 4 ways to sign in: (1) Interactive login Interactive login is the most common type of login we normally use, that is, the user login via the corresponding user account and password. Some netizens think

The function of keyboard F1 to F12 shortcut keys in Windows 7 flagship system

F1: If you are in a selected program and need help, then press F1, and if you're not in any program now, but in a resource manager or desktop, then pressing F1 will show you the Windows helper, if you're working on a program and want Windows Help,

Analysis of important processes in Windows XP systems

With the XP system running, there are a lot of system processes that support the operation of the XP operating system, which is the main process of XP, but many friends do not understand what the process is? The process is the foundation of the

What you need to know about the Win7 system to install the Windows 10 preview

1, do the preparatory work before installation Before you install, you need to do some preparation work, such as backing up your computer data. In addition, if your original operating system is not Windows 8.1, it is best to check the compatibility

The Seven Secrets of Microsoft Windows Blue Unknown

Microsoft publicly acknowledged its presence after the release of the ISO installation image file for Windows Blue build 9364. In those who have tried the leaked version, the view is not uniform, some criticize it, others praise it. The leaked

"F1" shortcut key cannot invoke Windows Help and Support

Failure phenomenon: When Windows encounters a failure, we refer to or use the related features of Windows Help and Support (hereinafter called Help and Support). This feature needs to be implemented by tapping the F1 key under the system desktop,

Desktop administrator must know about Windows tools and terminology

It is important for IT administrators to stick with the latest desktop tools, components, and products, but this is by no means an easy task. In addition to knowing the meaning of some terms such as AppX, read-only files (prefetch folder), and BIOS

How Windows Vista optimizes failures

Common Windows Vista optimizations after failure Many users often complain about optimizing the vista system after the failure, which caused the entire system is paralyzed, the afternoon is edited for readers to organize some of the common Vista

Introduction to SINA Micro-disk Windows client function

1, micro-disk Windows client is what? Windows clients support Windows XP, Vista, Win7, logon clients, set up file synchronization directories, and any files saved in the My micro-disk folder are automatically synchronized to the micro-disk cloud.

Windows XP System Installation Steps

Windows XP system installation Steps (graphics) Set boot from CD drive in BIOS First, the preparatory work: 1. Prepare the Windows XP Professional Simplified Chinese installation CD and check that the optical drive supports self-booting. 2. If

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