10 tips for shutting down and restarting Windows 8 computers

The Windows 8 Consumer preview version of the operating system without the Start button makes some users feel difficult to get started, what if it's a very simple shutdown and reboot? Now is a detailed summary of 10 ways to shut down and restart the

Change power Plan settings in Windows 8

Make changes to the power Plan settings under Windows 8 systems. Operation Steps: 1. In Control Panel, change the upper-right corner view to large icons, find power options, or open system and security directly under categories to find power

What version of Windows 7 is right for you?

Windows7 contains multiple versions I believe many people already know that in our actual use, due to the psychological factors in the acquisition of piracy, many users often choose the highest end of the Windows7ultimate flagship version, but, we

Can windows.old delete it? How to remove

Everyone knows that if you install Windows 7 or Windows 8 in the form of an unformatted C-disk, such as a direct upgrade or hard drive installation, you will leave a Windows.old folder under C disk. This folder is used to keep old Windows system

Windows NetEase Cloud reading and scallops News

With the advent of the winter holidays, the Windows App Store, with its massive applications, is recommending two reading stars this week to enrich Windows users ' holiday life--windows version NetEase cloud reading and scallops news. With Windows 8-

QQ for Windows 8 version of what happens when the card dies

Tencent QQ for Windows 8 version of the WIN8 Metro interface experience is not too good at present, in addition to the lack of Chinese, not fully functional, there is a list of contact people with a card death bug. Tencent officials have given the

How to get into the "Safe mode" of Windows 8 system

  Method One, from the WIN8 system "Computer Settings-advanced boot" into Safe mode Move the finger from the right side of the screen to the middle or press "win+i" to open Win8 's Super button (charm) and click "Change Computer Settings".

How to see if the hardware drivers in Windows 8 are installed properly

The hardware driver in Windows 8 is normal, and we can see if the device is properly installed through Device Manager. If you do not see an icon for an unknown device in Device Manager, your Windows 8 computer or device is currently in a

Windows 8.1 Built-in Microsoft Wubi Input Method version 86 code

Add Microsoft Wubi IME Microsoft Wubi Input method is not a Windows 8.1 system in the Chinese language of the default input method, you need to use it before you add it to the system input method, the specific actions please refer to the following

How to set up Windows 7 Remote Desktop Connection

This article describes the Windows 7 Remote Desktop Connection setting method, which is still the basic tutorial, although Windows 7 has improved a lot on remote Desktop, Remote Desktop is a simple module, and more improvements can only be

How does Windows 8 open a command prompt?

The first method: Press Win+c, click on the right "search", enter "cmd" or "Command Prompt", right-click the command prompt, appear under the sidebar, select "Open a new Window", open a command prompt (user directory), select "Run as Administrator",

Windows XP Super Administrator password problem

For your own computer sometimes there are always some private things do not want others to see what should be done? What we often do is to set the password, so as long as they know the password people can not use their own personal computer, the

How does Windows 8.1 update uninstall?

Not long ago we brought you the latest Windows 8.1 upgrade Windows 8.1 2014 Update tutorial, but after upgrading the Windows 8.1 2014 update system, there is no big bright spot, mainly adding some system functions, User-selectable operations more.

Windows 7 Shared file failure solution

Family groups often fail when they attempt to share files with other versions of the Windows system. The reasons are often mixed, for example, the workgroup name is different, the settings are incorrect, and so on. Below we give a set of operating

How to use Windows 7 command

In the early DOS system era of operating system development, you can perform tasks on your computer by typing commands at the command prompt. With the development of the operating system, the Windows graphical operation interface is gradually

Windows cannot access the specified device path or file, you may not have the appropriate permissions to access this item

Computer knowledge This error occurs because your system partition is formatted with an NTFS partition and does not have administrator permissions set. Or because of a malformed folder Solution: 1 View the C disk properties, switch to the

Troubleshooting the Patch Pack update in Windows 7 cannot be uninstalled

In order to keep the computer running smoothly, we need to update the system from moment to time. Installing Windows Updates is undoubtedly one of our main ways to update our Windows system. Every once in a while, Microsoft releases a patch Pack

How to use Windows 8.1 view reorganization

Windows 8.1 Optimizes the view of system files, and if we can make full use of the various file view functions provided by the system, the efficiency of file management and processing will be greatly improved.   1. Book Indexing document

Windows 7 system Backup and restore operations detailed

The importance of operating system backup believe that everyone is self-evident, as the new operating system, Win 7 in the backup system, what is the change of human nature? Today I'm going to take a look at Windows 7 system backup and what's new

Windows 7 prompts for no administrator privileges

From the Vista system, Microsoft to provide system security, began to emphasize the ownership of Windows files, as well as program Run-time user rights, restricting the program to the system important files tampering. However, this also gives us

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