How to install IE7 in Chinese Windows XP

Note System backup before operation, remember1. Perform "Start-run", enter "regedit" and return!2. Found in the registry: Hkey_local_machinesystemcontrolset001controlnls, on the "Nls" right click! Select Export, named "Bf01.reg" Save!Open "Nls"

Computer tip: Windows 7 hibernate continues to download

Like downloading movies on the internet, TV show watching Friends are more and more, of course, in order not to affect their speed, many people choose to go to bed at night before the download task, and then their own sleep, computer continue to

Windows Server Management Storage Network credentials

1.1.1 Manage the stored account If you frequently access a server's shared folder, each time you need to enter the access server's account and password, you can save the credentials to access the server. The following is the access to the shared

Windows 8 Share has reached 0.13%

The release Preview version of Windows 8, the RC candidate, will be released early in June, before the Windows 8 Consumer preview (Consumer Preview) has laid a good foundation for the masses. Microsoft has said recently that Windows 8 consumer

What is the difference between WIN8 and Windows RT?

Do you know what Windows RT means? Windows RT is a new windows-based operating system that can be used for a longer battery life and a lightweight computer designed for use on the road. Windows RT works perfectly with applications installed from

Windows system Remote Desktop Connection tips two

In the local area network to facilitate the exchange of information with other workstations, we often use Remote Desktop features, many people think that such a function is almost insignificant, but in the actual use of the process, we sometimes

Windows System tips: Two tips for Remote Desktop Connection

In the local area network to facilitate the exchange of information with other workstations, we often use Remote Desktop features, many people think that such a function is almost insignificant, but in the actual use of the process, we sometimes

Windows xp password forgot how to get it back

The security of Windows XP has improved greatly, allowing different users to have their own desktops and settings, and to protect the privacy of their users. But what if the employee leaves the company without disclosing the password, or the user

Windows 7 dual system tutorial on MacBook Air

Apple has been so powerful lately that almost all of Apple's products have become synonymous with taste, MacBook Air ultra-thin beautiful figure, of course, also captured the n many people's heart, has become a large number of petty bourgeoisie, but

Aliyun how Windows systems are deployed to extend the system disk

Step 5: Extend the system disk (only for instances where the system disk is greater than 40GB) The system disk does not have more than 40GB users, please skip this step. If you select a system disk that is larger than 40GB when you create an

Take Windows 8 to travel to make your trip easier

For the donkey friend, the greatest pleasure is not only in the journey of seeing and seeing, but also in the careful preparation of homework before the trip. The holidays will arrive, it's time to start planning. And in the winter, apps in Windows 8

How to set up multiple monitors in Windows 8

Little left teaches you how to set up multiple displays in Windows 8 to make your screen display flashy. Detailed reference: Directory: 1. Set up multiple monitors 2. Dual monitor use of key enhancements 3. Connect the Monitor 1.

Windows 7+ubuntu 11.10 Dual system Installation

1, Windows 7 installation EASYBCD (currently the latest version of 2.1.2), download the address "> 2007-12/10060.htm 2, the Ubuntu system file Ubuntu-11.10-desktop-i386.iso copied

Install wget under Windows

1. Installation wget URL: Download Http:// Double-click Install 2. System environment variable, new Gnu_home=c:program FilesGnuWin32 3,

Hyper-V virtual machine operations in Windows 8

Microsoft integrates Hyper-V manager into a personal Windows 8 system, which can be said to be a major improvement. This improvement also illustrates the importance of virtualization and cloud computing in the IT industry. The use of Hyper-V can be

Daily maintenance rules for computer hard drives under Windows

1. Do not turn off the power when reading and writing the hard drive When reading and writing a hard disk, the disc is in a high speed rotating state, if the power is forcibly turned off, it will cause the head and disc to rub violently, thus

Aliyun How to deploy a Windows system to log on to a server

Step 3: Login instance Depending on your local operating system, you can log on to the cloud server from Windows, Linux, Mac, and so on. This section describes the common way to log on servers, taking the local Windows operating system as an

Windows 8 system Power Options How to add the Hibernate command

Before starting the body content, simply explain the use of the next hibernation, and the difference between it and sleep. According to official explanations, hibernation and sleep are power-saving states in Windows, where hibernation is primarily

Wireless sharing tutorials under the latest Windows 7

With the popularity of smartphones and tablets, there is a growing demand for wireless internet access. We can usually go to the airport, café this public place to rub wireless, or at home to an wireless router. In addition, we can use notebook to

Windows XP Tips Summary

Windows XP Tips Summary (Novice dedicated) 1. How to configure Windows XP service yourself? If you are using Windows XP on a stand-alone computer, many service components are not needed at all, and additional service programs affect the speed of

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