How to install IE7 in Chinese Windows XP

Note System backup before operation, remember1. Perform "Start-run", enter "regedit" and return!2. Found in the registry: Hkey_local_machinesystemcontrolset001controlnls, on the "Nls" right click! Select Export, named "Bf01.reg" Save!Open "Nls"

Rapid installation of Windows 7 systems

First you download a virtual optical drive installed, the Win7 installation files extracted out of the system disk in any folder, folder name you want to remember, later will use, and then put the Window7 folder inside the boot folder, Sources

Windows 7 O'Clock installation don't forget to update

When I spoke with some colleagues about the installation of Windows 7 RTM (Final Press edition), I specifically noted that Windows system updates needed to be run after the system was installed. Several system administrators looked at me and felt

Computer tip: Windows 7 hibernate continues to download

Like downloading movies on the internet, TV show watching Friends are more and more, of course, in order not to affect their speed, many people choose to go to bed at night before the download task, and then their own sleep, computer continue to

Windows 8 Share has reached 0.13%

The release Preview version of Windows 8, the RC candidate, will be released early in June, before the Windows 8 Consumer preview (Consumer Preview) has laid a good foundation for the masses. Microsoft has said recently that Windows 8 consumer

Windows 2003 Server Security Configuration complete article (4)

3. Hide important files/directories You can modify the registry to achieve complete concealment: "Hkey_local_machine\software\microsoft\windows\ current-version\explorer\advanced\folder\hi-dden\ ShowAll ", the mouse right click" CheckedValue ",

Windows 2003 Server Security Configuration complete article (2)

Second, close the unwanted services to open the appropriate audit policy I have closed the following services Computer Browser maintains the latest list of computers on the network and provides this list Task Scheduler allows a program to run at a

Solution to the panic failure in Windows operating system

window| Solution |window When you are in front of the computer do not rush to rush yourself up to tens of thousands of words report, when you are playing with the computer game, suddenly the screen no longer any changes, you tap on the keyboard

Windows.moveby () Function Usage Example

window| Function | example (i). Sample picture Effects (ii). Code window.settimeout () function

Install SQL2000 Enterprise Edition under Windows XP

Window The method is as follows: A Locate the MSDE directory on the SQL Server installation disk and click Setup.exe to install it, and the process is simple and the next step is OK. Two. Restart the system Windows XP, this will see the SQL

Flash+js to create full screen imitation windows

Js|window Flash+js to create full screen imitation windows   First, demand analysis : 1: Full Screen page resolution should be 1024*768 if less than this resolution, the effect of fine screen is not reflected. Therefore, the operating system below

Supplemental to the "modular mode of Apache installation of PHP4 under Windows 9x/nt"

Author: Tony Reeves () Publish Date: 08/19 14:40 Some days ago, it was I who wrote this article! Originally I wanted to offer some help to friends who had just been in touch with PHP and used win9x/nt, For their early establishment of a small

To control pop-up windows---Use the file access component tips for example

access| Popup | tips | Control and I learned to use the background program to programmatically popup windows---Modify a file instance with the Files Access component We often need to do a pop-up window on the home page (in fact I hate this stuff),

Vulnerability description Everyone knows that in the installation of the Windows 2000 Simplified Chinese version of the process, by default, the installation of a variety of simplified

I believe there are a lot of friends like me. Using the Windows 2000 operating system, as with other versions of Windows, if there are too many things in the Windows 2000 system, it will take a lot of time to start each time, it really kills me.

Optimizing Windows XP SP2 system with Xp-antispy

At present, many friends have installed Windows XP SP2, but by default, Windows XP SP2 will open many services arbitrarily, for individual users, some services are completely unnecessary to start, not only waste your system resources, but also in

To close and open a specified program using Windows Script

window| program--------------Close the specified program---------- ----------------------------------------------run the specified program----------------

Create and Control Windows services--add file-monitoring functionality[level: advanced]

Services|window| advanced now and all the necessary architecture are in place, the can add some functionality to the service. As an example, I'll show you and the A file-monitoring service which monitors the local file system and notes Importan T

The windows of DOS program for VB application

Program In the dual sense, all visual programming tools, VB should be the simplest, quickest, most convenient, I have used it to do the application, edited the game, developed a small plug-in and so on, feel the use of VB although weak point, but

Using Windows scripting to access Web SERVICES

services|web|window| access to the ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' Modiay by X ' 2003-12-30 ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' Const ForReading = 1, ForWriting = 2, ForAppending = 8 ' file

To create a Windows application using Microsoft.NET frameworks

window| Programs | Create windows-based applications using Microsoft.NET frameworks Shawn Burke Microsoft Corporation September 2000 Summary:: This article describes the Win form, a new form package that enables developers to take full advantage of

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