Delphi programming calls the specified Windows program

This example describes how to call the specified Windows program in your own program. Start a new project and add 4 TButton components to the blank form. The form after you add the component is shown in Figure 1. Figure 1 form after adding a

. NET Framework drawing techniques for Windows Forms

Fortunately, when you write a typical Windows Forms program, the drawing, effects, and so on of forms and controls do not need to be specifically considered. Why is that? because by using the. Net Framework, developers can drag a series of controls

Delphi and Windows API topics

Delphi calls WINAPI characters and String functions: Charnext, Charprev Delphi calls WINAPI characters and String functions: Chartooem, Oemtochar Delphi calls WINAPI characters and String functions (13) Delphi Call WINAPI Character and string

A detailed explanation of Windows XP disk partition management application

Compared with the bitter and difficult partition operation in DOS environment. In Windows XP, the use of graphical interface and personalized operation, the hard disk can be more efficient and flexible partition operations. In addition to this,

When Windows 2000 converter migration, it prompts you for a scsiport.sys solution

When using convert to P2V migration to Windows2000, you may receive a prompt indicating that the Scsiport.sys version on the source system must be upgraded. Convert request upgrade version is 5.0.2195.7017, however, even with this version of the

Windows Server 2008 R2 virtualization High Availability cluster II creating and configuring clusters

We've got the environment ready, the roles are all installed, and now we're starting to create clusters and configure clusters. First, we open the Failover Cluster Manager from the Admin tool, turn on both C1 and C2 OK, see common tasks, validate

Teach you to view the Windows 7 detailed system version number

Just finished installing WIN7, although the download note says Windows 7 build 7600.16385. But how do we see this version number in Win7? Search the internet for half a day, found this view WIN7 detailed version number method. That is to use

How to remove earlier versions of Windows from the Startup menu in Vista

After upgrading to Windows Vista from Windows XP, you see an option in the Startup menu for earlier versions of Windows. How do I remove this option? Workaround: You can follow these steps to remove it. 1, open the command prompt. Enter CMD in the

Windows Master DHCP server configuration

The primary role of a DHCP server is to assign a dynamic IP address to a network client. These assigned IP addresses are reserved by the DHCP server as a set of addresses consisting of multiple addresses, and they are typically a contiguous address (

Developing a firewall under Windows 2000/XP

Introduced If you decide to develop Linux under the firewall, you will find a lot of free information and source code. But if it's difficult to develop a firewall under Windows, it's impossible to find the information and code. So I decided to

Windows based precise timing in VC

In the industrial production control system, there are many operations that need to be done regularly, such as displaying the current time regularly, periodically refreshing the progress bar on the screen, and sending commands and transmitting data

To change file associations in a Windows XP system

You can specify that files with a specific file name extension are always opened with the same program. You can also modify an existing file type to change its association with a program. You can work with file associations in Windows Explorer or in

How to add programs and Windows components in Windows 2003

This article describes how to add programs and Windows components to a Windows Server 2003-based computer. The Add or Remove Programs tool helps you manage programs on your computer. With this tool, you can add new programs or change, and delete

Making Ghost files for Windows 2003 systems

Many schools have upgraded the Windows 2000 diskless Terminal Network system to Windows 2003 two years ago. In addition to the system, the general installation of Office, WPS, Photoshop and other commonly used software to the C:\Program file\

Mysterious digital signatures in Windows 2000/XP

Do you know? The SP2 of Microsoft's digital signature is the official version (right-click to open the file Properties window to see the digital signature information shown in Figure 1). Figure 1 The File Protection feature of Windows In

Control the Windows registry with CB

The Windows registry contains system configuration, machine hardware configuration, Win32 applications, and other configuration information for users. The registry is divided into six root keys (ROOTKEY) based on system information, each of which

Create a shortcut on the Windows desktop

Note: I compile through windows ADV 2000,c++ Builder 6.0. :D The API provides a COM interface called IShellLink that allows us to create shortcuts. To create a shortcut on the desktop, we create a IShellLink object, set its properties, and then

Full-screen mode switch for console programs in Windows

When your program is running as a console, press Alt+enter to turn the screen into Full-screen mode. But how do you implement this function in a program using WIN32 API functions? As far as I know, Microsoft has not provided any documentation on

A small program that imitates windows self-sweeping

It's been fun to feel like a mine-clearance program with Windows on its own. Learning VC also has a long time, has not really done anything with intentions. Decided to do a mine-clearing practice practicing first. Because of the MFC master is not

How to use transparent pictures and labels in Windows Forms

This article supporting source code Yesterday a friend asked the Windows Form in the picture transparent problem, just look at the Internet, saw this article on the CodeProject, feel that write well, moreover oneself always want to learn

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