Windows Powershell Introduction and Installation _powershell

Powershell is a command-line scripting environment that runs automation of system and application management on a Windows machine. You can think of it as a command-line prompt Cmd.exe expansion, no, it should be subversion. PowerShell need. NET

Windows SP2 Free installation version-Deepinxp PLUS V2 Beta Download _ Common Tools

Design principles:1. Easy installation: No activation, no unattended, no manual loading Sata/raid drive, automatic installation of a variety of hardware drivers, free to choose landscaping themes and common software.2. Fast, Save resources: Optimize

Batch code for Windows bulk Add firewall exception port _dos/bat

Windows bulk Add firewall exception port Copy Code code as follows: echo off Cls Set var=30000 Set end=30010 : Continue set/a var+=1 echo Add Port%var% netsh firewall add portopening TCP%var% ftp_data_%var% If%var%

Resolve Windows 2003 "At least one service or driver error at system startup" _win Server

The following figure: The previous contact with Windows 2003 How also can not solve this problem, big is the computer foundation is not enough? But now the new 2003 is still the case, I do not see the past. You can first see that it prompts you

Nginx Win32 version static file test (Windows environment) _win Server

Downloaded the official version of Nginx for Win32 Nginx 0.7.53 A trial and stress test was conducted. Installation is easy to use, directly affixed to the official way: Win32 Binaries As of 0.7.52, Nginx is now available as a official Windows

About Windows cannot start Apache2 (phpstudy) in the local calculator _linux

After Baidu, see the same shoes hint to modify the \phpstudy\apache2\conf\ in the httpd.conf file, the code is as follows Copy Code code as follows: ServerAdmin DocumentRoot "D:\www" ServerName

Automatically backs up data to the server and deletes the backup _win server before the specified number of days through FTP under Windows

Description1, to back up the file in the D-packing directory, named after the time (generally we through the security of God's good backup software to achieve backup) for exampleD:\data_db_201112130001.BAKD:\data_db_201112140002.BAKD:\data_db_2011121

Windows file type and open Mode definition method _dos/bat

Assoc: Defines the file type based on the file name extension. You can use this command to display or modify file name extension associations For example: . bat=batfile . xls=excel.sheet.8 Ftype: The Open method is defined according to the file

Memcache configuration method in Windows environment Detail _win Server

After you extract the Memcache Server installation package to the C:\memcached folder, install it using the CMD command window. 1> Start > Run: CMD (OK) 2>CD C:\memcached (carriage return) 3>memcached-d Install (enter this step to perform the

Windows Apache Application Environment Tower method _win Server

Purpose: To configure restricted user rights for apache,php Configuration of the environment:Apache installation directory: D:\www-s\apachePHP Directory: D:\WWW-S\PHP5MySQL directory: d:\www-s\mysqlSite Root: D:\www\htdocs Users who are

Windows Apache Multi-Port Virtual Host configuration Method _linux

1, open httpd.conf, find listen:80, in the following line to join the listen:8080;2, find #include conf/extra/httpd-vhosts.conf, the line before the # removed;3, open the httpd.conf file directory under the Extra folder under the Httpd-vhosts.conf

Windows Script debugging Howto method _vbs

If you often write Windows scripts with VBS or JS and only know how to debug your program with a print variable Then you can go and spit the blood, and then read this article. Any type of Windows script can be debugged with a script debugger, with

Winsock of Windows network programming implement file Transfer sample _c language

The example shows the method of Winsock file transfer in Windows network programming, and it has some reference value for Winsock network programming under Windows. The program code is mainly based on the TCP stream protocol Winsock network File

. NET notes: An in-depth analysis of System.IO Windows file Operations _ Practical Tips

Several classes related to processing system files in. NET are File, Directory, FileInfo, DirectoryInfo, DriveInfo, FileSystemWatcher。 This article describes the use of these several classes. The 1.File class provides actions that static methods

Compile PHP5.4 and Xdebug full record _php techniques under Windows

In fact, my ultimate goal is to compile the php_xdebug.dll that supports PHP5.4, and before that, the successful compilation of PHP5.4 is necessary. Compilation environment and related software packages:1.Microsoft Visual C + + 2008 Express Edition

Configure php5.5 development environment under Windows and develop extended _php techniques

Online tutorials are more, but I found that under the windows of the expansion of less development, and most of them are php5.3 version of the previous, today I would like to explain the expansion of PHP development, I take php5.5 version to explain

PHP5.5 method of using Memcached server in Windows installation _php tips

PHP5.5 How to install memcached under Windows Download service-Side resources After the download is complete, unpack (I'm using a 64-bit, 32-bit version I haven't tried, should be no problem), go

Construction of Elk platform under Windows environment

. backgroundLogs primarily include system logs, application logs, and security logs. System operations and developers can use the log to understand the server hardware and software information, check the configuration process errors and the cause of

Use Mkdocs to build a static blog on Windows

Use Mkdocs to build a static blog on WindowsBefore trying to build a static blog with Hexo, recently found that there is an open-source project called Mkdocs is also a good choice to build a static blog, and it supports the markdown format, the

Learn more about what a Windows handle is (a handle is a logical pointer, or a pointer to a struct, illustrated, and very clear) good

There is always a newly-introduced Windows programmer asking me what the Windows handle is, and I say you see it as a pointer-like identifier, but obviously the answer doesn't make them happy, and then I say go ask the Niang, they say not too much

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