The configuration method of Apache open pseudo-static htaccess in Windows system

System environment: Windows Apache 2.2 Load Rewrite module: Found in httpd.conf in the Conf directory The code is as follows Copy Code LoadModule Rewrite_module modules/ This sentence, remove

How to troubleshoot Windows 7 prompts without Administrator privileges

When we find that some files can not be modified, we need to obtain the administrator ownership of this file, after the acquisition, we can think of how to modify the changes.Operation Steps: Tip: There is a risk of modifying the registry, please

Windows 2003 Gene6 FTP Server new domain/Account


Following the installation of the Win 2003 Gene6 FTP Server installation tutorial, we are ready to start using the SOFTWARE "Gene6 FTP Server". How do I create a domain and a stand-alone account? First, enter the password of the administrator

Windows 2003 server Security Settings Graphic Tutorial (1/3)

Recommended settings Limit test In "Network Connections", delete all the unwanted protocols and services, install only basic Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), and install the QoS Packet Scheduler in addition to the bandwidth flow service .

Windows Apache folder permissions configuration

To avoid uploading vulnerabilities, some directories need to disable PHP script execution permissions, Instance: The code is as follows Copy Code Order Allow,denyDeny from all In the httpd.conf file, add (PHP4

Windows 7 driver Disable automatic installation Update method detailed

The default setting for Windows 7 is to open the driver Auto matching installation, and the shutdown and open methods are as follows: 1, click the lower left corner menu, select equipment and printer You can also open the item in Control Panel, as

Windows 7 Installation and Configuration IIS7 Tutorial

1 Installation IIS7 Click "Start--> Control Panel--> program--> turn on or off Windows feature", and then follow the following figure: ( Note: The red part of the picture should be selected ) 2 Configuration IIS7 2.1

IIS6 upgrade to IIS7 date format modification method in Windows system

When the system is upgraded from the IIS6.0 platform to the IIS7 (. netframework2.0 to 4.0) operating system WINSERVER2008, it is possible to encounter the problem of conversion of the date format originally displayed by the system. I encountered

Use the Compatibility Troubleshooter to troubleshoot Windows 10 compatibility issues

Right-click on the software main program with compatibility problems, or right-click on the program shortcut icon on the desktop, and select "Compatibility Troubleshooter" in the menu that pops up. The Program Compatibility

Troubleshoot problems with no sleep in the power supply of Windows 10 systems

1, we search in the system "Control Panel" and then find and then click "Control Panel" enter into the car; 2, in the Open Computer Control Panel Click "View Mode" and then click on the small map and then find "Power Options", click "Power

Apache2.2+mysql5.1+php5.2+phpmyadmin2 in Windows XP environment.

Apache_2.2.6-win32-x86-no_ssl.msi Download Address Download Address Download Address Download Address PHP has two installation methods, modular installation

Detailed explanation of RDS configuration under Windows 2000

Under Windows 2000, because the default security configuration for RDS is different from the IIS4, which causes RDS to be unusable, the following are the configuration steps that I translate and summarize in accordance with the instructions for RDS

"Caffe-windows" Caffe-master CLASSFICATION_DEMO.M ultra-detailed analysis

CLASSIFICATION_DEMO.M is a good learning material, understand this code, you can use the training model in MATLAB to classify the input image, and I also learned in the Oversample instance, finally understand the data enhancement is a

Windows and Mac socket communication

#include #includevoidMain () {//The following sentences are fixed.WORD wversionrequested; Wsadata Wsadata; interr; Wversionrequested= Makeword (1,1 ); Err= WSAStartup (wversionrequested, &wsadata);//The function is to load a winsocket library

Firefox will stop supporting Windows XP and Vista

Https:// version 52 is the last complete upgrade for Windows XP and Windows Vista. There will also be a security update release, but no new features are available.Why does Firefox stop

Windows Nano Server Installation configuration detailed 09:nano Powershell

Starting with version 5.1, PowerShell is available in different versions with different feature sets and platform compatibility.Desktop version: built on the. NET Framework and compatible with scripts and modules for PowerShell versions that run on

Top 5 SSH clients for Windows (alternatives of PuTTY)

This blog post lists 5 tools that can replace putty, some of which do not implement putty. As follows:PuTTy is the most popular SSH clients for windows-based systems. It's very small is size and easy to use. Most of the people in the Linux world

How to solve the c0000225 error when Windows 7 or Windows 7 Native Boot VHD is started

Cause analysis:0xc0000225 indicates that Windows 7 cannot access the required system files during startup. This fault may be caused by many reasons, for example, Windows system files are damaged by malicious programs, writing new system files fails

Tutorial on modifying the default installation path of a Metro application in Windows 8

In Windows 8, 21 folders are used by default, which can be viewed in the C: \ Program Files \ WindowsApps folder (this folder requires access permissions ). We need to move this folder. In Windows 8, apps in the App Store are downloaded and

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