Installing subversion on a Windows server

Windows installation:1. Download SubversionDescription of each version:  CollabNet:The most powerful, because SVN's founder is collabnet, but this version because of the most features, so the entire package is the most bloated, the installation

Add your own program to the Windows right-click menu [Reprint]

Original link: your own program to the Windows right-click menuTags: windowsattributes extended commandshell Documentation2009-03-20 08:443369 People readComments (1)

Windows Nano Server Installation configuration in detail 03: Remotely Manage Nano server

Remote management of Nano server is primarily done by using remote PowerShell.First, we save the login credentials of the Nano server to the $cred variable.650) this.width=650; "title=" c0190a677d5b43b6b74144800ff7487e "style=" border-top:0px;border-

Windows Nano Server Installation configuration in detail 01: Installing the Nano server

Before installing Nano server, let's take a look at what the Nano Server features. Nano server gave me the first feeling is very small, very light, very fast, easy to install. The downside is that large-scale deployments require scripting tools such

File migration under Windows Server 2012

For Windows Server R2 and the previous version of the system, file migration generally chooses to use the FSMT tool, which is very useful.Recently did a department file migration project, found that Microsoft Official document introduction FSMT only

Windows 10 releases a new preview version

Windows 10 is transitioning from "system" to "service".Windows insiders is the internal planning service for Microsoft systems. Microsoft has asked participants to test many of the features of the Edge browser, including:· "Turn off the light effect"

BAT file join Windows Timer task run return error code 0x1

Under normal circumstances our mission plan will have a feedback value, which can be used to determine whether the task is scheduled to run normally (verbose connection:• Code 0 or 0x0: Operation completed

Git configures diff and the merge tool---diffmerge in a Windows environment

Reference Source: Http:// transfer from: Download Diffmerge, the

MetaWeblog Blog Client tool for Windows Live Writer

Groove & Note pits: Just heard that there is such a thing, it is said that Windows Live writer after open source renamed as Open Live Writer, I thought open live Writer is better than Windows Live writer and then went to the open live Writer,

Windows Kernel (WRK) compilation

IntroductionWRK is part of the source code for the Windows kernel that Microsoft opened in 2006 for education and academia.WRK (Windows Research Kernel) is the Windows study kernel,Not only does it provide some code for the Windows kernel modules in

Realization of Windows service running status monitoring based on SIGNALR for B/s system

Generally speaking, a BS project must be more than a separate BS application, which may involve a lot of back-office services to support the operation of BS, especially for some long-time tasks, the Windows service is definitely necessary, we also

IIS7 "HTTP error 404.17-not the content of the Found request appears to be a script and will not be processed by a static file handler. "Error-windows-

Errore HTTP 404.2-not Found "The content requested by IIS 7.5 appears to be a script and therefore cannot be handled by a static file handlerIf you use a safe dog, you may only see 404 errors, Turn on the dog, resource protection-respond to content

Talking about handles in Windows

Talking about handles in Windowswhenever a process opens an object, the system returns a handle as a credential, so it can be thought that the handle is dependent on the specific process, in other words, the handle must belong to a process, and

Install Nginx as a service under Windows

See Nginx Today this small server Software official version updated to 1.4.2, want to play it. This server software is small, but powerful, open source software, has a good performance, by many individuals, enterprises, even large enterprises

Using RSA encryption cases under node. JS (Windows)

1. Installing OPENSSDownload the installation package directly under Window my blog, the example now shows that everyone is a 64-bit operating system.Choose the latest version of the

What is the difference between versions of Windows Server 2008

WIN 2008 various versions What is the difference between versions of Windows Server 2008 (Standard Edition) Features: for SMBs, supporting Windows Server 2008 features in the environment is the longest deployed version, unlike other versions a, 3

Mxnet Windows configuration

MXNET Windows Compilation installation (Python)This article only records mxnet installation under Windows, more environment configuration please visit Official document: target:

Install Exchange Server on Windows Server 2012

? The previous articles describe the single-machine deployment of Exchange Server 2013 preview in a Windows R2 environment. Below, the role deployment will be performed on the basis of Windows Server RC. Exchange Server 2013 reduces the role for the

Windows Local weight Reference comparison table (reproduced)

2003Results saved in C:\Windows\Temp\temp.txtsysteminfo>c:\windows\temp\temp.txt& (for%i in (KB3057191 KB2840221 KB3000061 KB2850851 KB2711167 KB2360937 KB2478960 KB2507938 KB2566454 KB2646524 KB2645640 KB2641653 KB944653 KB952004 KB971657 KB2620712

Webdriver implementation of the Download function, screen out the Windows Pop-up dialog box, Firefox settings browser properties, two ways to achieve:

First, use a new Firefox browser to open the Web app, the browser does not have any plug-ins, nor do any default configuration of the browser, but need to configure the browser propertiesGet all the configuration files for a browserProfilesini

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