MariaDB installation and configuration of the Noinstall version under Windows

1. Download and unzip the Noinstall compressed package, assuming the extract to the D:\APP\mariadb-10.0.17-winx64 directory(MariaDB 10.0.17 Stable): llarian.net2. Create Profile My.ini (D:\APP\mariadb-10.0.17-winx64\my.ini)This file can be directly

Windows core, Disk Management commands

View disk partitions using WMIC LogicalDisk; Windows Server Core Environment: Configuring a new disk "whole score" General GUI Operation Command Action (cmd command input diskpart) 1. "Disk Management"

The difference between Getch and GetChar under Windows and UNIX

Note that getch () is read from the console (non-standard function)Getch () required header file is .and GetChar () is from stdin, generally refers to the keyboardThe ENTER key on the Windows platform generates two escape characters \ r \ n,\ r:

Build a git for Windows Server (100% can succeed)

Since git works very well under Linux, why build a server for git windows, because not all users need to develop under Linux, right, and many users choose to use Windows for development.See a lot of users try to partially unsuccessful, so the

Command Auto-complete function in PowerShell and use Windows commands

The previous section focuses on the common aliases in PowerShell and how to view real PowerShell commands by aliases, the naming conventions for PowerShell aliases, and how to create your own aliases (PowerShell built-in aliases cannot be changed)

win7+vs2005 compiling Qt4.7.3+phonon (need to install new version of Windows SDK)

QT Official Download the source code at compile time does not inherit phonon, only provide the source, and in win7+vs2005 compile phonon encountered a lot of problems, because phonon is just a front-end program, to use its multimedia playback also

Files under Windows are displayed in Fedora

DirectorySome preliminary knowledge :The encoding of windows in China is local code, i.e. gbk,gb2312,gb18030, etc.GBK is windows-986.Windows now supports only Unicode (UTF-16) and no longer supports ANSI (because of the lack of uniformity in

"Hello world!" for Microsoft Windows

"Hello world!" for Microsoft Windows It ' s time to write your first application! The following instructions is for users of Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. Instructions for other platforms is in "Hello world!" for Solaris OS and Linux and "

Windows Nano Server Installation configuration in detail 05: Deploying Nanoserver in virtual machines

1. Copy the Nanoserverimagegenerator folder from the \nanoserver folder in Windows Server ISO to the folder on your hard disk.650) this.width=650; "title=" clipboard "style=" Border-top:0px;border-right:0px;background-image:none;

Cafee Training and testing mnist datasets under Windows

I.. mnist DATA SetMnist is a handwritten digital database built by Google Labs Corinna Cortes and Yann LeCun of NYU Crown, which has 60,000 training sample sets and 10,000 test sample sets. The official website of the Mnist database is:

Set up timed reminders with Windows 7 Scheduled Tasks

The Windows 7 system has a "scheduled Tasks" feature that is rarely used by people. In fact, "scheduled task" is a very useful feature of the system, for example, this function can set up a timed reminder, so that when using the computer will not be

"First-code dry" publishes the re-grooming of. NET Web Apps in Windows Server 2016 using Web Deploy mode.

In the process of learning and work, found many colleagues, friends, when doing. NET Web application Publishing, still in the build-copy to the server way, a little more advanced, is to publish to the local, and then upload to the server This is not

GitHub and GitHub for Windows Learning Usage Summary

GitHub is the largest open source project hosting platform and is a Web site. But it is not only to host open source projects or code, but also as a platform for us to back up important information, more importantly, we can learn and acquire other

Windows 2003 Hidden User (anonymous backdoor account) How to find, create and delete

One, the "command prompt" in the conspiracyIn fact, the production system hidden account is not very advanced technology, using our usual "command prompt" can be used to create a simple hidden account.Click "Start" → "Run", enter "CMD" to run

Ubuntu installation SSH + Windows configuration putty

1. Ubuntu Install SSH command: # sudo apt-get install Openssh-server2. Start the ssh Server command: # sudo/etc/init.d/ssh Start3. Install and configure putty3.1 download installation on the control side (side of the installation putty, Windows or

WCF Homestay (host) self-hosted (self-hosting) Simple instance "Windows Application Host"

Tag: ODI for Style project CLI cannot connect using proc taskObjective:  The host principle method of self-hosted by various applications is similar, therefore: here directly on the case!Step one: Create service contracts and services1. Create a new Windows Windows Service SamplePresumably everyone in the project to deal with simple background continuous tasks or timed trigger task to use Thread or task to complete, but the project in the case of such a need to be introduced in the Task

Cygwin openssh for Windows

Cygwin + OpenSSH for Windowsthe installation configurationCygwin is a world-famous software, it can be Linux under the free software to the Windows system to apply, understand and master the software, will give you a lot of useful choices, and take

Installing subversion on a Windows server

Windows installation:1. Download SubversionDescription of each version:  CollabNet:The most powerful, because SVN's founder is collabnet, but this version because of the most features, so the entire package is the most bloated, the installation

Windows comes with Disk Management tool--diskpart

Today to help a colleague installed system because the pre-installed is win10, a lot of software is not enough to be installed into Win7, but in the Win8 and after the system disk partition is the use of GPT boot mode, want to use the lower version

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